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by Sasha White

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The pleasure is all yours if you're ready to let your fantasies take control and surrender yourself to desire. . .

"The Principles of Lust"

Sleek and sexy erotic art gallery owner Teal Jamison knows what she likes and isn't afraid to let carpenter Zack Dillon know that her current fantasy features him in all his masculine glory. But Zack has a


The pleasure is all yours if you're ready to let your fantasies take control and surrender yourself to desire. . .

"The Principles of Lust"

Sleek and sexy erotic art gallery owner Teal Jamison knows what she likes and isn't afraid to let carpenter Zack Dillon know that her current fantasy features him in all his masculine glory. But Zack has a deliciously different game in mind for a woman accustomed to taking charge. . .

"Passion Play"

Quick to follow where passion leads, then back off when things get too close, jewelry designer Mia Jones's sensual odyssey with singles columnist Dominick Jamison is perfect: hot, sweet, and with no risk of complications. But how long can her heart stay cold--when she's lost in the heat of a man devoted to every forbidden pleasure her body craves?

"Sexual Healing"

When massage therapist Caitlyn Ellis shows photographer Jack Lowell the joys of sensual self love for the camera, he can't resist the erotic invitation to take pleasure in her lush curves--or deny himself the hands-on ecstasy of loving a beautiful woman determined to heal his battered soul. . .by setting his body on fire.

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Kensington Books

Copyright © 2007 Sasha White
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780758215482

Chapter One

With less than a week until Lush's opening day, Teal Jamison didn't have time to fuck around, especially with something as frustrating as some punk kids spray painting nasty messages on the front of her building. Pissed off and stressed out about all the piddly little things that kept screwing up her plans, she strode into her soon-to-be art gallery muttering to herself only to stop dead in her tracks.

Anger turned to desire, and excitement of a different sort flowed through her at the sight that greeted her-soft, faded denim stretched lovingly across perfect tight male glutes.

All thoughts of temperamental artists, inconsistent suppliers, and juvenile delinquents evaporated as she watched the man straighten from his bent-over position and enjoyed the sight of a worn leather tool belt framing his ass perfectly.

Now, that's a work of art.

"Lookin' good, Zach," Teal purred as she dropped her backpack on the reception desk and continued in his direction. An hour or two of uncomplicated no strings naked wrestling with him would certainly take the edge off her stress level.

The carpenter ran a loving hand over the custom-built mahogany shelf he'd just installed before turning to her. "Thanks, Teal, but I'm just helping bring your vision of the place together."

"Oh, I've no doubt the gallery will be beautiful, but I was referring to the view when I walked in." She winked at him and gave his impressive form an obvious once-over.

His eyes flared brightly at her brazen comment before they closed in a slow, lazy blink that made her knees weak. When he looked at her again, the heat was banked and his smile was unhurried. "Well, that's the point of the setup, right? That the view be good from every angle?"

Zachary Dillon had come highly recommended as the finish carpenter for her new art gallery, and she'd made it a point to be completely professional with him. But his work for her was almost done, and she was ready to be more than his boss.

Her eyes followed his movements as he pulled a cloth from his tool belt and wiped his hands. His rough, calloused, manly hands were large enough to hold her C-cup breasts and make her feel small. Her nipples pebbled in response to her thoughts and she lifted her gaze to his.

"I was talking about you, darlin'." She couldn't help it. Flirting had always been second nature to her; man or woman, it didn't matter, she flirted and charmed ... and usually got whatever she wanted.

From the start, just being around Zach had made her blood heat and her pulse race, but she'd remained professional. Teal prided herself on always being a professional, no matter what job she was doing, but she was working for herself this time. Lush was her place. Her baby. And she didn't want anything getting in the way of Lush's success, even her own libido.

Waiting until his work for her was completely done would be the smartest thing to do, but she'd had a shit day and her emotions were running high. Maybe letting herself go this once would be a good thing. One night of steamy lovin' and her hormones would calm down, and she could concentrate on work again.

Yes, that was exactly what she needed.

She touched his bare arm lightly and gave him the slow, sultry smile that always got her whatever, and whomever, she wanted. "You're looking good."

"Thank you." His voice was a bit deeper as he shifted his weight to his other foot, taking him just out of reach. A knowing smile lifted his lips as he reached for the sweatshirt laying on a nearby stool, then pulled it on over his ragged T-shirt.

"I can't do anything else until I pick up more varnish, so I'm done for the day. I'll see you bright and early Monday, Teal." He picked up an old wooden toolbox and waved to her with his other hand. "Have a good night."

