Mac OS X Snow Leopard All-in-One For Dummies

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the newest Mac operating system, and this cat has it all. Make your Snow Leopard purr with the step-by-step guidance in these eight minibooks! From the basics for first-time Mac users to setting up file sharing, living the iLife, getting busy with iWork, catching up with MobileMe, and networking wirelessly, here's the scoop.

Hi, Mac-learn your way around Mac OS X, find things with Spotlight™, control your Mac with Front...

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the newest Mac operating system, and this cat has it all. Make your Snow Leopard purr with the step-by-step guidance in these eight minibooks! From the basics for first-time Mac users to setting up file sharing, living the iLife, getting busy with iWork, catching up with MobileMe, and networking wirelessly, here's the scoop.

Hi, Mac-learn your way around Mac OS X, find things with Spotlight™, control your Mac with Front Row, and back up your system with Time Machine

Get personal - customize your desktop and system preferences

Let's digitize - explore the digital hub where photos, music, movies, and your very own Web site all hang out

Beyond word processing - create cool-looking documents with Pages that include photos, tables, and text boxes

Presenting Keynote - use this iWork '09 application for building awesome slide presentations

Online action - get your Internet connection and e-mail set up, connect with iChat®, and sync up with MobileMe

Network with me - set up a network, go wireless, and use Airport Extreme

Fun expansion projects - adding RAM to increase performance, hardware additions that will make you giddy, software applications you gotta have, and more

How to navigate around the desktop and get to know the Dock

Steps for building the Finder of your dreams

Tips for protecting your privacy on the Web

How to use iPhoto®, iMovie®, iDVD®, GarageBand, iTunes®, and iWeb™

How to work with iWork

Steps for setting up a wireless network

Troubleshooting solutions and techniques

An introduction to UNIX®

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780470435410
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Publication date: 9/8/2009
  • Series: For Dummies Series
  • Edition description: Original
  • Edition number: 1
  • Pages: 768
  • Sales rank: 1,407,931
  • Product dimensions: 7.30 (w) x 9.10 (h) x 1.80 (d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

What's Really Required 2

About This Book 3

Conventions Used in This Book 3

Stuff you type 3

Menu commands 3

Display messages 4

In case you're curious about computers 4

How This Book Is Organized 4

Book I Introducing Mac OS X 4

Book II Customizing and Sharing 4

Book III The Digital Hub 4

Book IV Using iWork 5

Book V The Typical Internet Stuff 5

Book VI Networking in Mac OS X 5

Book VII Expanding Your System 5

Book VIII Advanced Mac OS X 5

Icons Used in This Book 6

Book 1 Introducing Mac OS X 7

Chapter 1 Shaking Hands with Mac OS X 9

Convince Me: Why Mac OS X? 10

Pretty to behold 10

Stable, stable, stable 14

Multitasking and multithreading for normal human beings 16

The definition of Internet savvy 17

Lots of free goodies 18

What Do I Really Need to Run the Big X? 19

Upgrading from Earlier Versions of Mac OS 20

Back up - PLEASE back up 20

Snuff out disk errors 20

Plug it, road warrior 21

Personalizing the Big X 22

Chapter 2 Navigating and Running Programs 25

Restarting, Sleeping, and Shutting Down 25

A Window Is Much More Than a Frame 28

Opening and closing windows 28

Scrolling windows 29

Minimizing and restoring windows 30

Zooming windows 31

Toggling toolbars 32

Moving windows 32

Resizing windows 32

Switching windows 33

Menu Mysteries Explained 34

Icons 'R Us 35

Hardware 36

Programs and applications 37

Files 37

Folders 38

Aliases 39

Selecting Icons for Fun and Profit 40

Selecting a single icon 41

Selecting multiple icons 41

Keyboard Shortcuts for the True Power User 42

Houston, We're Go to Launch Programs 43

Running applications from your hard drive 43

Runningapplications from a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM 44

