Lycan Unleashed

Lycan Unleashed

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by Tiffany Allee

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A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

To lead a lycan into temptation...

Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive with the gift of being able to sense the presence and powers of Otherworlders. But when a vampire turns up dead and key evidence disappears, Astrid is pulled from both the case and Chicago


A paranormal category romance from Entangled's Covet imprint...

To lead a lycan into temptation...

Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive with the gift of being able to sense the presence and powers of Otherworlders. But when a vampire turns up dead and key evidence disappears, Astrid is pulled from both the case and Chicago Police's "freak squad" Paranormal Unit. Now she's out to clear her name....and there's only one man who can help her.

Mason Sanderson is an investigator with the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency-and a lycan with a few control issues. While Mason needs Astrid's help almost as much she needs his, he can't afford any wildcards. As it is, he's already playing with fire...the kind that led to a sizzling kiss at last year's Christmas party.

But this killer will do anything to get away with murder...and the only thing standing between Astrid and disaster is one seriously bad-ass lycan.

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Lycan Unleashed 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CherylM-M More than 1 year ago
Still waiting for that Lycan to be Unleashed .Good solid concept and characters, which initially started off really strong, but was a little disappointing in the long run. It felt as if every time the plot set off at a faster pace the author would reign it back in and jump to the next chapter or sub-plot. The flow between chapters was awkward and off. The plot could have been more developed. The build up to the sex culminated with a rather boring experience. I mean come on, you have a hot lycan and a gal just waiting to be his hot fudge sundae and instead the reader gets a mild meoww rather than the expected roar. All the ingredients for an exciting supernatural are there, the author just needs to polish the edges and delve deeper. More emotion and a lot more wild seductive abandonment. I like the ideas and hope the next book is a better indicator of what the author is really capable of. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my review.
lmsparks More than 1 year ago
So, in the world of paranormal fiction/romance, I have been converted...I have officially switched teams.  Go werewolves - or, in this case, Lycans! Author Tiffany Allee creates a strong, albeit small-statured, lead female in Astrid Holmes (good choice for a last name.  Can never go wrong with Holmes for a detective).  Allee did not follow the norm for a female detective by avoiding the typical need for a masculine "I am a bad-ass female that carries a gun - just like a man" attitude, and refreshingly showed Astrid's dislike for being placed in danger, and preferring 'desk duty' to 'field work'.  It did not detract from her being strong, and actually made her actions when she was in danger more impressive and admirable.  I  also appreciated the explanation of "otherworlders," which included vampires, imps, succubi, and sensitives - oh, and sexy lycans! - and how they live among the non-otherworlders (that would be you and I) in full view and in an awkward harmony.  There did seem to be an edge of contention between the regular detectives (for lack of a better term) and otherworlders on the police force, but I wish it had been played up a little more.  Perhaps, the "us against them but we are all still ultimately against the bad guys" tension.  I was also a little distracted by the switch in terminology between "otherworlders" to "OW" to "oh-dub" - perhaps explain the correct pronunciation of "OW" as "oh-dub" in the beginning, then stick to OW.  But that is just me, and others may not have that issue. Mason is a strong, sexy, werewolf-esque romantic interest.  It was clear that he had been avoiding a relationship with Astrid over a period of time, for his own reasons (which came out later in the story) and his struggle with being around her again.  I wish there had been a little more of a build up of sexual tension, and frustration, between the two before the "big event."   All-in-all, this is a really interesting concept for a continuing storyline, and I was able to connect with the unique characters.
bettielee More than 1 year ago
Astrid is a sensitive, working for the Chicago Police dept on what is lovingly referred to as the Freak Squad. She can sense the energies of otherworlders, identifying their race (vampires, banshee, imp, Lycans, witches all live in this world) and can tell how powerful they are. She can also read objects. So when she comes across a coin at a brutal murder scene, she knows it was carried by a vampire, possibly for centuries. Not something they would want to just leave behind. When evidence goes missing, moments after she takes it out of an evidence box, Astrid is put on temporary suspension. Her only hope to clear herself means getting back in on the investigation, now taken away from the Chicago Police and in the hands of the OtherWorld Enforcement Agency, and Mason. She tells Mason she might be able to identify the killer from the energy signature left on the coin. Did I mention he's a Lycan? A big sexy Lycan? This is the 3rd book in the Other World Enforcement Agency books, and I think the writing and the plotting just keeps getting tighter. Novella length, I read this in two days and was engaged the whole way through. Allee always starts off with a bang, and is very good at gently sprinkling in the hook. We know right away that there is some Vampire intrigue in the background, we've had interactions with this vampire family in previous books and know them to be shady, and that our heroine has some serious mommy issues. There's something in her past that she doesn't like to talk about, but she can't keep out of her internal monologue. She can't swear without hearing her mom in her head - interesting for a cop. What I am saying is that we've got well rounded characters with real motivations. She's a cop who isn't crazy about the field, but due to the danger to her reputation, her badge and her career, she is forced to follow Mason, our sexy where-beast with whom she shared one kiss, into the field to investigate. Sexual tension and good police procedural ensue. You don't have to read the other books before reading this one, but I think you'll want to. :) This seamlessly mixes in magic and myth and good old police procedural. I'm looking forward to more of these.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HillaryJ More than 1 year ago
Lycan Unleashed is the third book in the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series, and is my favorite so far. The series of long novellas is sent in an alternate contemporary world where paranormals exist and are integrated with humans. Astrid Holmes is a sensitive, able to sense and distinguish other not-quite-humans, working for the Chicago PD. Mason Sanderson is a lycan who bounced around the Chicago PD before moving to the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency (like the FBI). They have a history together, were friends for awhile and something more for a moment, but have been estranged. Working together to investigate a vampire murder, they find themselves drawn inexorably together even as they both have secrets and reservations.  Astrid has spent her life being abandoned and underestimated, and she's fed up with that. Mason has other issues (spoilery ones) that make it difficult for him to be close to anyone. I adored seeing them melt and draw one another in. They're just so right for each other. Astrid is fun and spontaneous, and Mason's the strong, silent type who - amazingly - gets even better when he opens up. The mystery is taut and twisty, and ties in nicely with some suspicious things that have been ongoing throughout the series. Lycan Unleashed contains a satisfying mystery and a delightful romance. And while I could hang out with Mason and Astrid all day, I can't wait to see what Ms. Allee delivers in her next installment!