Love on Assignment [NOOK Book]


The chance to break the big story is all Charlotte needs to secure her future. But when the truth comes out—it may cost her the love of her life.

Newport, Rhode Island, in 1900—a glamorous resort town where the rich and famous go to see and be seen.

Charlotte Hale isn't part of that world. She's a working girl, a secretary for a local newspaper, who dreams of becoming a real reporter. When her boss offers her an assignment, she jumps at the ...

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Love on Assignment

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The chance to break the big story is all Charlotte needs to secure her future. But when the truth comes out—it may cost her the love of her life.

Newport, Rhode Island, in 1900—a glamorous resort town where the rich and famous go to see and be seen.

Charlotte Hale isn't part of that world. She's a working girl, a secretary for a local newspaper, who dreams of becoming a real reporter. When her boss offers her an assignment, she jumps at the opportunity. She'll go undercover as a governess to investigate a scandal about her new employer, Daniel Wilmont, a young widowed professor of religion who writes a controversial column in a rival newspaper.

Charlotte's qualms about misrepresenting herself to Daniel soon morph into a deeper quandary. How can she get the goods on a man who turns out to be so honorable? How can she plot the downfall of a family that has inspired her to rediscover her faith? And how can she protect the man she now loves from a scheme she's been part of since the beginning?

A fascinating tale of love and faith in the Gilded Age . . . from the author of Love on a Dime.

"James uses carefully described settings and characters . . . to dramatically contrast life in the Gilded Age in Newport, Rhode Island, between the working class and the wealthy." —Booklist

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Editorial Reviews

Library Journal
Rhode Island newspaper reporter Charlotte Hale accepts an undercover assignment during the summer of 1900 to work as a temporary governess to Daniel Wilmont's children. She has been instructed to find dirt on the rival columnist, who's outspoken in his Christian faith. But over time Charlotte discovers Daniel is not as she has been told, and she sets about clearing his name. VERDICT James's second series historical (after Love on a Dime) is a tired tale. There is nothing new here to recommend it despite the nice enough story and the likable characters.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781401685102
  • Publisher: Nelson, Thomas, Inc.
  • Publication date: 1/11/2011
  • Series: Ladies of Summerhill
  • Sold by: THOMAS NELSON
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 336
  • Sales rank: 651,629
  • File size: 957 KB

Meet the Author

Cara Lynn James is the author of several novels includingLove on a Dime. She's received contest awards from Romance Writers of America and the American Christian Fiction Writers. She resides in Florida with her husband Jim.
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Love on Assignment

A Ladies of Summerhill Novel

By Cara Lynn James

Thomas Nelson

Copyright © 2010 Cara Lynn James
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-59554-680-7


Newport, Rhode Island

July 1900

Charlotte Hale's legs, hidden beneath her long serge skirt, wobbled like a newborn colt's. But she pinned on a confident smile and gazed directly into her boss's dark granite eyes.

"Please be seated, Miss Hale. We have something important to discuss." He gave her a curt nod as he loomed behind his polished mahogany desk, an engraved nameplate resting on the edge. Arnold Phifer, Editor.

Dressed in his well-tailored navy suit and silk vest, he stared at her as if assessing her value. A cherrywood pipe protruded beneath a white handlebar mustache, waxed to stiff perfection.

She slid into the chair across from the middle-aged editor of the Rhode Island Reporter, stenography pad in hand. In the three years she'd worked at the newspaper, Mr. Phifer had never once summoned her to his private office which overlooked the bustling Thames Street, except for dictation.

He pulled the pipe from his mouth and placed it in an ashtray beside a ceramic jar of tobacco. "Miss Hale"—his bushy brows drew together across his pink forehead—"I'm impressed with your work."

She raised her eyebrows. Impressed with her typing or shorthand skills? What exactly singled her out? Accurate spelling, perfect grammar? Surely not. He'd always taken her for granted, never once praising her.

"Thank you, sir." The man seldom handed out compliments to anyone, especially unmerited ones.

"I have a choice assignment for you, Miss Hale." He spoke with a soft slur, easy on the ears. "You still want to be a reporter, don't you?"

Every nerve in her body tingled. "Yes, I most definitely do. I've always wanted to become a journalist." To date, Mr. Phifer had never allowed any woman at his newspaper rise to a position higher than secretary.

