Love's Old Sweet Song: 1993 Top 20 Barbershop Quartets

Love's Old Sweet Song: 1993 Top 20 Barbershop Quartets


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Intersound Records


  1. Wedding Bells Are Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine
  2. Where the Southern Roses Grow
  3. I Didn't Want to Fall
  4. Can't You Hear Me Callin', Caroline? @@Joker's Wild
  5. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
  6. Who'll Dry Your Tears When You Cry?
  7. Love's Old Sweet Song @@Nightlife
  8. Those Roarin' Soarin' 20s @@Nightlife
  9. Lora-Belle Lee @@Special Features
  10. You Are the One I Love @@Special Features
  11. Daddy, You've Been a Mother to Me
  12. Oh! You Beautiful Doll
  13. Let the Rest of the World Go By
  14. Aura Lee/Love Me Tender
  15. At the High Brow Babies Ball/Steppin' Out Tonight
  16. Rain (When Ya Gonna Rain Again)/Rain (Let Us Cuddle in the Rain) @@Ricochet
  17. Play a Song Like Daddy Used to Play
  18. All I Need Is Just a Girl Like You @@Backbeat
  19. Got My Thumb Out (Hitchin' a Ride) @@Northwest Spirit
  20. When I Wore My Daddy's Brown Derby @@Rhythm And Rhyme
  21. Chase the Rain Away @@Echo Lane
  22. For Me and My Gal
  23. Lulu's Back in Town @@Harmony Works
  24. Don't Cry, Joe
  25. You Better Keep Babyin' Baby/Toot Toot Tootsie

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doug Anderson   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Jeff Baker   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Raymond Davis   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Mark Green   Lead,Group Member
Sean Milligan   Lead,Group Member
Paul Gilman   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Jim Henry   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
William "Shorty" Hill   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Tim McDonald   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Rick Knight   Lead,Group Member
Jamie Arrington   Lead,Group Member
Randy Chisholm   Lead,Group Member
Marco Crager   Lead,Group Member
Dean Haagenson   Lead,Group Member
Scott Larsen   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Toby Balsley   Lead,Group Member
Kipp Buckner   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Doug Crowl   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Gary Eliason   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Dale Fetick   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
David Garstang   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Jim Gentil   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Steve Iannacchione   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Dave Labar   Lead,Group Member
Chuck Landback   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Mike Lawton   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Steve Legters   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Robert Moorehead   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
David Nyberg   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Nick Papageorge   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Rehkop   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Wes Sorstokke   Lead,Group Member
Bill Wigg   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Tom Wilkie   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Robert Henry   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Jim Kline   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Pete Neushul   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Mike Spencer   Lead,Group Member
Art Swanson   Lead,Group Member
Glenn Van Tassell   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Paul Olguin   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Tony Sparks   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Fraser Brown   Lead,Group Member
John Lancaster   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Brian Beck   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Bill Billings   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Russ Young   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Tim Ambrose   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Doug Smith   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Jay Hawkins   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Curt Angel   Lead,Group Member
Randy Baughman   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Tim Brozovich   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Farris Collins   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Joe DAmore   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Leslie Dergan   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Brian Doepke   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Craig Ewing   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Don Conner   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Keith Houts   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Dan Jordan   Lead,Group Member
Dave Kindinger   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Dick Kingdon   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Brett Littlefield   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Randy Loos   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Rob Menaker   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Terry Monks   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Tom Mullen   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Harold Nantz   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Rodney Nixon   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
John Sasine   Lead,Group Member
Chuck Sisson   Lead,Group Member
Don Slamka   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Jack Slamka   Bass (Vocal),Group Member
Mark Slamka   Baritone (Vocal),Group Member
Mike Slamka   Lead,Group Member
Gary Steinkamp   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Dan Tangarone   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Dan Trakas   Tenor (Vocal),Group Member
Dean Waters   Lead,Group Member

Technical Credits

Irving Berlin   Composer
Elvis Presley   Composer
Joe Marsala   Composer
Richard Buck   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Sammy Fain   Composer
Irving Kahal   Composer
Gus Kahn   Composer
Joe Liles   Composer
Sid Miller   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
Sam M. Lewis   Composer
William Gardner   Composer
Dan Russo   Composer
Ray Gilbert   Composer
Joe Young   Composer
Paul Olguin   Composer
Harry Akst   Composer
Edgar Leslie   Composer
Benny Davis   Composer
Fred Fisher   Composer
Vera Matson   Composer
William Tracey   Composer
Brian Beck   Composer
Max Rich   Composer
Ernest R. Ball   Composer
Ernie Erdman   Composer
Eugene Ford   Composer
Valerie Hicks   Composer
Harry Pease   Composer
Theodore Morse   Composer
G. Clifton Bingham   Composer
J. Keirn Brennan   Composer

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