Lumbosacral and Spinopelvic Fixation / Edition 1

Lumbosacral and Spinopelvic Fixation / Edition 1

by Joseph Y. Margulies, Yizhar Floman, Jean-Pierre C. Farcy, Michael G. Neuwirth

ISBN-10: 0397513887

ISBN-13: 9780397513888

Pub. Date: 01/01/1996

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The History of Lumbopelvic Fusions
1Anatomy, Physiology, and Biomechanics of the Lumbopelvic Junction1
2Clinical Anatomy of the Lumbosacral Junction and Pelvis13
3Anatomical Demonstrations in the Lumbosacral Junction - A Pictorial Outline27
4Pelvic Obliquity Correction39
5Lumbosacral Spondylolisthesis51
6Indications for Lumbosacral Fusion in Degenerative Disorders73
7Indications for Surgery of the Osteoporotic Spine83
8Pyogenic Vertebral Osteomyelitis of the Lumbosacral Junction93
9Tuberculous Spondylitis105
10Management of Tumors at the Lumbosacral Junction109
11Disorders of the Spinopelvic Junction: Indications for Fixation and Fusion in Cases of Trauma123
12Disorders of the Spinopelvic Junction: Indications for Fixation and Fusion - Pediatric Aspects129
13A New Perspective on the Integrated Function of Spine, Pelvis, and Legs143
14Proper Device Application from a Biomechanical Perspective157
15Biomechanics of the Lumbosacral Junction and Sacroiliac Joints165
16Non-instrumental Fusions of the Lumbosacral Junction179
17Overview of Fixation to the Sacrum and Pelvis in Spinal Surgery191
18Instrumental Fusions of the Lumbosacral Spine: A Technical Overview199
19Lumbopelvic Fixation with the Isola Spinal Implant System215
20Compact Cotrel-Dubousset Instrumentation239
21Treatment of Lumbosacral Deformity with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Instrumentation245
22Use of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Instrumentation for Lumbosacral Fixation in Adults261
23Luque-Galveston Fusion Technique283
24Application of the AO-ASIF Universal Spine System in the Lumbosacral Junction293
25The GDLH Posterior Spinal System309
26The Edwards Modular System for Lumbosacral Reconstruction323
27The Wiltse, Varifix, and Varigrip Systems for Lumbar Spine Internal Fixation339
28The Hartshill System for the Back of the Lumbosacral Spine351
29Jackson Sacral Fixation and Contoured Spinal Correction Techniques357
30Moss Miami Spinal Instrumentation System: Methods of Fixation of the Spondylopelvic Junction381
31The Rogozinski Spinal Rod System: Technique and Results in Two Centers395
32Puno-Winter-Byrd Transpedicular Instrumentation System for Stabilization of the Lumbar and Lumbosacral Spine409
33Spine-Contouring System in Lumbosacral Arthrodesis421
34Spinopelvic Transiliac Fixation Technique431
35A Model of Spinopelvic Anchorage Implant441
36Variable Screw Placement Spinal Fixation System447
37Dynalok Instrumentation in Lumbosacral Fusions467
38Lumbopelvic Fusion479
39Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion495
40Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion507
41Lumbosacral Fusion with Harms Instrumentation529
42The Hartshill System for the Front of the Lumbosacral Spine539
43The BAK Interbody Fusion System: Biomechanical Rationale and Early Clinical Results545
44Arthroscopic Fusion of the Lumbosacral Spine565
45Instrumented Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Fusion579
46The L5 Vertebrectomy Approach for the Treatment of Spondyloptosis589
47Iliosacral Screw Fixation601
48Sacroiliac Joint Fusion611
49External Spinal Skeletal Fixation at the Lumbosacral Junction619
50The Role of Cables in Lumbosacral Fusion639
51Arthrodesis with Facet Screws655
52Fixation of Spondylolisthesis in the Presence of Advanced Disc Resorption669
53Lumbosacral Decompensation673
54Flat Back Syndrome691
55Spinal Osteotomies in Adult Scoliosis Surgery705
56Bone Grafting727
57Technical Considerations in Stabilization of the Pediatric Lumbopelvic Junction745
58Combined Anterior and Posterior Fusion of the Spine: The Surgical Solution for Disabling Low Back and Leg Pain759
59Revisions: How to Connect an Existing Fusion Mass to the Pelvis769
60Long Fusions to the Sacrum in Patients with Osteoporosis779
61Limits of Lumbosacral Fusion795
62Long Fusions from the Thoracic Spine to the Sacrum: Problems, Principles, and Techniques805
63Postsurgical External Lumbosacral Supports827
64Rehabilitation of the Postfusion Patient837
65Imaging of the Postoperative Lumbopelvic Junction853
66Lumbar Discography: Its Logical Role in the Evaluation of Spinal Pain873
67Lumbosacral Disc Prostheses881
68An Alternative Concept in the Surgical Management of Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease - Flexible Stabilization889
69Graf Ligaments: Point of View907

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