Lupe Lupita, Where Are You?/Lupe Lupita, donde estas?

Lupe Lupita, Where Are You?/Lupe Lupita, donde estas?

by Gladys Rosa Mendoza, Ana Ochoa

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Children's Literature
It seems that Rosa-Mendoza and her editors have not yet learned the appropriate translation of "bottom" in this book about Lupe Lupita who pops up in different places. In one spread, Lupe is at the top of the hill while her dog is at the bottom of the hill, but instead of describing her dog as being "al pie de la colina" (at the foot of the hill) or at its base (base), Rosa-Mendoza opts to describe him as being "en el fondo," which is incorrect. Despite this flaw, the book still provides good depictions of different spatial relations. Lupe Lupita is happy—though mostly unchanging in her facial expression— throughout the book and a pleasant companion to young readers. I do not recommend using the glossary as it seems to have been composed by someone with an American accent in Spanish and a Spanish accent in English. This book is volume sixteen in the "English/Spanish Foundations" series. 2004, Me+Mi Publishing, Ages 6 mo. to 6.
—Veronica Betancourt

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Me+mi Publishing
Publication date:
English-Spanish Foundations Series
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5.50(w) x 6.75(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range:
2 - 4 Years

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