Switching 'Twixt Programs with Aplomb 45

Opening and Saving Your Stuff in an Application 47

Opening a document 47

Saving a document 49

Quitting Programs 49

Chapter 3 Basic OS X Housekeeping 51

The Finder: It's the Wind beneath Your Wings 51

Copying and Moving Files and Folders 53

Cloning Your Items - It's Happening Now! 54

Deleting That Which Should Not Be 54

Dragging unruly files against their will 55

Deleting with the menus and the keyboard 55

Emptying That Wastepaper Basket 55

WAIT! I Need That After All! 56

Renaming Your Items 56

Adding a Dash of Color 57

Displaying the Facts on Files and Folders 57

Adding Spotlight comments 59

Displaying extensions 59

Choosing the application with which to launch a file 60

Locking files against evildoers 61

Creating an Alias 61

Using the Apple Menu 62

Using Recent Items 62

Playing with the Dock 63

Bad program! Quit! 65

Tracking down your version 65

Specifying a location 66

Availing Yourself of Mac OS X Services 66

Get Thee Hence: Using the Go Menu 67

Monkeying with the Menu Bar 69

Using menu bar icons 69

Doing timely things with the Clock 71

Eject, Tex, Eject! 71

Common Tasks Aplenty 72

Opening and editing text files 73

Listening to an audio CD 73

Recording - nay, burning - a data CD 74

All You Really Need to Know about Printing 75

Chapter 4 Searching Everything with Spotlight 79

Basic Searching 101 79

Is Spotlight Really That Cool? 81

Expanding Your Search Horizons 83

Customizing Spotlight to Your Taste 85

Chapter 5 Fun with Photo Booth and Front Row 87

Capturing the Moment with iSight and Photo Booth 87

Producing Video on the Spot with iMovie 90

Controlling Your Mac Remotely with Front Row 91

Chapter 6 Keeping Track with the Address Book 95

Hey, Isn't the Address Book Just a Part of Mail? 95

Entering Contact Information 97

Using Contact Information 99

Arranging Your Contact Cards 101

Using Network Directories 102

Printing Contacts with Flair 104

Swapping Bytes with vCards 105

Chapter 7 The Joys of Maintenance 107

Deleting Applications the Common Sense Way 107

Popping the Hood: Using the System Profiler 109

Tracking Performance with Activity Monitor 110

Fixing Things with the Disk Utility 113

Displaying the goods on your disks 113

Playing doctor with First Aid 115

Erasing without seriously screwing up 116

Partitioning the right way 118

RAID has nothing to do with insects 120

Updating Mac OS X 122

I Demand That You Back Up Your Hard Drive 123

Hitching a ride on the Time Machine 123

Using other backup solutions 125

I Further Demand That You Defragment 126

Special Start-Up Keys for Those Special Times 126

Crave the Newest Drivers 127

Chapter 8 Getting Help for the Big X 129

Displaying the Help Viewer Window 129

Searching for Specific Stuff 130

Prodding Apple for the Latest Gossip 132

Calling for Help Deep in the Heart of X 132

Other Resources to Chew On 133

Voice support 133

Mac publications and resource sites 133

Local Mac outlets and user groups 134

Chapter 9 Troubleshooting the X 135

Don't Panic! 135

The Troubleshooting Process 136

Step 1 Always try a simple shutdown 137

Step 2 Check all cable connections 137

Step 3 Retrace your steps 137

Step 4 Run Disk Utility 138

Step 5 Run antivirus software 138

Step 6 Check the Trash 139

Step 7 Check online connections 139

Step 8 Disable troublesome Login Items 139

Step 9 Turn off your screen saver 140

Step 10 Check for write protection 140

Step 11 Check your System Profiler 141

Step 12 Reboot with the Mac OS X Installation disc 141

Do I Need to Reinstall Mac OS X? 142

It's Still Not Moving: Troubleshooting Resources 142

The Mac OS X Help Viewer 143

The Apple Mac OS X Support site 143

Your local Apple dealer 143

Book 11 Customizing and Sharing 145

Chapter 1 Building the Finder of Your Dreams 147

Will That Be Icons or Lists or Columns ... or Even a Flow? 147

Doing the Toolbar Dance 151

Hiding and showing the toolbar 151

Hiding and showing the status bar 151

Giving your toolbar big tires and a loud exhaust 152

Searching for Files from the Toolbar 154

Searching for Files from the Find Dialog 155

Configuring the View Options 157

Setting icon view options 157

Setting list view options 160

Setting column view options 162

Setting Cover Flow view options 164

Setting Finder Preferences 164

