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Love Stories: How Love Conquers All

Love Stories: How Love Conquers All

by Jennifer Soong, Jennifer Soong
A smile automatically spreads across your face whenever you hear his name... It can mean only one thing: you're falling in love. In Love Stories, real couples share their special moments when they knew this was the real thing. Some found love amid chaos. For others, their love blossomed despite the odds and other people's opinions. Plus, celebrities reveal their ups


A smile automatically spreads across your face whenever you hear his name... It can mean only one thing: you're falling in love. In Love Stories, real couples share their special moments when they knew this was the real thing. Some found love amid chaos. For others, their love blossomed despite the odds and other people's opinions. Plus, celebrities reveal their ups and downs in the world of romance. The stories are true and as powerful as the love between each couple. Their words will touch your heart.

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Children's Literature
In a series of chapters entitled Friends First, Against the Odds, and Real-Life Romances, pre-teen and teen readers will enjoy the stories of fifteen couples. They range from those who began as friends and then had the pleasure of their friendship turning into a lasting love to others who instantly knew they were meant for each other, and those who were so shy that it took almost a year before they really got together. Not all such relationships run smoothly and some of these kids talk about the difficulties—ranging from jealousy, to interracial issues and family ostracism, and battles with life threatening diseases. It is all very positive;there is no overt sex to give parents cause for worry. If these couples are having sexual relations, it is not discussed in this book. Every reader is bound to find him or herself in one of these characters, so—if anything—it is a book that helps kids realize that they are not suffering alone and that happiness in a relationship might be just around the corner. A delightful Valentine Day gift for older kids. 2001, Avon, $6.95. Ages 11 up. Reviewer:Marilyn Courtot
Teen People magazine has quickly proven itself with its target audience, and its brand name is now featured on a line of paperback books aimed at high school teens. Sex Files is a collection of reality stories from teens and their favorite celebs (e.g., Jessica Simpson on her abstinence decision) and "just the facts" chapters on STDs, top 20 Q & A, and a down-to-earth "Body Language" vocabulary list. Teens talk frankly about their own experiences coming to terms with sexual identity ("In Search of Ms.—or Mr.—Right"), an unexpected and concealed pregnancy ("A Hidden Life"), or the tradeoff that comes with dating someone much older—popularity and pressure. Entries aren't long, but they're heartfelt and direct; the format is accessible, and an introduction by MTV's sex and relationship expert Dr. Drew, along with a final chapter where teens speak out in a chat room-type forum on issues ranging from parental double standards (do what I say, not what you know we did during the sexual revolution) to what really constitutes virginity, make this a book teens will quickly pick up from the shelf or a display. Love Stories follows a similar format and style for a series look and appeal. Romance is a major preoccupation for teens of both genders, and chapters with headings like "Friends First," "Opposites Attract," and "Against the Odds" tell stories that will ring true about people whose lives and loves will feel very familiar. A popular section includes teen media celebs sharing "my most embarrassing dating moment" and other rocky romantic times. Teen couples share heartbreak-and-roses stories of love that prevails through prejudice and life-threatening illness; of love at firstsight and buddies who discover something more permanent and special in their friendship. Love Stories doesn't feature, however, any same sex couples—too bad. (Teen People) KLIATT Codes: S—Recommended for senior high school students. 2001, HarperCollins, Avon, 144p. illus., $6.95. Ages 16 to 18. Reviewer: Mary Arnold; Reg. YA Svcs. Mgr., Cuyahoga Cty. P.L., Maple Heig , November 2001 (Vol. 35, No. 6)

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HarperCollins Publishers
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Teen People Series
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5.00(w) x 7.03(h) x 0.42(d)
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12 Years

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Chapter One

Emily knew that Josh was the right guy for her even before they met in person. She got a positive vibe simply from seeing his photo at her friend's house. "I don't know why, but I thought he looked like someone who could be my best friend," she says. When she found out that he was going to an upcoming Halloween party, she was determined to find out if there was more to her feeling.

