Lowrider Oldies, Vol. 4-6: Cruisin' Chrome Series

Lowrider Oldies, Vol. 4-6: Cruisin' Chrome Series


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Thump Records


Disc 1

  1. Watcha See Is Watcha Get  -  Dramatics
  2. Look Over Your Shoulder  -  Escorts
  3. Sleepwalk  -  Santo & Johnny
  4. Sitting in the Park  - Billy Stewart
  5. Pillow Talk  -  Sylvia
  6. Break Up to Make Up  -  Stylistics
  7. Be Thankful for What You Got  - William DeVaughn
  8. Love on a Two Way Street  -  Moments
  9. Foolish Little Girl  -  Shirelles
  10. Hey There Lonely Girl  - Eddie Holman
  11. Don't Have to Shop Around  -  Mad Lads
  12. Sexy Momma  -  Moments

Disc 2

  1. One Summer Night  -  Danleers
  2. Could This Be Magic  -  Dubs
  3. Dedicated to the One I Love  -  Temprees
  4. My True Story  -  Jive 5
  5. Look in My Eyes  -  Chantels
  6. There's a Moon Out Tonight  -  Capris
  7. Maybe  -  Chantels
  8. Daddy's Home  -  Shep & the Limelites
  9. A Thousand Miles Away  -  Heartbeats
  10. So Fine  -  Fiestas
  11. I'm So Proud  -  Impressions
  12. A Sunday Kind of Love  -  Harptones

Disc 3

  1. Darling Baby  -  Elgins
  2. Somebody Please  -  Vanguards
  3. You Cheated  -  Shields
  4. What's Your Name  -  Don & Juan
  5. Earth Angel  -  Penguins
  6. In the Rain  -  Dramatics
  7. Night Owl  - Tony Allen
  8. Color Him Father  -  Winstons
  9. I Guess That Don't Make Me a Loser  -  Brothers of Soul
  10. Where Lovers Go  -  Jaguars
  11. Sixteen Candles  -  Crests
  12. In the Still of the Night  -  Five Satins

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

James "Thunderbird" Davis   Composer
Johnny Otis   Composer
Louis Prima   Composer
Jesse Belvin   Composer
Curtis Mayfield   Composer
Maurice Williams   Composer
Dave Holland   Audio Production
William DeVaughn   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
C.J. Johnson   Composer
Bumps Blackwell   Producer,Audio Production
Richard Barrett   Composer
Ralph Bass   Composer
Thom Bell   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Linda Creed   Composer
Lamont Dozier   Producer,Audio Production
Bobby Eaton   Composer
Kenny Gamble   Composer
Howard Greenfield   Composer
Tony Hester   Audio Production
Brian Holland   Composer
George Kerr   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Bert Keyes   Composer
Alberto Lopez   Executive Producer
Herbie Miller   Audio Production
Fred Parris   Composer
Joe Rene   Producer,Audio Production
Sylvia Robinson   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Richard Spencer   Composer
Billy Stewart   Composer
Hy Weiss   Producer,Audio Production
Willie Young   Composer
Tom Nixon   Producer,Audio Production
Jo Bridges   Producer,Audio Production
George Goldner   Composer
Bill Walker   Producer,Executive Producer
William Miller   Composer
Lowman Pauling   Composer
Richard Blandon   Composer
Don Burch   Composer
Luther Dixon   Composer
Ann Farina   Composer
Johnny Farina   Composer
Santo Farina   Composer
Gaynel Hodge   Composer
Eugene Pitt   Composer
Harry Ray   Composer
John Gary Williams   Producer,Audio Production
Rick Williams   Producer,Audio Production
Richard Knight   Composer
Harry Balk   Producer,Audio Production
Pebo Rodriguez   Producer
Dootsie Williams   Audio Production
Helen Miller   Composer
Anita Leonard   Composer
Joe Luccisano   Composer
Stan Rhodes   Composer
James Sheppard   Composer
Earl Shuman   Composer
Striano   Composer
Barbara Belle   Composer
Fred Bridges   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Leon Carr   Composer
Holland-Dozier   Composer
Gentile   Composer
Oscar Waltzer   Composer
Danny Webb   Composer
Hiram Johnson   Composer
Tony Allen   Composer
Michael Burton   Composer
Allyson R. Khent   Composer
Tony Hestor   Composer,Producer,Audio Production
Larry Roberts   Composer
Don Carroll   Audio Production
William Walker   Executive Producer

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