"I figured you hadn't changed your mind. You've certainly pestered me enough about giving you a chance. And now I have just the opportunity you've been waiting for."

"Thank you so much, Mr. Phifer."

He smoothed a few errant strands of hair that were combed over his balding pate. "I presume you've heard of Daniel Wilmont."

Charlotte nodded. "Of course. He's the Bible professor at Aquidneck College who writes a religion column for the Newport Gazette. I understand he's quite controversial."

Mr. Phifer glared at the competition's newspaper lying open on his desk. If his eyes could burn holes, the Newport Gazette would burst into flames.

He pointed to Professor Wilmont's column and then slammed his index finger against the newsprint. "Do you read his propaganda?"

"Sometimes, sir. I like to keep up with all the news."

His eyes narrowed. Was he considering her with a tinge more respect? "Then you know the man's a menace to every hardworking entrepreneur in New England. He misuses Scripture to condemn tried-and-true business practices that benefit everyone, employer and employee alike. He's a fire-breathing rabble-rouser."

Charlotte suppressed a nervous giggle at Mr. Phifer's hyperbole. She knew little about the Bible, or standard business practices, so she accepted Mr. Phifer's words as basically true, even if inflamed.

"I want to stop him from spreading his lies across this great state. He's an agitator bent on destroying democracy and free enterprise."

Charlotte squirmed on the wooden chair as her boss built up a head of steam. Perhaps she should read the professor's column more carefully to better understand the basis for Mr. Phifer's fury. The articles she'd read sounded more like sermons than diatribes, but Mr. Phifer, as a seasoned newspaperman, was certainly the expert.

"I want you, Miss Hale, to help cut the professor down to size. Show the world he's not the savior people think he is."

"Me?" she murmured. She shifted forward, every muscle taut.

"Yes, Miss Hale. I have a plan and you're a vital part of it." He leaned his palms against the desk and thrust his head toward her. His suit coat flared at the lapels, revealing suspenders that hoisted up perfectly pressed trousers. "One of my professor friends at the college mentioned that Wilmont needs a temporary governess for his two children. His mother has taken ill."

Charlotte felt her eyes widen as she listened, not understanding where this was leading.

He paused, probably for dramatic effect. "I want you to fill the position and then investigate Wilmont, from the inside, for improprieties. You have an interview set for this afternoon. Are you up to the task?"

Charlotte's throat went dry. The man had hinted for some time that he might give a girl a chance. "But she'd have to show exceptional talent and industry," he'd said. "Yes ma'am, exceptional talent and industry. You hear me?"

She shook her head, forcing herself back to the present. The time was now. He was giving her a chance! "Yes, of course, sir. I'm ready, willing, and able." And humbled that her boss considered her experienced enough for such a plum assignment. Of course she held the dubious title of senior secretary, so she was the likely pick. She imagined the new hire, Edith Ann Wengle, would give her eye teeth, and possibly every other tooth, too, for this assignment. Most of the other typists were content to work at their machines all day, but not Edith Ann, Charlotte's only serious competitor for advancement to the ranks of the reporters.

He nodded. "Good. I'm glad to hear you will consider it."

But even as he said it, Charlotte wondered if she really wanted a clandestine mission. She'd never attempted anything on the cloak-and-dagger front. Was she suited for such high adventure? She'd always assumed she'd be a levelheaded, straight shooter of a reporter. And to be less than honest with the professor didn't seem quite right.

Yet if his ideas were as harmful as Mr. Phifer claimed, then her efforts would serve the community.

With overwhelming debts to pay, she couldn't possibly refuse Mr. Phifer's offer.

"But what shall I do—exactly—once I'm hired?" If I'm hired.

Mr. Phifer lowered his voice to a whisper. "You're to search for evidence against Daniel Wilmont. Look for his weaknesses and vices. Find his Achilles' heel. Do you understand what I'm asking?"

He wanted her to spy on a religious fanatic, an enemy of the American way of life. This was indeed a worthy endeavor for herself and for the publication. If she could pull it off, she would make an instant name for herself. She'd have a career. A future. As one of the first female journalists anywhere. But as appealing as a journalism career might be, it didn't compare to the importance of paying off bills. She needed that peace of mind.

