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Love, Lust and Pixie Dust

Love, Lust and Pixie Dust

4.8 5
by LuAnn McLane

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LuAnn McLane takes you to the achy breaky heart of country music with three magically sexy stories of guitar-pickin’, worlds colliding, and inhibitions crumbling...
“Crazy” ain’t just a song. It’s been a state of mind for Brooklyn’s own Mary Jane Barone since she wound up in Nashville. Her uncanny


LuAnn McLane takes you to the achy breaky heart of country music with three magically sexy stories of guitar-pickin’, worlds colliding, and inhibitions crumbling...
“Crazy” ain’t just a song. It’s been a state of mind for Brooklyn’s own Mary Jane Barone since she wound up in Nashville. Her uncanny ability to make love connections must be on the fritz, because there’s no way her heart should be doing flip-flops over a bass-playing cowboy like Brody Baker.
Bar owner Logan Parks isn’t just skeptical of Mary Jane’s psychic sister Sophia, he thinks she’s downright nuts. But though Sophia may be off-the-wall, Logan’s desire is going off-the-charts for this new-age “Honky Tonk Angel.”
Record execs are swooning over Savannah Parks’ sultry voice. But they want to turn the shy crooner into country music’s new sex kitten. For that, they turn to Barone brother Lucio, a personal trainer who works Savannah out—and over—from head to toe in the magical “Walkin’ After Midnight.”

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The Barnes & Noble Review
Nashville is the setting for this sexy collection of three linked stories by LuAnn McLane, author of Wild Ride. The first story, "Crazy," features Mary Jane Barone, who has built a business (the Psychic Love Connection) on her uncanny ability to know immediately if a couple is destined for true love or heartache. So how come her own intuition turns goofy when a cute, country-singing cowboy lands in her living room? Her sister, Sophia, is the star in "Honky Tonk Angel." She's a medium who connects people to their departed loved ones, which is a mood killer for most guys and drives bar owner Logan Parks completely crazy. But that doesn't prevent him from falling for her, hard. And in the last story, "Walkin' After Midnight," the Barones' non-psychic brother, Lucio, puts his career as a personal trainer to work to lure shy Savannah Parks, a country singer about to become a star, into his bed. Ginger Curwen

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Meet the Author

LuAnn McLane lives in Florence, Kentucky, just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. When she takes breaks from writing, she enjoys long walks with her husband, watching chick flicks with her daughter, and trying to keep up with her three active sons.