Chapter 2 Giving Your Desktop the Personal Touch 167

Changing the Background 167

Picking something Apple 168

I just gotta have lavender 170

Selecting your own photo 170

Changing the Screen Saver 171

Changing Colors in Mac OS X 172

Adding Stickies 172

Customizing the Dock 175

Adding applications and extras to the Dock 175

Keeping track(s) with Stacks 176

Resizing the Dock 177

Stick It on the Dashboard 178

Arranging Your Precious Desktop 180

Chapter 3 Delving under the Hood with System Preferences 181

The Preferred Way to Display the Preferences 181

Saving Your Preferences 182

Searching for Specific Settings 183

Getting Personal 183

Appearance preferences 183

Desktop and screen saver preferences 185

Dock preferences 186

Expose and Spaces preferences 187

Language & Text preferences 190

Security preferences 191

Spotlight preferences 193

It's All about the Hardware 194

CDs and DVDs preferences 194

Displays preferences 195

Energy Saver preferences 196

Keyboard preferences 197

Mouse preferences 198

Printing and fax preferences 199

Sound preferences 201

Sharing the Joy: Internet and Network 202

Bluetooth preferences 202

MobileMe preferences 203

Network preferences 204

Sharing preferences 208

Tweaking the System 209

Accounts preferences 209

Date and time preferences 211

Parental Controls preferences 212

Software Update preferences 212

Speech preferences 213

Startup Disk preferences 214

Time Machine preferences 215

Universal Access preferences 216

Chapter 4 You Mean Others Can Use My Mac, Too? 219

How Multiuser Works on Mac OS X 219

Configuring Your Login Screen 221

Locking Things Down 224

Starting Applications Automatically after Login 225

Chapter 5 Setting Up Multiuser Accounts 227

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Users 227

Adding a new user account 228

Editing an existing account 230

Deleting an existing account 230

Tightening Your Security Belt 232

Setting Parental Controls 232

Assigning the Simple Finder 236

Using Keychains - Not 237

Chapter 6 Sharing Documents for Fun and Profit 241

Sharing over a Network versus Sharing on a Single Mac 241

No network is required 242

Relying on a guaranteed lock 242

Most places are off-limits 243

Permissions: Law Enforcement for Your Files 243

Permission and Sharing Do's and Don'ts 246

Sharing Stuff in Office 2008 247

Document-sharing features 247

File-level sharing features 247

Book III The Digital Hub 251

Chapter 1 The World According to Apple 253

First, Sliced Bread...and Now, the Digital Hub 253

What Does Digital Mean, Anyway? 254

What Can I Digitize? 255

Photographs 255

Music 256

Video 256

DVD 256

The Software That Drives the Hub 256

iPhoto 257

iTunes 258

iMovie 259

iDVD 260

GarageBand 260

iWeb 260

Can I Use All This Stuff at One Time? 260

Chapter 2 Jamming with iTunes and iPod 263

What Can I Play on iTunes? 264

Playing an Audio CD 265

Playing Digital Audio and Video 267

Browsing the Library 269

Finding songs in your Music Library 270

Removing old music from the Library 270

Watching video 271

Keeping Slim Whitman and Slim Shady Apart: Organizing with Playlists 271

Know Your Songs 273

Setting the song information automatically 274

Setting or changing the song information manually 274

Ripping Audio Files 276

Tweaking the Audio for Your Ears 277

A New Kind of Radio Station 278

iTunes Radio 278

Tuning in your own stations 279

Radio stations in your playlists 280

iSending iStuff to iPod 281

Sharing Your Media across Your Network 282

Burning Music to Shiny Plastic Circles 282

Feasting on iTunes Visuals 284

Buying Digital Media the Apple Way 285

Chapter 3 Focusing on iPhoto 287

Delving into iPhoto 287

Working with Images in iPhoto 289

Import Images 101 290

Organize mode: Organizing and sorting your images 291

Edit mode: Removing and fixing stuff the right way 300

Producing Your Own Coffee-Table Masterpiece 303

You'll Love MobileMe Gallery! 306

Mailing Photos to Aunt Mildred 308

Chapter 4 Making Magic with iMovie 311

The iMovie Window 311

A Bird's-Eye View of Moviemaking 314

Importing the Building Blocks 315

Pulling in video clips 315

Making use of still images 317

Importing and adding audio from all sorts of places 318

Building the Cinematic Basics 321

Adding clips to your movie 321

Removing clips from your movie 322