Mr. Phifer waited for her answer, his head thrust forward.

"I understand and I accept the assignment, sir."

"Well done, young woman. Together, we'll discredit Professor Wilmont and put a halt to his despicable blather." He slammed his fist against his desktop, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.

Taken aback by his sudden ferocity, Charlotte swallowed hard and kept silent as he went on with his plans.

Her boss wanted to force Professor Wilmont to quit his column in disgrace. An unsavory taste coated her tongue, but she couldn't form the words to decline the mission she'd just accepted. Mr. Phifer would toss her out the door if she ever gave voice to her moral scruples.

With her sister's disability requiring expensive doctor visits for which she struggled to pay, she needed her job. At this very moment, a stack of unpaid bills lay in the top drawer of her dresser where Aunt Amelia and Becky wouldn't see them. There was no need for anyone else to fret. She did enough worrying for all of them.

And even more pressing, she owed a small fortune for the new roof on their old house. Patching had sufficed for only so long before rain finally leaked through the ceiling into the upstairs bedrooms. And Mr. Knowles, the roofer, possessed little patience with her extended payment plan. She didn't blame him, but she couldn't hand over money she didn't have.

Mr. Phifer flashed a satisfied grin. "You'll be generously rewarded for your success, young woman. I see a bright future in store for you at the Rhode Island Reporter."

"Thank you, Mr. Phifer. I appreciate the opportunity to help—and to advance at the newspaper."

"A career in journalism is entirely possible, Miss Hale, if you find the evidence I need."

Despite reservations that nibbled on the edge of her conscience, Charlotte beamed, unable to contain her excitement. She liked her job well enough, though pounding keys on a typing machine didn't stimulate her intellect. Eventually she hoped to write substantive articles on important subjects, but to do that, she'd have to please her boss first. Mr. Phifer dangled a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to distinguish herself and shine. And he'd practically promised a better salary would accompany a promotion. Somehow she'd treat Professor Wilmont in a fair and unbiased manner. She would ferret out the facts and report the truth like a competent reporter.

A niggling fear gripped her mind. Would he appreciate her efforts no matter what the results? Or would he fire the person who brought him news he didn't wish to hear? "But what if I don't find anything untoward?"

Charlotte winced as Mr. Phifer's face shook with a nasty laugh.

"You'll find something damaging, I assure you. Daniel Wilmont has plenty to hide. Report to me every few days, if possible, or as soon as you find any incriminating evidence. I know you'll make me proud."

"I shall do my very best. You can count on me, sir." Charlotte forced enthusiasm into her voice, hoping this assignment would prove as advantageous as she expected.

"Excellent. I have another lead I'm pursuing, but at the present time, I'm not at liberty to divulge anything more. Mum's the word." But then he leaned closer and lowered his voice to a theatrical whisper. "I can tell you this much, I've heard a rumor about the professor and a young female student. This could be scandalous! If this information pans out, I'll inform you of all the details and you can verify the facts."

"Of course." This was the most concrete lead her boss had given her. "He must be a dishonorable man," she murmured.

"He is, indeed. Keep your eyes peeled for shameful behavior."

Charlotte nodded, uneasy about putting so much stock in unconfirmed rumors. "I shall. About how long will this investigation take, Mr. Phifer?"

His eyes squeezed to a narrow glint. "The sooner you finish, the better. I anticipate you'll be done in a week or two at the most. Remember, I want frequent updates on your progress—every few days if you can manage it."

Charlotte gulped. She hoped to succeed within a matter of days. She'd sweep in and out like a whirlwind—that was her plan. "How shall I get time away from the child—or children—to look around, if I'm to be a governess?"

"You'll find a way, I'm sure. Use your ingenuity." Mr. Phifer nodded his dismissal.

"Sir, there's one more thing." She clutched her hands to keep them from shaking. "Would you be able to increase my salary by a few dollars every week—at least while I'm on this assignment? I'm afraid I've accumulated some bills of late. I need to pay them as soon as possible." He'd probably think her impertinent to ask, but she needed to just the same.

He emitted a chuckle. "So you've spent too much on trifles, have you? Pretty ribbons and trinkets, I presume. Well, I'll tell you what, Miss Hale. If you find the evidence I expect, then I'll give you a mighty fine raise."

