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Love Was Calling Then And Still Is

Love Was Calling Then And Still Is

by Nicol Lux
The words of a 'psychic/psychedelic Gandhi/Steve Gaston/Allan Watts type character', that brilliantly captures his own perceptions, of a magical, yet mostly misunderstood period of time. Namely, the late 60's and most of the following decade, in San Francisco's storied history. The author through his original Poetry and Meditations, as well as examples of his


The words of a 'psychic/psychedelic Gandhi/Steve Gaston/Allan Watts type character', that brilliantly captures his own perceptions, of a magical, yet mostly misunderstood period of time. Namely, the late 60's and most of the following decade, in San Francisco's storied history. The author through his original Poetry and Meditations, as well as examples of his professed personal Philosophy, gives readers who were not there, an incredibly poignant perspective into what really went on.

This Book will certainly open up the readers eyes, and, quite possibly their hearts and minds, to a lot of things. Including, but not limited to : Free Love; Dropping or Ingesting Psychedelic Drugs and Tripping; The experiencing of 'Social Freedoms', that would forever change how Flower Power - Hippies thought, by the 'Freeing-up' of their minds, which allowed them to deal with their 'Hang-ups' and to seek Spiritual Awakening; Pursuing interests they otherwise in the 'Straight World' probably would not; And, to ask questions about practically anything, which allowed for Creativity, they otherwise most likely never would of had the opportunity to realize.

Yes, there were many things that went awry. Not just because of the 'open' drug use. But, because of the sheer number of 'Young People', the vast majority 'Runaways', from domestic situations they could no longer deal with. So, whenever you add an ever changing number in the thousands (perhaps in the tens of thousands at any given time), of Male and Female juveniles under the age of 20, using 'mind altering drugs', being Sexually Active, having little or no money, and for the most part having no clue to organizing their lives for themselves, plus they're already 'social outcasts' in the eyes of many, while pretty much being on their own. Well, 'Shit can and does happen (and that goes for their dogs as well)'.

And yet, so much good came from it all, which can still be seen today (if you had the inclination and an open mind).

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Copyright © 2010 Nicol Lux
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2449-9