Reordering clips in your movie 322

Editing clips in iMovie 323

Transitions for the masses 324

Even Gone with the Wind had titles 325

Sharing Your Finished Classic with Others 326

Chapter 5 Burn Those DVDs! Using iDVD 329

Introducing Your Mac to iDVD 329

Starting a New DVD Project 332

Creating a new project 332

Opening an existing project 333

Automating the whole darn process 333

Creating a DVD from Scratch 334

Choosing just the right theme 334

Adding movies 335

Great, now my audience demands a slideshow 338

Now for the music 340

Giving Your DVD the Personal Touch 341

Using Uncle Morty for your DVD Menu background 341

Adding your own titles 341

Changing buttons like a highly paid professional 342

Give my creation motion! 343

Previewing Your Masterpiece 343

A Word about Automation 345

One-click paradise with OneStep DVD 345

Exercising control with Magic iDVD 346

Recording a Finished Project to a Shiny Disc 347

Chapter 6 Becoming a Superstar with GarageBand 349

Shaking Hands with Your Band 350

Composing and Podcasting Made Easy 352

Adding tracks 353

Choosing loops 356

Resizing, repeating, and moving loops 360

Using the Arrange track 361

Tweaking the settings for a track 363

Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand 364

Sharing Your Songs and Podcasts 366

Creating MP3 and AAC files and ringtones 367

Sending a podcast to iWeb or iTunes 368

Burning an audio CD 369

Chapter 7 Crafting a Web Site with iWeb 371

Looking around the iWeb Window 372

Planning Your Pages 373

Adding a New Site 374

Adding a New Page 375

Editing a Page 376

Modifying text 377

Replacing images 378

Adding new elements 379

Tweaking with the Inspector 381

Publishing Your Web Site 382

Chapter 8 No, It's Not Called iQuickTime 385

QuickTime Can Do That? 385

Playing Media with QuickTime 386

Opening QuickTime movies 386

Operating QuickTime Player 387

Chapter 9 Turning Your Mac into a DVD Theater 391

The DVD Hardware 391

The DVD Player: It's Truly Shiny 392

Using the Controller 392

Keeping your eyes on the Viewer 394

Taking Advantage of Additional DVD Features 395

Controller extras 395

DVD Player preferences 396

Book IV Using iWork 401

Chapter 1 Desktop Publishing with Pages 403

Creating a New Pages Document 404

Open an Existing Pages Document 405

Saving Your Work 405

Touring the Pages Window 405

Entering and Editing Text 407

Using Text and Graphics Boxes 407

The Three Amigos: Cut, Copy, and Paste 408

Cutting stuff 408

Copying text and images 409

Pasting from the Clipboard 409

Formatting Text the Easy Way 409

Adding a Spiffy Table 410

Adding Alluring Photos 411

Adding a Background Shape 413

Are You Sure About That Spelling? 413

Printing Your Pages Documents 414

Sharing That Poster with Others 415

Chapter 2 Creating Spreadsheets with Numbers 417

Before We Launch Numbers 417

Creating a New Numbers Document 418

Opening an Existing Spreadsheet File 419

Save Those Spreadsheets! 420

Exploring the Numbers Window 420

Navigate and Select Cells in a Spreadsheet 422

Entering and Editing Data in a Spreadsheet 423

Selecting the Right Number Format 423

Aligning Cell Text Just So 424

Format with Shading 425

Insert and Delete Rows and Columns 426

The Formula Is Your Friend 427

Adding Visual Punch with a Chart 428

Chapter 3 Building Presentations with Keynote 431

Creating a New Keynote Project 432

Opening a Keynote Presentation 433

Saving Your Presentation 433

Putting Keynote to Work 434

Adding Slides 435

Working with Text and Graphics Boxes 435

Adding and Editing Slide Text 437

Formatting Slide Text for the Perfect Look 437

Using Presenter's Notes in Your Project 438

Every Good Presentation Needs Media 438

Adding a Background Shape 438

Creating Your Keynote Slideshow 439

Printing Your Slides and Notes 440

Book V The Typical Internet Stuff 443

Chapter 1 Getting on the Internet 445

Shopping for an ISP 445

Investigating Various Types of Connections 447

Setting Up Your Internet Connection 449

Using an internal or external modem 449

Using Ethernet hardware 450

Chapter 2 Using Apple Mail 453

Know Thy Mail Window 453

Setting Up Your Account 456

Adding an account 457

Editing an existing account 459

Deleting an account 459

Receiving and Reading E-Mail Wisdom 459

Reading and deleting your messages 461

Replying to mail 462