Even if he didn't agree to a specific amount and mischaracterized her need as personal indulgence, gratitude for her new assignment filled her heart. "Thank you, Mr. Phifer."

"I've set up an interview for an hour from now and I've hired a hack cab to drive you to Summerhill, the Wilmonts' cottage on Ocean Drive. Good luck. Don't let me down."

"I assure you, I'll do my very best."

Mr. Phifer snapped a nod and a smile. "Good. Now, let's write you some references. Whom do you suggest?"

"My Aunt Amelia, and possibly Mr. Stapleton, my former English teacher. In fact, he wrote one for me when I applied for this job. Should I contact him?"

"No, there's not enough time. I'll check and see if we still have his recommendation on file." He quickly located Mr. Stapleton's letter and then frowned. "This will do nicely except for the date. 1895. Hmm. That's hard to change to 1900, so I'll just turn the five into an eight." He took a fountain pen and carefully altered the number. "If the professor questions the date, tell him Mr. Stapleton wrote it two years ago, and you didn't wish to bother him for a newer version."

"Yes, sir."

"We need one more reference. I'll have Miss Wengle write one up."

Within minutes Charlotte left on her first assignment toward a new, fascinating career in journalism.

TEN MINUTES LATER Charlotte climbed aboard the hired carriage for the ride to Summerhill. They drove out of town toward Ocean Drive, the winding road that hugged the coast for ten scenic miles. The buggy swayed past showy mansions set among the lonely stretches of road edged by jagged rocks. Surf crashed against the boulders and burst into a spray of liquid gems. Although she'd lived in Newport for all of her twenty-two years, she'd never before seen the famed Ocean Drive. It was far too expensive to hire a hack cab just to sightsee on a Sunday afternoon.

Of course, she'd heard countless tales about the estates and their fabled owners. These showplace mansions, always called cottages by their owners, were occupied only for the summer and designed specifically for lavish entertainment—and truth be told, mainly to impress other millionaires. Charlotte didn't know what the wealthy thought of them, but the magnificent homes certainly impressed her.

The horse slowed his pace, turned down a pebbled drive, and the carriage rolled toward a white-shingled mansion rising upon a gentle knoll. Charlotte drew in a deep breath, held it for a long moment, then let it seep out. Though smaller and probably older than many of the more ostentatious residences lining Bellevue Avenue, Summerhill conveyed a hominess that set her slightly more at ease. Striped awnings with scalloped edges flapped in the breeze and seemed to wave a welcome.

Charlotte blinked. What was she thinking? She was sent here on an assignment to spy, not to hobnob with millionaires or drink tea in hand-painted china cups with gold rims out on the veranda. She couldn't let down her guard, even for a moment.

The carriage halted before the wraparound porch. Lined with blue hydrangeas, it boasted a swing and white wicker chairs with floral cushions. The driver helped her down. "I'd been told to wait for you, miss."

"Thank you. I'll not be long—I hope."

A warm breeze blew from the sea and swept across the grassy landscape rising above the shoreline. It whispered in her ears and cooled her cheeks which were rapidly overheating from mounting tension.

Charlotte squared her slumped shoulders and strode up the steps of Summerhill, pretending confidence. But the knot in her stomach tightened. Was it really ethical to investigate an unsuspecting man, even for an admirable cause? Perhaps. Or perhaps not. But if the professor was truly bent on destroying people's prosperity, then examining his background wasn't so terrible, even under false pretenses. Yet the guilt pressing against her chest gave her pause. She'd have to think this through further.

Standing at the door, she tried to compose her thoughts, but to no avail. She steadied her breathing and uncurled her fists. Better. She rang the doorbell, smoothed her plain gray skirt, and waited with a lump blocking her throat.

Through the oval glass of the front door, she glimpsed a butler, followed by a towering figure with a couple of half-pint children in tow. When the door flew open, she looked past the butler to the man who scarcely resembled the dignified, almost stern photograph in the Newport Gazette.

"Professor Wilmont?" she asked in a small voice. She cleared her throat and flicked a tentative smile.

"I am he."

In person, sandy-colored hair fell over his forehead and blue-green eyes sparkled like a tropical sea. A pair of gold-rimmed spectacles rested on the tip of his nose, adding a professorial tone to his casual appearance. Instead of the dark suit and celluloid collar he wore in his newspaper photograph, he sported tan trousers, a rather wrinkled white shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a jaunty blue bow tie.

