LOYAL TO THE CAUSE - the cause of a "Devine Destiny" came from ThomarJefferson to James Madison and was a promise for a new country with new ideas and dreams. The dream of a "United States" which would stretch east to west from Atlantice to Pacific and north to south from Canada to Mexico.

LOYAL TO THE CAUSE - is a historic epic entwining the lives of the Butler family with "DevineDestiny". Patriarch Clayton Butler graduates from the new West Point military acamemy and plans ...

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Loyal to the Cause

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LOYAL TO THE CAUSE - the cause of a "Devine Destiny" came from ThomarJefferson to James Madison and was a promise for a new country with new ideas and dreams. The dream of a "United States" which would stretch east to west from Atlantice to Pacific and north to south from Canada to Mexico.

LOYAL TO THE CAUSE - is a historic epic entwining the lives of the Butler family with "DevineDestiny". Patriarch Clayton Butler graduates from the new West Point military acamemy and plans a trail to the west coast through indian lands. His adventures carry him into the war with Mexico and the battle at the Alamo.

His son Clayton Butler Jr. also graduates from West Point to become an officer during the Civil War. His knowledge of the west, and in particular, the City of San Francisco, make him the ideal candiate for aborting a Confederate plot to divert $20 nillion in gold bars from California to the southern Confedercy.

LOYAL TO THE CAUSE - is a saga abounding with intrigue, deception, life-long friendships, patriotism, family honor and love to make this the acme of historical fiction.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781456718671
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 3/15/2011
  • Sold by: Barnes & Noble
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 284
  • Sales rank: 1,392,168
  • File size: 725 KB

Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Lexington, Kentucky 1824....................1
Chapter 2. Life at West Point –1825....................10
Chapter 3. The Academy 1826 – 1827....................21
Chapter 4. The Class of 1827 - West Point....................29
Chapter 5. The Old Oregon Trail, Independence, Missouri –1827....................34
Chapter 6. July, 1828 - The Wedding....................47
Chapter 7. Return to Lexington, Kentucky – May, 1835....................59
Chapter 8. Wagon Train West – June 1835....................65
Chapter 9. Office of the U. S President....................71
Chapter 10. The Alamo....................74
Chapter 11. A Son Is Born – 1839....................91
Chapter 12. West Point Second Generation – 1858....................97
Chapter 13. Home For Christmas 1860....................101
Chapter 14. The Union Is Divided 1860 – 1861....................118
Chapter 15. The Mexican Connection....................125
Chapter 16. West Point Class of 1861 The Civil War....................131
Chapter 17. The Union Mission....................146
Chapter 18. The Confederacy Plan....................158
Chapter 19. Wagon Train To California - 1862....................162
Chapter 20. The Investigation - 1862....................186
Chapter 21. The First Meeting....................197
Chapter 22. Visit to the Indian Reservation - 1862....................204
Chapter 23. The Second Meeting....................218
Chapter 24. The Indian Mission....................224
Chapter 25. A New Plan - January 3 , 1863....................230
Chapter 26. Closing In....................234
Chapter 27. Plan To Load the Ship - 1863....................240
Chapter 28. Searching For The Cove - 1863....................247
Chapter 29. Capturing the Cove - 1863....................259
Chapter 30. Heading Home....................269
Chapter 31. Christmas in San Francisco 1863....................271
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First Chapter

Loyal to the Cause

A Novel
By Edwin Sacchi


Copyright © 2011 Edwin Sacchi
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-1869-5

Chapter One

Lexington, Kentucky 1824

The Butler family, of Lexington, Kentucky, ran the most successful general store this side of the Mason Dixon line. Oswald Butler and his wife, Penny, had owned the store ever since Oswald's father, Jacob, passed away four years earlier. Jacob willed his only son and heir the store and all his worldly possessions.

Jacob, Oswald's father, had taken over the store in 1790 from his parents and within a year made it into a general store that not only catered to family needs for basic everyday goods, but also handled the needs of the local farmers and ranchers as well. He saw the needs of these groups and envisioned that a one-stop shopping center for food, clothing, tools and equipment to run farms and ranches was what was truly needed in the growing city of Lexington, Kentucky. With his many innovations to cater to peoples' needs, Jacob was also the first to provide a catalog service for his customers to order items he didn't stock and which they wanted to purchase or needed to run their farms and ranches. He would arrange to have any item that was needed shipped to his store within a month's period.