Teal said good night and watched him saunter away.

What the hell had just happened? She'd come on to him. In fact, she couldn't have been more obvious if she'd stripped off her clothes, and said, "Let's wrestle naked." And he'd walked away!

Men never walked away from her.

Her cheeks heated and she chewed on her lower lip. There was a definite attraction between them. She knew the spark of lust when she saw it. By investing all of her savings into opening the very first completely erotic art gallery around, she was betting her future on knowing that look.

So why would a big, healthy, and attractive man walk away from a woman he desired?

A few of hours later, Teal was working in the back room, and the question was still on her mind.

"Maybe he's just shy," the perky brunette said from her perch on top of a packing crate.

"No, that's not it." Teal shook her head and pulled the lid off the smaller crate on the table in front of her. She thought about the way Zach moved, the way he ran his hands over whatever he was working on, and a shiver danced down her spine. "He's way too ... confident to be shy. He's quiet for sure, but he gives off this impression of restrained strength. Very strong and sexy, and completely alpha."

It was just after 10 P.M. on Saturday night and she and Brina Jo were in the spacious back room of the gallery, unpacking the first shipment of items. Teal had spent the past two hours on the phone trying to line up a cleaning crew to come and wash the graffiti off her building, but since the next day was Sunday, nobody wanted the job. She'd lined up a crew for Monday, though.

She'd been enjoying her time alone in the back room. The first bit of quiet time she'd had in a while.

When the idea for an art gallery that specialized in erotic art had come to her, she'd run with it, and that meant the gallery was pretty much all she thought about. She lived and breathed whatever job she was working when she worked it, and Lush was the most important job she'd ever had. It was all hers. Besides, full speed ahead and complete stop were the only speeds she knew.

Unpacking inventory in the back room was a bit of both for her. She got to work fast and efficiently, and since she was alone, she could turn off her brain for a while and just enjoy. But her brain hadn't cooperated. Instead, she couldn't stop thinking about a certain well-built carpenter and fantasizing about ways to get him naked.

Until she'd heard someone rattling the locked door of the gallery.

Thinking she might catch the graffiti punks, she'd dashed through the empty gallery only to open the door and find nobody. Well, nobody with a spray can, anyway. What she did find was a flyer with the words: "House of Sin. You are going to hell." glued to her front door. Slightly creeped-out, and tired of her own thoughts, she'd called her longtime friend and newly hired assistant, Brina Jo.

By the time Brina arrived at the gallery, Teal had scraped the flyer off the door with warm water and a putty knife and pushed it to the back of her mind. However, thoughts of Zach would not go away, so she'd blabbed uncontrollably to Brina about the brick wall hitting on him had been.

"If he's not shy, maybe he's not interested."

Teal snorted. "Oh, he's interested."

"How do you know?" Brina asked. "I mean, if he's as distant as you say and he's not gay, then how do you know he's interested?"

Turning away from the crate in front of her, Teal faced her friend. "I can feel it. Whenever we're in the same room together, the air fairly vibrates with pheromones, and it's not just me. I've caught him watching me, and I've seen the look in his eyes. He wants me, too." Why wouldn't he?

"What look have you seen in his eyes?" She glanced up from the clipboard she was using to catalogue the items Teal unpacked.

"The look of lust."

Brina Jo's eyebrows jumped. "Lust, huh? Are you sure it's lust and not just tolerance because he thinks you're crazy? He has been in and out of here for the past two weeks, he's seen your moods."

"Crazy is the way your husband looks at you!" Teal threw a handful of Styrofoam peanuts at her friend. "And my moods haven't been that bad. It's just a bit stressful getting this gallery ready to open in less than a month."

Brina cocked her head to the side. "Tell me again why someone with no experience in art whatsoever decided to open an art gallery?"

"I don't need to know art for this particular gallery. I know everything there is to know about desire, hidden and otherwise." Teal arched an eyebrow at her friend. "That includes what lust looks like, even in its subtlest form."

"If you're so sure of his attraction, why don't you just ask him out?"

Teal turned back to the crate in front of her so she didn't have to look at her friend. She hated to admit it, but even though Zach's "hard to get" act just made her want him more, she didn't want to ask him out first. It was silly, but it felt like, if she did that, she'd be giving him the upper hand. And that was something she didn't like.

She tried to think of a way to explain that to her friend as she reached into the crate and dug past the packing. She grasped the bronze sculpture within and lifted it out, scattering the little-styrofoam peanuts everywhere, and her jaw dropped. "Wow."

