Love, Sex and Astrology

Love, Sex and Astrology

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by Teri King, John Munday

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Love,Sex and Astrologyexplains the basic characteristics associated with each sign of the zodiac.For each sign there is a quiz that will enable you to check your responses and attitudes against those of a possible partner.This bestselling book also tells you how you can expect to get along with other people,using star signs as a guide.All aspects of love and


Love,Sex and Astrologyexplains the basic characteristics associated with each sign of the zodiac.For each sign there is a quiz that will enable you to check your responses and attitudes against those of a possible partner.This bestselling book also tells you how you can expect to get along with other people,using star signs as a guide.All aspects of love and sex are explored, as is every possible astrological relationship between men and women.

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The Ram

The Sign of the Warrior or Pioneer

March 21st to April 20th

The first fire sign: Energetic, enthusiastic, impulsive, positive, enterprising, lives in the mind.

Ruler: Mars
Gem: Amethyst, diamond
Color: Red
Metal: Iron

Characteristics of the Higher Male

The planet Mars endows the true Arietian with much drive and an ability to lead and pioner among men. In sympathy with new thought, he will forever chase progress or new ideas. This is the sign of the go-getter whose enthusiasm is so great that it will inspire others to come along with him. In this man enterprise, energy and ambition are often boundless, and, provided these characteristics are directed wisely, the Arietian can go far.

Recognizing the importance of a good front, he is particular about appearance and meticulous with dress. His wardrobe may be inadequate, but he will inevitably appear neat and fresh for his clothes are kept clean and well-pressed, so that on emerging in the morning his appearance and actions will give the impression of authority.

As a rule, the Arietian male will prefer work which can offer some opportunity for personal leadership, for he enjoys overcoming difficulties and may go out of his way to challenge opposition. This type is always hopeful, no matter where life may take him, and his happy knack of forgetting failure can aid his endurance in times of stress. Unfortunately, Aries also confers upon its subjects a strong impulsive streak, which will frequently land him in situations which could have been avoided with alittle more thought.

Love and friendship fill a large place in his emotional life and the same impetuosity and ardor go into them; no male is warmer or more frank in showing affection. But these tendencies are apt to lead him into trouble, for many sorrows will follow rash engagements and imprudent marriages. Mr. Aries may spend the years before forty looking for himself and his path in life, and ideally a final commitment to love should be postponed until the middle years. Regretfully, however, his impulsive nature will rarely allow this, and he may go through several affairs or even marriages while in theprocess of his search. If falling in love for him is dangerous, falling out of love can be even more dramatic, as loyalty and tenacity are not among the virtues of this sign, and the desire for a change in surroundings or companionship is often too difficult to master. Separation and divorce are resorted to in circumstances which would not be found unendurable by those born under more adaptable or forbearing signs, and his "me-first" attitude is not an asset in a relationship fighting for survival. Only if he can learn to give and take will a happy union be achieved. As a rule, this subject is attractive, but somewhat unapproachable or hard-to-get, and advice from others will fall on deaf ears. Many problems could be avoided if Mr. Aries would only guard against being too ardent, passionate and selfish.

Characteristics of the Higher Female

These characteristics are softened in the female, although she will still display all of the warmth and vitality associated with this sign. She cannot abide halfhearted work or want of enthusiasm in those around her, and finds the ultra-scrupulous person who weighs every word and deliberates over every decision a terrible trial, a feeling that is usually made abundantly clear to the individual in question. Scope is needed for her energies, and larger opportunities are sought out which will enable her to sway and lead her fellow creatures. This is rarely fulfilled in the ordinary round of domestic duties, and so Ms. Aries can frequently be found on committees or running both a career and a marriage successfully.

Serenity is seldom appreciated at its true value by this type, and is still less seldom achieved, but because of her bright and lively personality she is a delight to meet socially. Other and very different types may excel in planning details or in organization, but without efficient assistance from the Arietian the most desirable projects make little progress and the best-laid schemes fall to the ground.

The Aries female is extremely active in love, and not so hampered in following desires as her male counterpart. Unfortunately, the proud appearance of such a woman can frequently attract the weaker male, which will almost certainly prove to be disastrous, for when given the opportunity this female can become domineering and overbearing, and will lose respect for the unfortunate man who has allowed this to happen. Above all else a strong masculine type is needed, but there are times when this appears to be most difficult, for here is a female stronger than the majority of the male race. When unsuccessful in her quest, she is likely to grow tense and frustrated. Aries rules the head, therefore headaches are common when under stress.

Characteristics of the Lower Type

He or she will suffer from an excess of the qualities associated with this sign, but hope and enthusiasm will be replaced by recklessness or fickleness. He is always engaged in some new project or idea which is rarely, if ever, taken through to any kind of conclusion. Rushing headlong into activities which require tact and thought will bring failure down 'Upon him. Past mistakes, however, are not dwelt -upon, resulting in the same situation arising again and again. Enterprises are abandoned whenever the going gets tough, this being his own way of solving problems; the fact that others are harmed by such action is of no account to him. Love is something of a disaster area: loyalty is an undeveloped part of his character and he jumps in and out of relationships sparing little thought for his partner. Occasionally he may attempt to form a lasting union, but with small success, for his inability to think first or to consider others will usually ensure failure and separation. When badly perverted or unbalanced a sadistic streak will come to the fore in his sex life.

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Guest More than 1 year ago
I have your first copy, copyrighted in 1979. It was trully helpful in understanding my partners in my relationships and myself. My book is breaking apart, so I decided to buy a new one.