When Jacob's only son, Oswald, finished grade school, he immediately went to work with his father, learning the general store business. Oswald, who was a bright young man, was so successful with the running of the general store that when his father died in 1803, he bought an overland freight delivery company and immediately changed the name of the company to the Butler Overland Freight Company. The company delivered freight from Lexington, Kentucky, to Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia and finally ended at the coastal city of Savannah, Georgia. The contracts Oswald had signed with general stores along this route to deliver goods proved to be so successful that Oswald had increased his fleet from four Conestoga wagons to twenty in four short years. Each wagon was capable of hauling up to one thousand pounds of freight. The freight business, coupled with the general store, made Oswald and Penny two of the richest people of Lexington, Kentucky.

January 24,1807, Penny Butler, who was in her ninth month of pregnancy, gave birth to their first child, a healthy boy. They named him Clayton Jacob Butler. The Butlers were well-to-do by then and highly respected in the community. Penny was active in their church activities and Oswald was a member of the planning board in the community of Lexington. They were also very friendly with Daniel Merriweather and his wife, Betsy, the owners of the largest cattle ranch around the Lexington area.

Daniel Merriweather was the breeder of the finest prime cattle in Kentucky and became the largest shipper of beef in the state. The Merriweathers had twin boys, Bob and Dusty, age seven. Betsy was in her seventh month of pregnancy. When March 10th arrived, she gave birth to a girl whom they named Cindy Anne. The two families were very close and celebrated every holiday together. Daniel and Oswald both served on the City Planning Board of Lexington while Betsy and Penny served on the school board and ran most of the church functions.

Cindy and Clayton, being only two months apart in age, started school together and became inseparable playmates. When both children turned thirteen years old, Daniel and Oswald both agreed to have each teenager work and learn the general store and delivery business and the ranching business. After school on Mondays and Tuesdays, Cindy worked in the general store with Clayton and his Mom and Dad. Wednesdays and Thursdays Clayton and Cindy worked on the ranch. Friday through Sunday was theirs to do as they pleased. On those off days, they would hunt for small game, fish, or just ride their horses around the ranch and investigate the Lexington countryside. The pond, located on the ranch, was where Clayton had taught Cindy how to swim and this became their favorite summer activity, swimming in the pond on the Merriweather ranch.

Clayton loved it when July rolled around and he and Cindy were allowed to join in on rounding up the herd and heading the cattle into the Lexington railroad yard cattle pens for shipment to the Chicago stockyards. Here the cattle were processed and then shipped to major cities in the United States. Being seven years older than Clayton and Cindy, both Bob and Dusty Merriweather were amazed how quickly Clayton and Cindy learned to handle the herd.

Cindy, on the other hand, loved it when the store received a shipment of new ladies' wares. She and Penny would spend most of the day modeling the newly arrived dresses and hats. Both Daniel and Oswald were happy with what they saw in their two children and the way they accepted responsibility in the tasks they were assigned to do.

One day when they were fifteen years old, Clayton realized he loved Cindy and kissed her after a cooling swim at the ranch pond.

He finally blurted out, "Cindy, I'm in love with you and when we get older and finish college, will you marry me?"

"Clayton, what took you so long? I knew I would marry you when I was twelve years old," she replied and returned his kiss passionately.

Both their hands were exploring each other's bodies when Cindy finally said, "Let's stop, Clayton, before we do something we'll both regret."

"I agree with you, Cindy, but I'm evilly tempted these last few months."

"Me too, Clayton, but we mustn't. Our families would be so disappointed in us, especially if I got pregnant."

On an early day in May 1824, Penny was at her desk planning a party for Clayton who at the age of seventeen had received a letter from the Department of the Army notifying him of his acceptance to West Point.

Oswald was folding the newly arrived shipment of men's clothes and was placing them on the shelves when he said to Penny, "You know, we're going to miss that boy around here when he leaves us for West Point."

"In more ways than you know, Oswald," she answered and added, "we're going to need to hire someone to help with the store when both of them leave. Cindy has been accepted to Doctors' College to study nursing in Atlanta, Georgia. What are we going to do?"

"Jeb Parker stopped into the store yesterday and asked if we needed any help," Oswald answered and added, "I told him to come back in July and I would hire him. By the way, where is Clayton today?"

"At breakfast this morning he mentioned that he and Cindy were going to the lake for a picnic with their class to celebrate the end of the school year and their upcoming graduation."

"Is the boy getting serious for Cindy?"