"You're not kidding." Brina Jo hopped off the table she'd been sitting on and stepped forward for a closer look. "That is ..."

"Amazing," Teal finished for her.

"That's one way to put it. Are you really going to display it?"

Teal set the sculpture down on the table to her left. She wiped a dust cloth over it lovingly, taking in every detail. It was a couple making love. The female stretched out on her side with the male on his knees, straddling one of her legs while cradling the foot of the other against his shoulder. She was spread completely open. Her head was thrown back, her expression one of pure ecstasy. There was nothing hidden to the viewer as the man plunged his cock into her. His cock was as lovingly crafted as her sex.

Teal turned the sculpture around and found it beautiful from every angle. Every curve and crevice detailed to the point that her own sex clenched in anticipation of being filled.


Brina's voice broke the spell that had fallen over Teal, and she pulled her hands away from the bronze couple. "Hmmm?"

"You're not really going to display that in the main room?" Teal looked at her friend. "Of course, I am. Why wouldn't I?"

"It's very ... it's so ..." Brina Jo waved her hand about.

Teal watched her friend's cheeks flush as she searched for the right word. "Erotic?" Teal finally took pity on her.

Brina Jo planted her hands on her ample hips and rolled her eyes. "Yes, erotic. But blatantly so."

"Well, that's what Lush is for. I want it to showcase the erotic art that normal galleries think is too 'out there' or 'too edgy.' I can't call it an erotic art gallery, and then hide the most erotic pieces in the corner."

"True, but you know you're going to take some flack for it, right?"

Teal shrugged. "I'm prepared. Plus, I know that sex and sexuality is a huge part of human nature, even if some people like to pretend it isn't. I'm banking on a lot of people getting more turned on by these things than they thought possible." Teal smirked at her friend. "Just like you."


"What?" She laughed. "You mean to tell me you're gonna go home to Doug after handling all these and not want to try out this position?"

Brina Jo's lovely chocolate eyes glittered and she bit her lip. "That's beside the point."

"No, Brina baby, that is exactly the point."

Chapter Two

Zach desperately wanted to have one of the cold beers waiting patiently in his fridge when he got out of the shower, but he knew it would be a mistake. He was already on edge after being tempted by Teal's unspoken invitation, and alcohol would only weaken his control.

Instead, he toweled off and padded through his bedroom to the walk-in closet. He pulled on his favorite black leather pants, the ones that were worn and comfortable, already broken in. The ones that always put him in the right mind-set for a scene.

Bare-chested and barefoot, he went to the living room where he turned on the sound system that was wired throughout the house. The dulcet tones of the saxophone filled the room, and he settled into the comfortable lounge chair near the patio. Closing his eyes on the view of the Saskatchewan River as the sun set behind the skyline, he concentrated on his plan for the night.

Deep breaths in through the nose ... out through the mouth. An image of the sexy and enticing Teal Jamison emerged behind his eyes and he ground his teeth together. No matter how seductive she was, she was too aggressive for him.

She had a palpable sexual aura that made him want to strip her down and tie her up so he could explore her to his heart's content. But as he'd worked in the gallery, he'd seen her assertive nature come more to the fore each day. While she was still immensely attractive, he knew they wouldn't fit.

To his way of thinking, aggressive women rarely had it in them to completely let go. To let him pamper, spoil, or play with them. They always wanted to fight for control of the relationship, in the bedroom and out of it. And while he enjoyed power exchanges, power struggles weren't his thing.

He breathed deeply again, focusing on the beating of his heart, slowing it to a heavy throb that settled in his groin as his body recognized the ritual. In his mind, he saw the room in his basement, a slim, soft female blindfolded and strapped to the lovingly crafted X-cross. He saw himself step closer, brace his hands on the cross, and lean in, dipping his head. The view switched and he saw the eagerly parted lips just beneath his, the same plump, luscious lips that had taunted him only hours ago at the gallery.

Zach's eyes jerked open and he cursed.

His heart was pounding, his cock was aching, and a small trickle of sweat ran from his temple. He shook his hands out, rolled his shoulders, and resettled himself deeper into his chair.

Forget about Teal, he chastised himself. She's not for you.

A short time later, the heavy chime of a doorbell sounded and Zach opened his eyes, ready to begin. With smooth movements, he got up and strode to the front door. He pulled it open and frowned at his curvaceous blond visitor.

"Hello, Jenna. I've been waiting for you, and you know how I feel about being kept waiting."

"I'm sorry, Master." Jenna cast her pretty blue eyes down and clasped her hands together in front of her, waiting. "How can I make it up to you?"