Was this man with the broad smile truly Mr. Phifer's enemy? The man who fought to halt mankind's progress and curb her hard-won success? But a man's character could not be judged by the width of his grin or the degree of his handsomeness. Appearances often deceived.


Excerpted from Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James. Copyright © 2010 Cara Lynn James. Excerpted by permission of Thomas Nelson.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted November 3, 2013

    Excellent love story.

    This is a wonderful love story, containing family dimensions, betrayal and forgiveness. I highly recommend it.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted July 31, 2013

    more from this reviewer

    This book took me a little while to get into, but one I did, I c

    This book took me a little while to get into, but one I did, I couldn't put it down! The characters in this book are believeable and the romance is sweet. Charlotte Hale is not like anyone Daniel Wilmont has ever met. She is independent, outspoken, and completely lovable. It was interesting to see her journey from knowing little to nothing about God, to believing and learning to trust in Him. Daniel is a rare male character who has a strong faith in the Lord. And he lives out that faith in his every day life. Of course, he has his faults, but I really loved Daniel.

    The plot developed somewhat slower than the first book, but it was still interesting. The message of the book is learning to put all your trust in the one who created you. Here is a quote I particularly enjoyed:

    "We're creatures designed by God, for God. He has a purpose and a plan for each and every one of us, which He wishes us to follow. But first we must place Him first in our lives, confess our transgressions, and ask for forgiveness. Then we must place the needs of others before our own. This is almost always a difficult and often a painful task. But with the Lord's help, it is possible, and it's what He wants from us and commands of us.
    I think this sums up the message of the book clearly.

    Cara Lynn James created another wonderful story, with likable characters, a plot and story line everyone can relate to, and an amazing message without being overly preachy. I recommend this book, as well as the first one, Love on a Dime.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 31, 2011

    more from this reviewer

    I Also Recommend:

    Really good read

    Charlotte goes on an assignment as a governess. While there, she has to find evidence against a professor name Daniel and report back. But she learns that the professor is actually a nice guy. What will Charlotte do and will Daniel find out eventually? I like how Charlotte befriended Mrs. Finnegan and Grace. Her aunt and Becky were really supportive. This was a really good book with some character development.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 24, 2011

    Love this book!

    I think this is the first book I've picked up by Cara Lynn James, but I after reading "Love on Assignment" I will definitely be picking up more books from her in the very near future.
    Charlotte Hale's one time success or fail journalism assignment has her balking at the moralistic issues that come tied with it. She has to spy on professor Daniel Wilmont, masquerading as the new governess for his children. It gets complicated for Charlotte when it starts getting personal- she falls in love with the children, and the professor himself. Her guilt gets in the way though, and I loved reading to find out what Charlotte was going to do about the assignment and her predicament with Daniel. I confess that I got so into the book and the plot, that I cheated and peaked ahead :P I won't spoil the ending here, but I did love the book :) You should definitely pick it up!

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted October 10, 2011

    more from this reviewer

    This is a perfect YA romance. It's sweet and cute.

    There aren't many employment options available for a woman who supports her family. Charlotte Hale, however, is on her way to a job she loves. She's always wanted to be a reporter and is finally given the opportunity to work undercover with the promise of a promotion if she does well.

    Except, the situation just doesn't feel, well, honorable. Not that she has much of a choice. She has her sister's hospital bills to pay and the new roof still isn't paid. But is it really worth lying?

    What makes her feel even more deceitful is that she's to go undercover as the governess for Daniel Wilmot. The Daniel Wilmot who writes articles against the exploitation of workers. The Daniel Wilmot who teaches religion at the local university. The Daniel Wilmot who not only preaches the Word but sincerely believes what he preaches.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted June 19, 2011

    Good book

    During the summer of 1900 Charlotte Hale, a native Newporter and secretary for the Rhode Island Reporter, accepts an undercover assignment as temporary governess to Daniel Wilmont's children in order to secretly gather evidence against him. As he helps her rediscover God, Charlotte learns that Daniel is an honorable man. They unexpectedly fall in love despite their different backgrounds and social positions. Charlotte soon realizes she must defend Daniel against the forces set against him-a willful student with a romantic crush and the newspaper editor determined to destroy his reputation.

