Lute Music Of John Dowland

Lute Music Of John Dowland

by Ronn McFarlane

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Dorian Recordings


  1. Sir John Smith, his Almain, for lute, P 47
  2. Captain Piper his Galiard, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from "Lachrimae")
  3. My Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home, for lute, P 66
  4. Mellancoly Galliard, for lute, P 25
  5. In Nomine a 5 ("Rounde")
  6. Piper's Pavan, for lute, P 8
  7. Earl of Essex, his Galliard, for lute, P 89
  8. Fantasia, for lute in G major, P 1
  9. Fortune My Foe, song arranged for lute, P 62
  10. Lady Laiton's Almain, for lute, P 48
  11. Lachrimae Pavan, for keyboard or lute (from "Lachrimae")
  12. Queene Elizabeth, her Galliard (The Queen's Galliard), for lute, P 97
  13. Tarletones Risurrectione for lute, P59
  14. Trip and go
  15. Preludium, for lute, P 98
  16. All Dogs Go To Heaven
  17. Go from my window, song arranged for lute, P 64
  18. It's a Small World, film score
  19. Mary Poppins, film score: Chim-Chim Cher-ee
  20. The Shoemaker's Wife, a Toy, for lute, P 58
  21. Fantasia, for lute in D minor, P 5
  22. Mr Dowland's Midnight, almain for lute, P 99
  23. Dr Case's Pavan, for lute, P 12
  24. Orlando Sleepeth, arrangement for lute, P 61
  25. The Right Honorable Lady Cliftons Spirit, for lute, P 45
  26. Semper Dowland semper dolens, pavan for lute, P 9
  27. The Frog Galliard, for lute, P 23
  28. Mrs White's Nothing, for lute, P 56

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