"I would think so. They have been going to school together for twelve years and you know how inseparable they have been over those years."

Out at the big lake located on the outskirts of the city of Lexington, Clayton and Cindy, after having eaten their lunch, went for a walk to the most remote area of the lake.

"Cindy, I have some good news to tell you. I've been accepted to West Point."

"Oh, Clayton, I'm so happy for you. Now we can travel to school together. I've been accepted to Doctors' College in Atlanta."

Cindy, rushing into his arms, said, "I know how you had your hopes on being accepted. I'm so happy for you, Clayton," Cindy blurted out.

Clayton took Cindy into his arms and kissed her while running his hands down her backside and pushing her hard up against him.

She then pulled Clayton to the ground upon the cool grass. She then rolled herself atop him whispering, "I love you and I know you love me. Let's not stop. I want you to enter me so we can become one."

"Cindy, before we do it, will you wait for me to finish school and then get married?"

"Yes," she promised as she pulled her dress up and guided his manhood into her.

When they were finished, Cindy said, "I've been waiting for this moment for over two years. Oh, Clayton, I love you so much. I'll wait for you the rest of my life if need be."

After dropping Cindy off at the ranch, Clayton went to the store and helped his father finish the inventory and to close up the store for the day. His mom had left early to prepare a special supper to celebrate Clayton's acceptance to West Point and to bake a cherry pie, Clayton's favorite dessert.

As her two men walked into the kitchen Clayton said, "I smell my favorite dessert and I know it's prepared by my favorite cook." He leaned over on his six foot two frame to kiss his mother's rosy cheek.

"How was the picnic at the lake?" Penny inquired.

"It was really nice. I'm going to miss Cindy and the gang next school year."

"Well, you will meet a lot of new people and embark on a new stage in your young life," his dad injected.

"Let's sit down and eat supper. It's ready," Penny announced.

After a delicious supper followed by cherry pie and coffee, Clayton announced,

"Mom, Dad I'm going to ask Mr. Merriweather for his permission to marry Cindy when we both graduate from college in three years. I plan on doing it tonight."

Penny got up from the table and ran over to her son and planted a big kiss on his cheek saying, "I'm so happy for you, Clayton. She's a lovely young lady and if I could have had a daughter, I would have wished for her."

"Son, this calls for a drink with me. It's not every day my son is going to get engaged; not to mention leaving for West Point to start college in a couple of weeks."

That evening, when Clayton arrived at the Merriweather ranch, he felt a knot beginning to form in his stomach. He tied his horse to the hitching rail and went up to the porch and knocked on the front door. Mrs. Merriweather came to the door and seeing Clayton said,

"Clayton, how nice to see you. Cindy told us the good news. Congratulations. West Point is a fine school. Come on in. I'll get Cindy."

"Thank you, Mrs. Merriweather. May I speak to Mr. Merriweather first?" Clayton asked.

"Of course, you can. Go out to the back porch. He is having his nightly after dinner cigar."

Clayton walked over to the porch in back of the dining room and Mr. Merriweather spotted him. He rose from his favorite chair and said,

"Clayton, my boy, congratulations on being accepted to West Point. I bet your dad and mom are proud of you."

"Yes, sir. Both my parents are happy with my decision," Clayton proudly answered and added,

"May I talk to you privately, sir?"

"Sure, my boy. Let's go to the study," he said leading the way. When they entered the study, Mr. Merriweather closed the door.

"Well, my boy, what can I do for you?"

"Mr. Merriweather, I want to ask for your permission to marry Cindy."

He looked up and smiled. Rose from his chair, walked over to the door, opened it calling, "Cindy, Betsy, come into the study, please."

When both the ladies arrived, he said, "Cindy, this young man has just asked me for my permission to ask for your hand in marriage. What say ye, honey?"

Cindy ran over to Clayton and placed her arms around his neck and kissed him saying,

"I accept, Clayton."

"There's your answer, son. Now let's all have a drink to celebrate."

The following Sunday evening dinner was at the Merriweather's ranch. Their twin boys, Bob and Dusty, along with their wives, Sue and Jane, were also present. The future mothers-in-laws decided to have one party for the engagement and for their children's departure for college. They picked the following Saturday, June tenth.

The day of their engagement party, Clayton rode out to the ranch after lunch and he and Cindy went for a ride to the pond. They dismounted and tethered the horses and went to sit under their favorite oak tree.