A familiar hum of pleasure rolled over Zach as Jenna stepped into the room. He closed the door and turned to see her standing still and straight. Her body was tense and eyes glowing with an eagerness that tightened his groin.

"Let's go downstairs, shall we?" Zack held out his hand, gesturing for her to go first. She'd been to his home before, so Jenna knew which door led to the basement, his playroom.

She sashayed down the steps, her movements slow and deliberate, knowing that he enjoyed watching her move. Jenna was a dancer at one of the many downtown nightclubs. Both beautiful and intelligent, she teased and taunted men for money and used that money to pay her way through veterinary school. She didn't come to him for romance; she came to him because he gave her what she needed-relief from always being in control.

And they both enjoyed the way he did it.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and waited for him. He pointed to the sturdy wooden bench with the padded leather top that stood in the far corner, and she quickly made her way there. "Prepare yourself, Jenna," he said over his shoulder as he reached into the cabinet next to the bottom of the stairs.

After he'd retrieved the toy he wanted and inserted the batteries into it, he made his way over to her. She was naked by the time he reached her, having made quick work of her clothes.

"How do you want me, Master?"

"On your stomach."

She stretched out on the padded bench and he began to work. The sultry jazz music filled the silence as he ran his hands gently over her body from stem to stern. She expected a spanking for being late. It was a reasonable punishment that they could both find pleasure in as well, but one of the best ways to assert the top position, or power position, was to do the unexpected. So when she was trembling with anticipation, he bent her left leg at the knee and had her grip it in her left hand.


Excerpted from Lush by SASHA WHITE Copyright © 2007 by Sasha White. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Sassy women and sexy men are what Canadian author Sasha White's stories are all about. After fifteen years as a bartender she's decided the stories in her head needed to be put down for other people to enjoy as well. Gifted with a salacious imagination, Sasha has over a dozen erotic stories published in print or electronically, with many more to come.

