Love's Labour's Lost: Critical Essays

Love's Labour's Lost: Critical Essays

by Felicia Hardison Londre

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ISBN-10: 0815309848

ISBN-13: 9780815309840

Pub. Date: 03/28/1997

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


First published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Taylor & Francis
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Shakespeare Criticism Series
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Table of Contents

General Editor's Introduction

* Acknowledgments

* Illustrations

* Introduction

* Love's Labour's Lost and the Critical Legacy, Felicia Hardison Londre

* Love's Labour's Lost and The Critics

* From Alba, or the Month's Minde of a Melancholy Lover (1598), Robert Tofte

* To the Right Honorable the Lorde Vycount Cranborne at the Courte (1604), Sir Walter Cope; Remarks on the Plays of Shakespear: The Argument of Love's Labour's Lost (1710), Charles Gildon

* Notes on Shakespeare's Plays: Love's Labour's Lost (excerpts) (1765), Samuel Johnson

* Love's Labour Lost, from Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature: Criticisms on Shakespeare's Comedies (1808), August Wilhelm von Schlegel

* Love's Labour's Lost, from the Lectures on Shakespeare and Milton (1811), Samuel Taylor Coleridge [reported by J. Tomalin]

* Love's Labour's Lost, from Lectures and Notes on Shakspere and Other English Poets (1818), Samuel Taylor Coleridge

* Love's Labour's Lost, from Characters of Shakespeare's Plays (1817), William Hazlitt

* On Love's Labour's Lost (1878), Walter Pater; Shakespeare's Word-Play and Puns: Love's Labour's Lost (1889), Thomas R. Price

* A Shakespearean Quibble (1898), James W. Bright

* Love's Labour's Lost, from Shakespeare: His Music and Song (1915), A.H. Moncure-Sime

* Love's Labour's Lost Restudied (1925), Oscar J. Campbell; Love's Labour's Lost: One of Shakespeare's First Bows (1942), Jacques Copeau, translated from the French by Mari Pappas

* Love'sLabour's Lost (1953), Bobbyann Roesen (Anne Barton)

* The Folly of Wit and Masquerade in Love's Labour's Lost (1959), C.L. Barber

* Love's Labour's Lost: The Story of a Conversion (1962), John Dover Wilson, C.H.

* Love's Labour's Lost and the Early Shakespeare (1962), Alfred Harbage

* The Dialogues of Spring and Winter: A Key to the Unity of Love's Labour's Lost (1967), Catherine M. McLay

* Love's Labour's Lost The Grace of Society (1971), Thomas M. Greene

* The Failure of Relationship Between Men and Women in Love's Labour's Lost (1981), Peter B. Erickson

* Oath-Taking (1981), Irene G. Dash

* The Copy for the Folio Text of Love's Labour's Lost (1982), Stanley Wells

* The Structure of Love's Labour's Lost (1982), Koshi Nakanori, translated from the Japanese by Toru Iwasaki

* M. Marcad and the Dance of Death: Love's Labour's Lost v. 2.705-711 (1986), Ren Graziani

* Jaquenetta's Baby's Father: Recovering Paternity in Love's Labour's Lost (1990), Dorothea Kehler

* Armado and Costard in the French Academy: Player as Clown (1993), Meredith Anne Skura,

* Elizabethan Views of the "Other": French, Spanish, and Russians in Love's Labour's Lost (1995), Felicia Hardison Londre

* Love's Labour's Lost on Stage

* Review of the Dramatic Students at St. James's Theatre (1886), Bernard Shaw

* Review of Love's Labor's Lost at Daly's Theatre (1891), New York Times; Imitations: The Students, 1762 (1904), Horace Howard Furness

* Review of Peines d'amour perdues at the Od on: From Le Monde (1946), Robert Kemp

* Review of Peines d'amour perdues at the Od on: From La Vie intellectuelle (1946), Henri Gouhier

* From The Shifting Point (1987), Peter Brooke

* Armado's "You that way; we this way" (1969-70), James Hisao Kodama

* Love's Labor Reviewed as Mozart-Like (1974), John H. Harvey

* Review of Love's Labour's Lost at the Guthrie Theater (1974), Mike Steele

* Review of the Royal Shakespeare Company (1978), Michael Billington

* Rehearsal Process as Critical Practice: John Barton's 1978 Love's Labour's Lost (1988), Barbara Hodgdon

* From a Theatregoer's Notebook: The RSC Love's Labour's Lost (1985), Felicia Hardison Londre

* Moshinsky's Love's Labour's Lost (1985), Mary Z. Maher

* Another winner, a feast worthy of the Bard himself: Review of Love's Labour's Lost, Performed by the Great Lakes Theater Festival (1988), Marianne Evett

* Director Leaves Mark on Love's Labour's Lost: Review of Love's Labour's Lost, performed by the Great Lakes Theater Festival (1988), Tony Mastroaianni

* Youthful Touch of Tenderness: Review of Love's Labor's Lost, at the Public Theater (1989), Clive Barnes

* On Directing Love's Labour's Lost-Five Times, Gerald Freedman

* On Designing Love's Labour's Lost-Twice, John Ezell; Love's Labor's Lost (1992), Randall Louis Anderson

* Continuous Sonnets (1993), Amy Reiter

* Love's Labour's Lost (1993), Margaret Loftus Ranald

* Shakespeare, Half of Creation: Reminiscences of Don Armado, Peter Huszti

* The "Otherness" of the Foreigner in Contemporary Productions of Love's Labour's Lost, Daniel J. Watermeier

* On Playing Berowne, Theodore Swetz

* Envoi, Melia Bensussen

* Contributors of New Material to This Volume

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