"Cindy, do you remember when I first asked you to marry me?"

"Yes. I wanted you so much that day but we both decided to wait until we were older."

"Well, close your eyes and give me your left hand."

When Cindy did, he took her left hand in his and slipped a ring onto her third finger. "Now open your eyes, honey,"

"Clayton, what a beautiful diamond. This is the happiest day of my life."

He took her into his arms and kissed her beautiful lips. Cindy then lay back on the cool grass and unbuckled the belt from her waist; took off her boots, jeans, and panties while Clayton did the same. When both were naked, he rolled over on top of her and gently entered her as she put her waiting arms around his neck and returned his kisses with a passion. That was a day Clayton would never forget.

The following Saturday evening at the Merriweather ranch, family and friends came to the barbecue and to celebrate Cindy's engagement to Clayton and to say goodbye to the college-bound future nurse and the future Lieutenant in the United States Army. Their wedding was planned for three years from the day, when both of them would graduate college. Cindy from Doctor's School of Medicine located in Atlanta, Georgia, and Clayton from West Point, in upstate New York. Both would leave Lexington, Kentucky, on the same train for Atlanta, Georgia. Clayton would transfer and catch the train leaving Atlanta to New York and then transfer to another train bound for West Point.

The day finally arrived when both Cindy and Clayton were to leave for college. Betsy and Daniel along with Penny and Oswald accompanied their children to the railroad station to see them off and to say a tearful good-bye.

The train pulled into the Lexington station that bright, sunny day exactly on time and would leave within ten minutes. Both Betsy and Penny were crying. Daniel and Oswald weren't too far behind. After a few more minutes went by the, conductor cried out, "All aboard for Atlanta, Georgia, and stops in between."

Cindy and Clayton found their seats on the train. Clayton immediately pulled the window down and both he and Cindy leaned out to wave goodbye to their families. Cindy held on to Clayton and started crying when she realized that she and Clayton wouldn't be together again until late May, although Cindy would be home for the Christmas break. Clayton on the other hand, had only one week for Christmas break. Not long enough to make it home and back to start the second semester of classes at The Point.

When they arrived at the Atlanta station, it was eleven thirty the next morning. Seeing the Atlanta railroad station for the first time both were amazed how large the terminal was. What amazed them most were the trains backed into a covered brick building. Then they noticed other trains at three of the tracks within the building. Clayton stopped one of the conductors on the platform and asked when the next train to New York would be leaving.

"Six hours from now, son. It will be leaving on Track Six and, as of now, is on time."

"Thank you, sir." He turned to Cindy saying, "Let's get your trunk and see if they will deliver it to your room at the school. I'll carry your bags to the campus."

Clayton checked his bag at the baggage room and paid for Cindy's trunk to be delivered to the college. Then they went to the station restaurant and had lunch. After eating they decided to check Cindy into her room at the college and walk around the city until Clayton had to catch his train. The school was only a short distance from the railroad station so they decided to walk to the college. The school was built on a huge piece of property and located on the end of a beautiful tree-lined street. Young men and women were sitting on the benches scattered around the lawn of the campus.

Clayton said, "Looks like a number of students have checked in already, Cindy."

"Isn't this a beautiful campus, Clayton?"

"Yes, I think you're going to like it here, Cindy."

Cindy checked into Doctor's Hospital College reception center and was allowed to show Clayton her room. When they got to the third floor and found her room, her roommate was unpacking her trunk.

"Hi. My name is Alicia Gordon. We're going to be roommates."

"Nice to meet you, Alicia. My name is Cindy Merriweather and this is Clayton Butler, my fiance."

After some small talk Cindy said. "I'll see you later tonight, Alicia. We are going to look around Atlanta and have dinner at the railroad station before Clayton has to catch a train at six o'clock for West Point."

Alicia turned to Clayton and said, "Don't worry about Cindy. I'll look after her for you."

When four p.m. rolled around, they decided to go back to the terminal restaurant and have an early supper. The lunch had been excellent and the supper was superb.

When the waitress started clearing the table, Cindy and I were holding hands across it, she looked at Cindy and said, "Are you two love birds running away from home and planning to get married?"

"Oh, no, ma'am. I'm going to college here and my fiancé is leaving for West Point at six tonight to attend the Academy. We won't be seeing each other until June of next year," Cindy politely answered.


Excerpted from Loyal to the Cause by Edwin Sacchi Copyright © 2011 by Edwin Sacchi. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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