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Lupe and Me

Lupe and Me

by Elizabeth Spurr, Enrique O. Sanchez

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Susan becomes great friends with Lupe, the Mexican woman who keeps house and watches the girl while her mother works. Lupe shows her how to make Mexican foods and crafts, stuffs a piata for Christmas and bakes special sweets for Susan's birthday. And each day Lupe teaches the child Spanish words, gracefully worked into the text so that readers, too, will easily absorb their meaning. Susan is understandably distressed when Lupe abruptly disappears without a trace; a letter eventually arrives, explaining Lupe's fear of la migra. Susan's mother, hitherto unaware of Lupe's status, explains that Lupe must have immigrated illegally. In the final chapter, entitled "Waiting," Susan does just that-hoping that her beloved Lupe will someday obtain a green card and return. Sanchez's (Abuela's Weave) grainy, slightly primitive, acrylic-on-canvas paintings blaze with rich color and convey the warmth of the relationship between Susan and Lupe. An extensive glossary of the Spanish introduced in the story appears at the end. Ages 6-10. (Apr.)
Children's Literature - Deborah Zink Roffino
An easy reader chapter book, this is the story of Lupe, who comes to work as a live-in maid at Susie's home. Language is the first problem that must be overcome. As Lupe learns to speak English, readers get a liberal dose of new Spanish vocabulary words that begin to roll off the tongue with ease. Lupe's abrupt disappearance personalizes the problems faced by illegal aliens.
Children's Literature - Judy Katsh
Illegal immigration and the enforcement of laws to prevent it create the conflict in this warm, informative, and surprisingly upbeat book. Spurr does not concoct a falsely happy ending to protect her young audience from facing the unpleasant reality of a difficult situation; but she does people this honest story with charmingly real characters whose lives are characterized by equal measures of hard work and eternal hope. A Spanish-English glossary is appended.
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
Gr 2-4-A beginning chapter book about the friendship between a young girl and her Mexican housekeeper. Lupe introduces Susan to a new language, spicy foods, and cultural customs and celebrations. She makes each day seem like a holiday. However, one day she disappears for fear of being picked up by la migra, the immigration police. This book deals with the subject of illegal immigration in a sensitive and realistic fashion. The full-page illustrations, done in acrylics, use soft, pastel colors and are framed by black borders. The pictures support the text and help convey the warmth of Susan and Lupe's relationship. Michelle Markel's Gracias, Rosa (Albert Whitman, 1995) deals with the subject of a Guatamalan babysitter who leaves her young charge to return to her homeland; however, it does not cover the subject of illegal immigration. Spurr provides a glossary of Spanish words, but no pronunciation guide.-Maria Redburn, Collier County Public Library, Immokalee, FL
Annie Ayres
This first chapter book tells a very contemporary story about the special friendship that develops between 7-year-old Susan and 16-year-old Lupe, whom Susan's mother hires as a housekeeper. After Lupe disappears without a trace, Susan and her mother discover that Lupe is an illegal alien. Writing from Guadalajara, Lupe tells them she left because she was worried "about "la migra," the immigration police, and the story ends with Susan hoping that Lupe will be able to get a green card and return one day. Generously illustrated with full-page acrylic paintings by Sanchez, noted for his work in Omar S. Casaneda's "Abuela's Weave" (1993), the book glows with the warmth of the friendship shared by the two "amigas." Although there's a glossary for the Spanish words sprinkled throughout the text, it is of limited use since it does not include pronunciation guides. However, the book will be useful both for multicultural studies and for initial discussions about the complex and difficult issues concerning illegal immigration.

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1st ed
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9 - 12 Years

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