    My thoughts...
    This book was an enjoyable one, well written and it kept my interest. There is intrigue, the characters are endearing, very likeable although Mrs. Wilmont doesn't fit into that category. While I did not read the first book I would very much like to. Charlotte has a decision to make, being the only member of the household that is employed she must choose to make a better living for them.
    The romance between Charlotte and Daniel is charming. The setting is enchanting, the whole book was delightful. I give it 4 stars.

    I received an e-copy of this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    Title: Love on Assignment

    Publisher: Thomas Nelson

    Pub Date: 01/11/2011

    ISBN: 9781595546807

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted March 18, 2011

    Heartwarming romance

    Cara Lynn James has written another winner. Love On A Dime, her debut novel and first in the Ladies of Summerhill Series was wonderful. I am thrilled that book 2, Love on Assignment is as well written and as delightful a read. Her characters are well developed and she brings to life the era of the early 1900's. I love how her heroine explores new territory for a woman of her day and finds love on the way. Another great read and I'm waiting expectantly for book 3 in the series.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted March 6, 2011


    LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT by Cara Lynn James is an interesting inspirational historical romance set in 1900 Newport,Rhode Island. It is the second in the "Ladies of Summerhill series" and can be read as a stand alone. Book One,"Love on a Dime".It is written with depth and details. It has romance, love, faith, hope, forgiveness,making decisions to do the right thing,sticking to your convictions,religious beliefs,finding renew faith and love.This is a story with Christian values,beliefs doing what is right instead of what is expected and keeping your convictions. It shows the contrast between the wealthy and the working class. It is the story of a young secretary,(Charlotte)who works for a local newspaper and has big dreams of becoming a newspaper reporter. And a young widowed religious professor(Daniel),who is seeking a governess for his two young children. Charlotte is sent to Daniel's residence,by her editor in hopes of finding a scandal or something to discredit him.Daniel writes a controversial column with a rival newspaper. What transpires is a renewal of Charlotte's faith and her finding love enough to make a decision that would effect her hold family.This is an inspiring story of faith,love, forgiveness and keeping to your convictions through everything.This book was received for the purpose of review from Net Galley and details can be found at Nelson,Thomas Publishing and My Book Addiction and More.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted January 17, 2011

    more from this reviewer

    Caught between a rock and a hard place, what will she do?

    Charlotte Hale's caught between a rock and a hard place. When her editor, Mr. Arnold Phifer, presents her with a request to become one of the first female reporters for the Rhode Island Reporter, she jumps at the chance. However what Mr. Phifer is asking of her was to become a spy on a religious fanatic, an enemy of the American way of life. This was indeed a worthy endeavor for herself and for the publication.

    If she could pull it off, she'd would make an instant name for herself. She'd have a career. A future. But as appealing as a journalism career might be, it didn't compare to the importance of paying off bills. She needed that peace of mind. With her sister's disability requiring expensive doctor visits for which she struggled to pay, she needed the job. All she needed to do was become a governess for Professor Daniel Wilmont of the Newport Gazette and search for evidence against him, find his Achille's heel.

    However what she finds isn't what she expected when he turns out to be honorable and inspires her to rediscover her own faith in the process. Will she use this information to move her forward in her career or will she in turn find the love and faith she felt was lost in Daniel Wilmont?

    In the second novel by Cara Lynn James, Love on Assignment, once more takes us, the reader into the difficult decisions that her main characters are challenged and faced with in the early 1900's in Newport, Rhode Island. Sometimes in the process what we search for isn't what we find after all.

    I received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and loved this book as much as her first novel. The strong, yet soft female characters that Ms James uses to convey her story provides women with a true self of what it is to become a woman of God and faith. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

    Was this review helpful? Yes  No   Report this review
  • Posted January 17, 2011

    more from this reviewer

    This one I'm keeping on my permanent shelf!

    If you enjoy a romance then you would love this book. The author tells an exciting tell of a reporter and a Professor, who also writes for a local paper. The reporter then has to go undercover and tries to find evidence that goes against his "Christian" column.

    From the beginning of the book, I was hooked. You knew from the beginning, something was bound to happen but wasn't sure what. I was even tempted to look at the last page - first. I purposely had to make myself not look ahead and behave like a good reader.