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Love, Lust and Pixie Dust 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once again LuAnn McLane captivates her readers. This book is full of fun, romance, sizzle and magic! Three stories taking place in the cool town of Nashville, they portrait romances that are all tied together with characters that are individually unique. I love the way that she brings together the magic side of the story with the romance & matchmaking line. In this book the ¿opposites attract¿ becomes real, overcoming their differences to give her readers that happily ever after that we love so much if you don¿t believe in the magic of a romance, you will believe after this. This is a hot anthology you don¿t want to miss. Way to go LuAnn!
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Crazy¿. In Nashville, Brody Barker celebrates with too much alcohol the release of his first solo recording. Drunk he staggers into The Psychic Love Connection Shop owned by psychic Mary Jane (M.J.) Barone. She realizes immediately that he is her true love, but he thinks she is a nut case especially when Pixie the ghost that only she sees and hears advises her on matters of the heart and soul. ¿Honky Tonk Angel¿. Next door to The Psychic Love Connection Shop is Logan's Bar where Brody was actually heading towards when he tottered into M.J.¿s life. Owner Logan Parks is attracted to medium Sophie Barone, sister to M.J. He tries to ease her discomfit from a reoccurring nightmare while caressing his beloved. Frustrated Pixie tries to help this pathetic loser, who denies Pixie¿s existence, win the woman he cherishes. ¿Walking After Midnight¿ Logan¿s sister country singer Savannah Parks dreams of a record deal while Lucio (Luc) Barone (brother to M.J. and Sophie) is a personal trainer to the stars and is hired to help her become sexier. They meet and the heat is on. However, his bad boy behavior costs her a chance at a recording deal and them a chance at love. Pixie knows Luc denies the psychic connection making it much more difficult to move this fitness and nutrition expert to understand what love is all about. --- These three interrelated paranormal romances also have a love connection to Luann McLane¿s Wild Ride anthology (see ¿Hold on Tight¿). Each tale is low-keyed fun as the Barone siblings find love with the help of Pixie the ghost. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Love, Lust and Pixie Dust is a delightful, fun loving and sexy anthology by LuAnn McLane. _______________________ Crazy has Mary Jane Barone running the ¿Psychic Love Connection.¿ She hasn¿t found her true soul mate until by mistake a drunken Brody Baker walks into her store. One look from Brody and MJ knows he is the ¿one.¿ But Brody is a much harder man to convince that Mary Jane is his soul mate especially with all the unexplained goings on. Brody has enough problems getting his solo singing career off the ground let alone dealing with a hot and sassy psychic. MJ and Brody light up the bed sheets with a blazing passion. Their chemistry just plain sizzles. ______________________ Sophia Barone gets her story in ¿Honky Tonk Angel.¿ Sophia has come to Nashville to visit with her sister and to get away from the trouble back home. Sophia has been helping the police with her psychic abilities and its put her own life in danger. But a bigger danger is to her heart once she has set her sights on bar owner Logan Parks. Logan isn¿t sure he has much faith in Sophia¿s gifts but there is something about this woman that sets his blood on fire. Can these two opposites work through their differences to find something work keeping? Logan and Sophia connection is electric, their lust for life and each other is endearing. ________________________ Walkin¿ After Midnight brings the siblings of the Barone and the Parks family together. Singer Savannah Parks is finally getting her shot at the big time. Her brother friend Brody Baker is paving the way for her to get a listen to by a big shot record executive. Savannah is hustled to the stage by hot and sexy personal trainer Lucio Barone, who is sent to get her to the stage on time. Other than a little thing like smoking lust at first sight almost gets in the way. Once things take off for Savannah, Lucio isn¿t sure she will have time for their budding romance. But he realizes something this special you must fight for and he devices a winner takes all plan to get Savannah and their romance in shape. Their one upmanship to make the other lose control is so hot it about sets the pages on fire. ____________________________ Love, Lust and Pixie Dust is a little bit country and a whole lot of spiciness. Each story is tantalizing, sexy, funny and sweet. One story just flows right into the next, added to the mix is a delightful little Pixie who adds a touch humor and spice that is not to be missed. LuAnn McLane is a writer on the rise, keep this author on your to buy list.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is LuAnn's first venture into the world of paranormal and she has once again penned a wonderful, steamy and fun intertwining anthology......................In CRAZY - we meet up with two secondary characters from Wild Ride. Brody Barker, a bass player in Travis Mackey's band from Hold On Tight, is now in Nashville promoting his own single which is about to be released. On his way to an interview and being drunk from too much celebrating he mistakenly enters The Psychic Love Connection Shop next door to Logan's bar. The shop is owned by Mary Jane (M.J.) Barone, the psychic from Worth The Wait. M. J. helps people find their love connection or soul mates but when she realizes that Brody is her one true love, she is stunned and wonders how she is going to convince him without coming off as a nut case. It doesn't help that she has a Southern ghost, that has a shimmering light, that only M.J. can see and who she has dubbed as 'Pixie' always giving advice and interfering. When strange events, that Brody cannot explain start to happen the real fun begins. How can she make a believer out of Brody? How do you explain some things that even M. J. doesn't understand? But one thing is a given and that is the combustible heat that these two can generate when around each other, but can they overcome the obstacles that stand in their way?....................HONKY TONK ANGEL - Logan Parks owns Logan's Bar and is drawn to Sophie Barone, M.J.'s sister, who is staying at her apartment. Sophie is a medium psychic who sometimes helps police with crimes, has her own show and is trying to write a book. The heat between them is scorching but Logan is mystified by the intense need to soothe and protect this woman at all costs from her reoccurring nightmares and anyone who would harm her. He is just not the settling down type of guy or is he?? Could she be the one?? Pixie is flitting around in this story as well, who is she really ?? And what is her interest?? Can Logan win Sophie, because in order to that he must 'buy' into this whole psychic phenomenon and can he admit to something that he has secretly believed possible and bring it all out in the open?....................WALKING AFTER MIDNIGHT - Is the story of Savannah Parks, Logan's sister, who is a talented country singer whose dream is a record deal and Lucio (Luc) Barone. Luc is the brother to M.J. and Sophie. He's a businessman who has a workout facility, filmed exercise videos, been a personal trainer to celebrities and now writing a book on fitness and nutrition, but through it all he is adamant that he does not have any psychic powers and to prove it has always been the bad boy. The heat between them is palpable right from the start. But when Savannah gets her chance, Luc spoils it with his behaviour. He is so afraid of loving someone who is destined to be a star and having to live in the shadows like he has with his psychic sisters, much to Pixie's dismay. When he realizes what he has done he needs to come up with a plan to right things and hopefully get another chance. When Savannah has to trim down for a video to go with her first song, what better way than to become her personal trainer........but is it too late? And how will this affect Pixie?....................This is an sizzling anthology as only LuAnn can pen, and the appearance of Pixie the Southern ghost is so natural and entertaining to the reader. LuAnn has again captured the reader from the first page to the last and gives us a terrific read. I look forward to more of her endeavours into the paranormal.