Chapter One

A MANS WISH Peace my brothers Ease your hearts free Enjoy the golden fruits of life See and feel as a lamb of Christ Spiritual bliss be compassed Devine thoughts be you Rest quietly on earth Kiss the sweetness of the dew And flow my brothers and sisters Flow as the vast sea of the Universe carries you. MY TRUE LOVE Quietly simple Beautifully all Covering of sunshine Blanket of warmth Vision of truth Gift of temperance Forgiving and loving Understanding acceptance As a light in the darkness For sure a prayer unto me. A PROUD FEELING Wanting is my Will Divine Faith my light Knowledge my reply Truth my Tudor Hope my dreams Magic my expression Karma and Justice my lot. REALITY"S PLAYING FIELD On Faith Alone Do We See the Light? Which Shall Make Us Whole Again Passing on the Breath of Life Through Us and To Join Us Revealing the Only Sure Truth Telling the Story of Life Eternal With Love and All It's Power Uniting Us Together Equally Conquering the Life of Separation All Beings Held Accountable Thus We Are Shaped By Our Actions Free Will Hath Allowed Our Decisions Sometimes Persuaded By Emotion Strung Together Through Eternity This Path We Call Our Past It's Plain For All To See Yet In Finality We Are Not The Doer It Is 'He Who Hath Sent Us All, That Be The One Author' Nothing Can Be Added To The Shadow Of The No-Thing Or Subtracted The Truth Be Understood Eternal Movement Brings All Change The Same Lessons, The Same Test, We All Face There Is No Other Sense To Be Made We Are All On the Same Path The Sometimes Windy, Sometimes Up And Down One Path This Path Is Never Ending Though There Exists Areas Of Light, Darker Degrees Exist Distance Is Also Measured In Degrees The Lesson Of Resistance Is One Hard To Pass Letting Go, Giving Yourself Up, To Something You Can Not See Difficult, But Necessary You'll Eventually Discover Support Comes In The Knowledge You're Never Alone Helping Those Below/Behind You Will Give You Strength Any Set of Circumstances Can Be Reversed Take Strength From Those Who Oppose You For By Embracing Thy Enemies, You Make New Friends A Time For Everything; A Place For Everything/Everyone While Effort Is Always Rewarded, In and Of Itself First Comes KNOWLEDGE, And What You Do With That KNOWLEDGE Determines Not Only Our Character, But, Holds The Keys To True WISDOM For The Wise Are Truly Free. PUZZLED I am not a poet I am not an actor Prophecy is one thing I could say to you But the sum wings of a fly may never fly And there has been rain known to fall in sunlight's hours Needed is to just maintain Required is just to be Cause it's all the same Don't you agree my Brothers and Sisters? REASON Reason as a seeing guide Through the world of appearance As constant motion expresses Images excerpt their powers Reflections brilliant from above Send forth the true Law As, All Is All, Is Reality TUMBLESOME Out on the road again, alone and bewildered the same Wandering in the call of night, in some town or place Changing eyes and grace, leading me to believe You my Soul I AM Hateful sweat and gritty, of streamlined follies Of glare and dare Thoughts through clouds, of stoned pictures And shadowy shades of life-forms Some weary orchard, or wintered bed of soil What the scorching sun relentless above With the signs of the road, too few and far between Really not leading anywhere ahead, that's in sight Sounds of country, city, or blooming dale Or dealing avenues, of decayed hands Of tiring sin and shame Then too, the shattered, powdered eyes of our very being Who does what he should in times Of orphan, of hate's war You or me Or the whole energy field, of Blissful Oneness. WHISPERS As the still stone face of the Moon Cremates the milky sands of my mind Distinct voices of Mother Dark Side Who leads me naked and free Come urgings from shadows that call out to me Formerly not heard from I flow through colored tissues Of the raging Universal Consciousness dear to me The need is just to be Answers in the illuminated eyes of faces passing Remembering a White cardinal oath I was to recite Upon the embodying beach along the Earth's crystal core Kindled fingers playing in the wind unbuttoned my tattered shirt With only bare breast to fight the swirling storm Pearl fish and singing willows Clinging to the extensions of what could only be the desired Relaxing spirit of Holy wine Now left to stand on the floor below Liquid veils caress what is Now me In this gorgonian sea of Visual Eternity, AM I A WRITER? I'm a writer so I think But without a doubt I'm a talker Sometimes I talk better than I write Or write better when I talk For I have discovered My writing is really what I want to say. A LOST TOKEN Clouded windows in an empty house Rooms still, with no laughter lurking Vacant eyes scanning bare walls Stairs cracked and blistering wide Halls long with aimless purpose Stale air heavily floating about Unused doors hold secrets of the past Yellowed grass lying face down Gardens long since dead, silently decompose Buried hopes now wither away Faded hopes shade the once living house Where has the once vibrant passion gone to THE MASTER IS GONE. SYMBOLS Sword, Water, Sun Many days yet to come Desires to be fulfilled Fire, Air, Earth Many changes to come Liberation through experience Moon, Color, Sound Many things to become And so, rewards begin to appear Scales, Forms, Measures Many experiences to weigh As liquid memory records all Fish, Snake, Man Energy carrying through expressions Procreation through Involution and Evolution. CHRIST THE LORD The joy and celebration from on high Beneficent love streaming down from within The Soundless Sound of the Word Felt in listening hearts everywhere An experience of Oneness and Limitlessness An illumination of Eternity, Here and Now A glimpse between co-existing Worlds The surface opens to reveal Our purpose, our mission, our essence The Unity of All, physical and spiritual The Path all Souls traverse From On High a message for all The Order of the Universe Hope, Love Liberty, Eternal Life in Peace The "I's" have become 'I AM", The ONE Each is of the ONE and by the ONE The Wisdom of Life, has No Beginning, No Ending Equality, Justice, Love, Light, Spirit Oh Ancient Of Days, Father Of All Creation The Perfection, Prophecy Fulfilled, Rapture Unfolded SAYINGS THAT MAKE ME WONDER "You're about as handy as a rubber crutch." "Isn't that a bit over the top?" "Drier than a popcorn fart." "Phew, that's enough to gag a maggot." "Praise and blame, fame or flame." "There, look, a White Black Bird." "I've drunk enough, to feel stiffer than a crutch." "I came in through the same door I'll leave by." "You tell me and we'll both know." "No hurry as long as you do it immediately." "Extraterrestrials must abide by the same rules too." "What do you do in a one horse town?" "If it's 'us' and 'them', who's side you on anyway?" "If only I had it all over to do again". "Silence is the language of intelligent people". And, one of my favorites, I've used thousands of times: "It's Been Real". "There's no time like the present". "More times than I could shake a stick at it" IMAGE Earth above the lake of Light Image of approach Wordless beauty Oh glorious Light One unto depth, width, height, and Center Endless Eternity Of constant flowing energy This Life, like Light, like Fire Shapeless forms Of glowing colors Of living vibration The entire Ineffable One Time itself a void Attachment the impossible As Wisdom is seen in silence So, in Silence the Wise Act.