    This book is one I will keep on my permanent shelf.

    I enjoyed this book but due to the older and more mature issues, I would not recommend for the younger eyes.

    Blessings to you! You are loved!

    Note: I was sent complimentary copy for review purposes only. This review has not been monetarily compensated. The review was my honest opinion and views and not influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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  • Posted January 12, 2011

    Predictable but highly recommended!

    I was so excited to have the chance to review this book! I was on a book tour for book 1 in the Ladies of Summerhill series, Love On A Dime, and LOVED it, so I jumped on the chance for this one. And, like with book 1, Cara Lynn James certainly didn't disappoint! Once again, she has used her wonderful talent to immediately capture her readers and take them on a whirl wind of a ride back into history. She introduces us to new, sweet characters and to a few that we could just yell at along the way. But, that doesn't take away from the wonderful messages in this book!

    In Love on Assignment, we get a glimpse into the life of the wanna-be ladies reporter, Charlotte, who has to go "undercover" on assignment as a governess for a rival columnist Daniel Wilmont. Along the way,there are some places in the story that could be a bit predictable, however, that doesn't stop Cara Lynn James from incorporating God's grace and love into the story. With a strong, clean message from Him, Charlotte takes on the roll of the governess, with all intents on discovering the truth and exposing Mr. Wilmont for who he is......or so she thought. God has other plans for that sweet lady! I'm not quite sure how to describe Mr. Wilmont with out giving away the plot lines,though. Can I just say this: he's definitely a man that I would want to work for!

    I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a good Historical story filled with God's messages. It gets 4 strong stars from this reader, along with 2 thumbs up. While it is book 2 in Cara's series, it is easily read as a stand alone novel with out any confusing points. I can't wait until book 3, Love By The Book releases in July 2011!!!

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  • Posted January 11, 2011

    more from this reviewer

    Easy Read--Great Story

    Charlotte Hale is more than a secretary for the Rhode Island Reporter. Yes, she can take dictation. Yes, she can get what her boss Mr. Phiefer needs. However, Charlotte yearns for more. For as long as she can remember, she has dreamed of being a reporter. Mr Phiefer is finally going to give her an assignment.

    Going undercover as a governess for the Mr. Daniel Wilmont, Charlotte is tasked with the job of digging into Mr. Wilmon's personal life. As a writer for a rival newpaper, Mr. Wilmont's views on the business practices of the early 1900s made him very unpopular among other business owners. Charlotte was determined to dig up the dirt on Mr. Wilmont.

    Despite the fact that she was the "hired help" and that she was there to discover any skeletons in his closet, Charlotte soon realizes that there is more to Daniel than she was led to believe. When her heart gets involved, she finds her job much more difficult to do.

    Part of the Ladies of Summerhill Series, Cara Lynn James transports you back in time to the days of mansions, horse drawn carriages, governesses, and women who were fighting for equal rights. An easy read, I am excited about reading the other books in this series.

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  • Posted January 9, 2011

    Love on, mysterious...

    I found this book taught a very good moral lesson. Do you prize yourself on accomplishment and wealth? Or do you take the higher road and do what's morally right? It did have a bit more of a religious tone than I would have liked although I did go in expecting at least some amount of religion owing to the fact that Daniel Wilmont is a professor of religion. Overall, it is a good read and I would recommend it to others looking for a mix of romance and religion. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5.

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  • Posted January 5, 2011

    Love on Assignment

    Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James is one of the novel in the Ladies of Summerhill Novel. This is the second time I read and review a book by this author: Cara Lynn James.

    I could see a pattern here in the ladies of The Summerhill novel series. It seems that though most of the ladies in the series are not related to one another, they resembles one another in many ways. One of it is that they all live in a time where women are expected to stay home and bear children and yet the awareness towards liberation, anti-oppression and independence started to brew among the educated ladies during that time.

    When I picked up this book, i was transported into another time where everything is different from the time I'm living in. The author's description on the settings are so vivid that it is hard to forget, and I could imagine the socio-politics during that era through her writings.

    Excellent book by Ms. James I must say. This book have an intriguing storyline, and therefore, I will not reveal any of the plot over here except that the characters in this story, Charlotte is indeed admirable, and as she rediscovered the real meaning of God's love and promise, she too learned that nothing is what it seems to be on the surface.