The night of the party, Emily made an entrance that caught everyone's attention, though it was definitely not by design. As she was walking down the stairs, she lost her balance, tripped on the steps and slid all the way to the bottom — landing right at Josh's feet. Turning a deep shade of crimson, Emily thought she had blown her chance with him. But Josh was unfazed, and smoothed everything out; he helped her up, gave her a hug and introduced himself. "From that very second, I knew that we were meant to be," she says. "Love was not on my mind yet. I just knew that I had never felt such a strong connection to anyone before."

As soon as they started chatting, the two felt completely at ease and talked as if they had known each other their entire lives. "By the end of the night, it was pretty flirtatious," recalls Josh. "Everybody was noticing, and after she left, all the guys were coming up to me to see if I asked her out yet."

Josh wanted to get to know her better first. He suggested Emily and their friends go to the movies, so they went to see The Waterboy. Even though it wasn't an official date, something clicked. "We held hands and it was just so wonderful," says Emily. "Usually when you like someone, you don't know if it'll work. But after weheld hands, it was kind of inevitable that something was going to happen."

Perfect Timing

On Christmas, Josh planned to ask Emily to be his girlfriend. "I was thinking long and hard if I was ready to make the commitment," he explains. "And I decided I wanted to. It felt right." He called her up and, pumped up on nervous energy, blurted out, "Would you like to go out sometime?" She thought he just wanted to hang out, and responded, "Where?" He was thrown off by her reaction, but he repeated his question. She still acted confused. After a moment's hesitation — and wondering if he should change his tack'he asked her a third time. "Right after that, I realized what he was doing," she recalls. "Then I got all nervous. But I said yes."

Emily says that Josh is different from most guys she knows. "I like him because he's funny and cute," she says. "He's not one of those big tough guys who like football and cars." Josh says, "I wasn't really brought up like that. My mom had her own ballet school that she taught out of our garage studio. So I've been around girls all my life and never really got the macho guy thing."

As they spent more time together, their feelings grew more intense. "Neither of us had ever been in a relationship before, so we took things slow," says Emily. "But after the six-month mark, we both kind of realized that it was serious, even though we hadn't actually said the I-love-you thing yet."

One topic they discussed openly was whether or not they wanted to lose their virginity. "After we became more serious, it was an issue," says Emily. "We talked about it and decided we wanted to wait to have sex." Adds Josh, "It's just not something we want to do right now." They reached this decision together, and their commitment has brought them closer. "While most couples think it's crazy, it only makes our relationship stronger," she notes.

"It's not like we walk around with a sign — �We haven't had sex,'" says Josh. "But when people are talking and it does come up, they're, like, �How long have you guys been going out?' They're pretty amazed."

But the pair doesn't worry about what other people think. "It's like everyone thinks it's rare not to be having sex on a regular basis," she says. "But with us, we both feel lucky to have each other."

Pure Entertainment

The couple is constantly looking for ways to have fun together. "We both like to be dorky and funny," admits Emily. "We have the same sense of humor. And we laugh and joke around a lot." Often, they amuse themselves by sharing a pie at their favorite table at Frankie's Pizza and Pasta, or simply going to pick flowers on a nearby farm. Both dog-lovers, they enjoy taking Emily's puppy — a golden Lab named Ruby — for strolls around the neighborhood dog park.

Since it was a photo that first brought the couple together, it's only fitting that they love to take pictures. A year ago, they discovered a black-and-white photo booth that they visit every few months. For Valentine's Day, Emily surprised Josh with shots from "their booth" of her holding up signs with messages for him. Josh has also pulled off some creative stunts. Following Emily's graduation, he snuck into her house while she was sleeping. Using a Polaroid camera, he took pictures of himself and hid them around her room so that she could wake up to his smiling face.

In the summer of 2000, Emily and Josh went to California on a three-week vacation with his family. The highlight of the trip was attending a friend of the family's wedding on a pirate ship in Long Beach. To play along with a medieval theme, Emily and Josh went clad in authentic 1700s garb designed for the occasion...

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