CURIOUS FIGURES Loneliness is a sin That clearly lacks Love Bears fear and doubt And seals a heart to sorrow Happiness is not some 'thing' It is more a part of you That could shine forth everyday Positively generating to all Truth is like the Sun Shining on and through all THINGS So to, the Limitless Power of NOW Reflecting Love's all unifying power Thus, Love is the real test of character As it is demonstrated by the Freed World Dancer There's you, there's me, and that should make US Within, the possibility, that all this is real. SIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS From the advantage point Of the Center of the Cube Finite perceiving infinite Vibration and fidelity surmise Whilst White Light appearing Currents in constant motion Oh self-sustained star Oh breadth of life Involution/evolution The Eternal Thought Fitted by this Consciousness Through this center I AM. RESTLESSNESS Frigid night winds Tapping upon my window Causing me to wake To stir and fall off again Little squares of light Window panes set ablaze With the radiance of the Sun Spilling the new dawn early Wandering morning dream Rendering a dreamy haze Whilst coloring so real As to fill my mind's eye Painted pictures adorn Of still life's ease Of storybook characters Filled with subconscious glee While rancorous tic-tocks run wild Secretly securing time's offense Waiting figures approach Ready to sound their eerie lullaby songs. TOOLS OF THE MICROCOSM Nature unaided fails So a Mediator is needed A Microcosm within the Macrocosm Man, equipped with Intelligence, Compassion, as his tools Man's mental imagery and desire Is in addition to Natural Evolution Nature is thus transformed See Rotation, Volition, Involution It is Sound Vibration that Manifests As all things, of this World For the Universe is Mental As Vibratory Conscious Living Energy Thought into Limitless Forms/All Centers of Expression Our sense of 'Being', is an Image Itself Held Consciously and very Mutable Even as the New Cells of the Body Are direction reflections of our Thoughts Microcosm is the Image, THE ALMIGHTY ONE has expressed Anything is possible for a Microcosm, for he is not really the Doer One must remain Receptive, instead of resisting and self-centered Death is no longer an enemy, but, a friend Life is spent seeking Experience, not material possessions And so, I work on honing my skills in using all my GOD given tools. TENDERNESS WINS Tenderness Tends To Tolerate Totals While Women Wander Wonderingly Within Boundless Bundles Battle Bleakly Beneath Feelings Flair Finding Forgotten Friends. IMPORTANT IMPULESES Moments spent Are moments gone Moments gone Are but moments of memories Some moments of taunting despair Moments of taunt reveal So tired of eyes from behind false walls With just to be now The only answer to find Whatever the required form Time no longer exists And the numbers released are many. A LITTLE TRYING IN THE SUN A willful smile of Sunshine Upon oceans of years it shines With inwardly cleansings of sin and fear Hearts begin to re-bloom and unfold again While colored eyes rain their selfish tears On flesh or vibrating pews as judgment sees Of seasons told of by wise and liberated souls Blessed from the highest On High Upon the path of sparkling light. THE DEVINE OPUS Engines of Time May roar in and out But are no match For the turbines of the Mind With Limitlessness providing no shore No beginning, no ending With Light sublime Where Oneness is All Through many colored rays Illuminating the corridors And the doors, the windows, the steps See where all leads back Through countless reflections Of Color, of Sound To the Darkness of Nothingness Only to start over again.

WHAT ARE LEADERS THINKING? Are the anesthetizing words of their speeches having their desired affect? Is the public so taken in, so as to be fooled and mislead Questions being answered by questions so as to confuse Is it true, people hear only what they want to hear Slippery and subtly evasive, hard to put your finger upon Promise them anything, for when things don't quite turn out right There's always plenty blame to spread around, like fog or haze These leaders, all well educated, connected and far from poor or ordinary They feed upon fear, our hopes, pushing all the right buttons They leave public office, almost every one, wealthier then when they were elected They write the Laws in their unique and oblique language Some genuinely retain their loyalty to the people to the end Their records should speak volumes on their character But, with all the fanfare and Life being what it is today Do we know by what they say, by their past acts, how and to whom they really pray? MAGICIAN'S WAND Laws as governing Creation continues now Carrying all possibilities Within the Eternal Womb Brought into manifestation Of Name and Form All is affected None outstanding Whether conscious of Or deceived you may be Your lot in life is counted As the Seasons rotate Lo, if thou knows not What this truth can free For dormant you may remain As fooled by 'slight of hand' Thy will be unfulfilled So you be a master of none The magician understands His eyes closed in faithful concentration Wand raised high toward the sky Disciplined in thought and action He knows what it takes for his garden to bloom Focused, he stands between Earth and Heaven.


Excerpted from "LOVE WAS CALLING THEN AND STILL IS" by NICOL LUX Copyright © 2010 by Nicol Lux. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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