    Good read, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received this Advance Reader Copy free from Thomas Nelson Publisher, and I did not received any monetary benefit for writing this.

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  • Posted December 31, 2010

    A fun, light read

    This one is set in Newport, Rhode Island, back in 1900 - when it was quite the resort town. Charlotte Hale is the main character, and she's the secretary for the local newspaper, the Rhode Island Reporter. Her dream is to become a real reporter, a rather hard to accomplish goal back then. One day a carrot is dangled in front of her - she is given the opportunity for a "real" assignment - to go undercover as the new governess for Daniel Wilmont, who happens to write a very controversial column for the rival newspaper, the Newport Gazette. It turns out Daniel is a young widowed professor of religion, and Charlotte begins to question her "job" as she rediscovers her faith in God and begins to fall in love with him. (Daniel, that is - not God. lol) Will she be able to complete her assignment, and bring Daniel down, or will she help protect him, and turn her back on her dream? I read this book in one evening - it was a fun, light read, and the kind of romance book I enjoy - it's appropriate without page after page of play by play, if you catch my drift. ;) I found myself intrigued into Charlotte's character, and enjoyed reading her thoughts change as the story progressed - the story clearly shows her wavering between what was right and what she needed to do to finish her assignment. (On this, it was a pleasant thing to see someone doing the right thing - unlike so many in today's society - sigh!) This book does have a little more mentioning of religion into it than some of the books I have reviewed in the past, so take that as a heads up if you're not into Christian fiction. There were a couple of parts that seemed a little drawn out, but overall, I liked this book - even if it's not a permanent addition to your personal library, it's worth borrowing from your local library. (Please note I received a copy from the publisher for free in order to share my opinion with others - all opinions are my own)

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  • Anonymous

    Posted December 30, 2010


    I received a copy of LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT by Cara Lynn James, from Thomas Nelson. It is the second novel in the "Ladies of Summerhill" series. I read the first book, LOVE ON A DIME, and absolutely loved it. This second novel did not disappoint. Cara Lynn James is one of my new favorite authors. Her characters are realistic and catchy, as well as endearing. I loved the whole thing, except the last chapter. It left me wanting more, but not in a good way. Rather, it left me feeling like something had been cut.

    This story, LOVE ON ASSIGNMENT, involves Charlotte Hale, an aspiring journalist. Her paper's editor asks her to go undercover and discover the dirty secrets behind Professor Daniel Wilmont, who writes a controversial column for a rivaling newspaper. Charlotte agrees, hoping it will bring her prestige, and becomes the governess for his two children. While in his house, she learns he is a wonderful man who follows his religion strongly. His children, a boy and girl, become close to her, and the girl, Ruthie, wishes Charlotte could become her new mother. Things get rockier when the professor's mother returns to the home and dislikes Charlotte. She also does not have any evidence of Daniel's amoral deeds - because there are not any. Her editor decides to take her off the case and replace her with another of his secretaries. Charlotte does not want Daniel, or his family hurt, so she quits the newspaper, even though she is the breadwinner for her sister and aunt. Through Daniel, she has renewed her faith and she knows God will see her through any perils.

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  • Posted December 30, 2010

    more from this reviewer

    A nice romance novel with a good Christian message

    I thought this book was an easy read and was a good Christian romance novel. The book contains a number of important messages in the romance story, like holding on to faith during hard times, sticking to your convictions and beliefs even when it would be easier to do something else, and forgiveness. The main characters of Charlotte and Daniel were well written and I found myself hoping for things to turn out well for them in the end! I only wish there had been a little bit more development of secondary characters and a few more historical details. Otherwise, I thought this was a fun vacation read.

    If you're looking for a nice, happily-ever-after novel with a strong Christian message, this book is worth considering. The author has another book in this "Ladies of Summerhill" series, called Love on a Dime, and third book, Love by the Book will be coming out in 2011.

    Disclosure: I received a copy of this book as part of the Booksneeze book review program. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions posted here are mine and mine alone.

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  • Anonymous

    Posted June 21, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted February 7, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

  • Anonymous

    Posted January 3, 2011

    No text was provided for this review.

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