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Lush 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
THE PRINCIPLES OF LUST When Teal Jamison decides to open an erotic art gallery, she hires handyman Zach Dillon to remodel it however, she is not expecting to find herself up against an incredibly strong desire for him. She is even more baffled when her seduction attempts are initially rejected. Teal is a very determined woman and when she decides that Zach is the one she wants, nothing will stop her pursuit. Fortunately, it doesn't take long to convince Zach to enter into a short-term sexual affair with her.*****Zach wants Teal as he's wanted no other woman. He wants to show her that it is not necessary for her to always be in control and he wants to be the one who this strong-willed woman relinquishes her control to. He is troubled by the feelings that he's developing for Teal and soon wants more than just a sexual affair.*****Despite their agreement to keep their relationship purely sexual, Teal and Zach each struggle against their increasing emotions. Witnessing their discovery of newfound feelings and the uncertainty of weakening to the point of giving in to those feelings is a great pleasure.***** PASSION PLAY When Mia is inadvertently shoved into Dominick Jamison in the park, landing flat on top of him, she later regrets having walked away from him, when it is obvious that there is a very base sexual attraction between them. When the two meet up again and that attraction is still present, they agree to a sex-only relationship. The tender affection that Dominick shows Mia is very confusing to her, since she has always been somewhat of an outcast in her family.*****Dominick Jamison was recently a newspaper columnist, writing a highly popular men's column. He quits the paper when his editor insists upon taking control of the articles Dominick has written and he directs his professional focus to writing freelance articles, while dreaming of writing the novel that has been tooling around in his head. When Mia runs into him, quite literally, he can't stop thinking about her and when he sees her in a bar a few days later, he makes a move to meet her. Disbelieving the feelings that Mia evokes in him, Dominick finds himself wanting more than the arrangement they've agreed upon. Mia accepts him unconditionally and effortlessly gives him the confidence to begin his book.*****Mia and Zach are written in first person with chapters alternating between their points of view. Sasha White has the art of writing first person down pat and the clever way she uses the viewpoints of both characters is an excellent touch.***** SEXUAL HEALING Caitlin Ellis is a talented, successful masseuse, gifted with the ability to read people's auras. She agrees to pose nude to model erotic jewelry for her friend, Mia, when she meets photographer Jack Lowell. She is immediately drawn to him, wanting to take away the emotional pain that is practically rolling off of him. After a beautiful, passion-filled night with Jack, Caitlyn feels that she might actually be reaching him but then, he rejects her.*****Jack Lowell gives off a darkness when Caitlyn first meets him. He is a hugely talented photojournalist, yet keeps himself holed up in his apartment, working as a simple photographer. Jack refuses to talk to Caitlyn about his past and what took place to make him a near recluse he is more than willing to join in the sex she selflessly offers. Caitlyn is like a balm for his troubled soul and spirit but, Jack isn't willing to fully accept her healing touch.***** This is the shortest of the three stories in this anthology Ms. White doesn't skimp on emotion. Jack is deeply tortured and Caitlyn's natural instinct is to heal him. Excellently written and satisfyingly sensual, this story and its characters are a wonderful addition to this anthology. It is easy to give this single-author anthology a very high recommendation. Sasha White's readers are always guaranteed biting edge and fiercely strong characters that are unashamedly brazen in their sensual
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
i think that this cover is too appealng but the book is really good. I like how the author chose the setting and the plot. She did a really good job doing this book
harstan More than 1 year ago
'The Principles of Lust'. Teal Jamison is opening up Lust, an erotic art gallery, but with all the hot work and the sensual artists, she craves carpenter Zachary Dillon. He feels the same way, but he plans to be on top of this take charge female masterpiece in the boudoir.---------------- 'Passion Play'. Erotic jewelry designer Mia Jones and singles columnist wannabe novelist Dominick Jamison enjoy their sexual trysts, but both fear permanence even as their bodies crave more.------------ 'Sexual Healing'. Massage therapist Caitlyn Ellis ¿reads¿ the battered aura of hurting photojournalist Jack Lowell. She decides to show him the healing power of sex between two caring attracted adults. She did not expect to find his heat would mend her heart too.--------------- These three erotic contemporary romances star likable protagonists learning how much greater sex is with the right partner. Although the BDSM scenes seem forced (no pun intended) appetizers, readers will enjoy these fine torrid novellas------------- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Three stories that connect through frienship and family. Each story stands alone, but the flow from one to another is great too. You can read them in order, or not. I was surprised at how well devleoped the characters were for such short stories. All the stories were good, but my favorite was the second one. Mia and Dom were strong characters and their actions are the sort that real people do, but don't often to admit to. Emotional, and full of hot sex, I say give LUSH a read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is 3 short stories not a full length book by the author. I was not aware of this when I ordered it. If you are looking for 3 quick to fall in love and have generic sex stories then order it. If you are looking for something deeper, then skip it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This anthology by Sasha White is a scorcher, so break out the oven mitts and get to reading! In The Principles of Lust, Teal, overcome by the sensuality presented in a painting, her own passion motivates her to open an erotic art gallery. Nothing and no one will distract her from doing so. Not the pranksters who are trying to keep her from opening the gallery, not the hot carpenter she's hired to help her. . .well, maybe not. After all, Zack IS one hot Dom, and her libido is in overdrive with all the sexual 'reminders' all over her gallery. This story made me laugh as it seemed the roles were reversed somewhat. She was the randy, ready for sex, skip the foreplay kind of woman and He was the one who wanted her to feel the connection, revel in her emotions. The intensity of their bond, his patience with her as she re-discovers her inner sensual energy is wonderful, making the story fairly hum. The second story Passion Play is about Mia and Dominick, Teal's brother. Have you ever wished, in your own journey for a heart mate, you were able to just know who he/she was? Perhaps fate would bonk you over the head with him? This is what happens to this couple. Literally. Of course, Mia is not going to allow a man into her life, and she just walks away, even after a sizzling kiss. But don't you love Love at work? They meet again, and as it's said, 'there's no such thing as coincidences.' There are many readers out there who don't care for stories in first person. However, this story is a bit unique as it weaves a tale of two, alternating between his and her points of view. Almost like a he said, she said and it takes you on an almost voyeuristic ride, peeking into their personal diaries, as they discover each other and themselves. You have to love the scene when Mia takes Dom to a family event. Most of us have family members who are too self-absorbed for their own good. This scene left me cheering. My favorite part of the story was when Mia realized that perhaps she did want to love and be loved. And the way Sasha tied this story into the first? Seamless transition. The last story, Sexual Healing, I'll admit, is my favorite. While I'm not a massage therapist, Caitlyn and I share a lot of similar traits. I just love how she's so incredibly REAL and comfortable with herself. Caitlyn is Mia's best friend and soul sister. There's another seamless transition in novellas, as she's sent to Jack, a photographer to be the model for some of Mia's jewelry. Caitlyn doesn't need fate to intervene, she's intuitive enough to know that Jack is meant to be with her. Now, she just has to convince HIM, and heal his fragile heart in the process. Can she win him over? Will he realize she's what he needs? Did you REALLY think I'd share the ending with you!?