Raise the Little Flag: Sending E-Mail 465

What? You Get Junk Mail, Too? 469

Attachments on Parade 471

Fine-Tuning Your Post Office 472

Adding sound 472

Checking Mail automatically 472

Automating junk mail and message deletion 472

Adding signatures 473

Changing the status of an account 473

Automating Your Mail with Rules 474

Chapter 3 Staying in Touch with iChat 477

Configuring iChat 478

Changing Modes in iChat 480

Will You Be My Buddy? 481

Chat! Chat, I Say! 483

Sharing Screens and iChat Theater 486

Sending Files with iChat 487

Eliminating the Riffraff 488

Adding Visual Effects 488

Chapter 4 Expanding Your Horizons with iDisk 491

Grabbing Internet Storage for Your Mac 492

Understanding What's on Your iDisk 494

Opening and Using iDisk 495

Chapter 5 Going Places with Safari 497

Pretend You've Never Used This Thing 498

Visiting Web Sites 499

Navigating the Web 500

Setting Up Your Home Page 503

Adding and Using Bookmarks 504

Downloading Files 506

Using Subscriptions and History 507

Tabs Are Your Browsing Friends 507

Saving Web Pages 508

Protecting Your Privacy 509

Yes, there are such things as bad cookies 510

Cleaning your cache 511

Handling ancient history 511

Avoiding those @*!^%$ pop-up ads 511

Chapter 6 Staying Secure Online 513

What Can Really Happen? 513

"Shields Up, Chekov!" 516

Firewall basics 516

Antivirus basics 519

A Dose of Common Sense: Things Not to Do Online 520

Book VI Networking in Mac OS X 523

Chapter 1 Setting Up a Small Network 525

What Do I Need to Set Up My Network? 525

Something to network 526

Network interface card (NIC) 527

Switch 527

Cables 528

Setting Up Your Network 529

Understanding the Basics of Network Configuration 530

TCP/IP 530

Software applications 532

Configuring Network System Preferences 532

Using DHCP for automatic IP address assignment 532

Manually choosing an IP address range 533

Verifying Connectivity 536

Troubleshooting Your New Network 537

Physical problems with your network 538

Network configuration problems 539

Chapter 2 Using Your Network 541

It's All about (File) Sharing 541

Creating an account 541

Enabling file sharing 543

Connecting to a shared resource 543

Sharing a Connected Printer 544

Sharing Files with Windows Computers 544

Accessing File Shares on Windows Computers 545

Using FTP to Access Files 546

Using the Mac OS X built-in FTP to share files 547

Using FTP from Terminal to transfer files 548

Using the Built-in Firewall 550

Remote Control of Your Mac 551

Using Screen Sharing 551

Remotely control your Mac (for free, no less!) 552

How VNC works 552

Remote control of another computer from your Mac 554

Chapter 3 Going Wireless 555

Speaking the Wireless Lingo 555

Figuring Out the Different Flavors of Wireless Ethernet 557

Basic Wi-Fi: 802.11b 557

Let's get Extreme: 802.11g 558

Raising the bar to 802.11n 558

The guy with the turquoise teeth 559

Keeping Your Wireless Network Secure 559

WPA and WPA2 560

WEP 561

The LEAP security standard 561

Setting Up Your Wireless Network 562

Installing an AirPort Extreme network card 562

Setting up an Ad Hoc wireless network 562

Setting up wireless networks with an AirPort Base Station 564

Chapter 4 Sharing That Precious Internet Thing 567

Sharing the Internet 567

Using Network Address Translation 568

Ways to Share Your Internet Connection 570

Using hardware for sharing an Internet connection 570

Using software for sharing an Internet connection 572

Connecting Everything for Wired Sharing 573

Using the software method 573

Using the hardware method 574

Adding Wireless Support 576

If you already have a cable/DSL router or are using software Internet sharing 576

If you do not have a cable/DSL router or an AirPort Extreme Base Station 577

Book VII Expanding Your System 579

Chapter 1 Hardware That Will Make You Giddy 581

Parading Pixels: Digital Cameras, DV Camcorders, and Scanners 582

Digital cameras 582

DV camcorders 583

Scanners 584

Incredible Input: Keyboards, Trackballs, Joysticks, and Drawing Tablets 585

Keyboards 585

Trackballs 586

Joysticks 588

Drawing tablets 589

Sublime Storage: CD/DVD Recorders 590

Awesome Audio: Subwoofer Systems and MP3 Hardware 590

Subwoofer speaker systems 591

MP3 players (well, actually, just the iPod) 591

Chapter 2 Add RAM, Hard Drive Space, and Stir 593

Adding Memory: Reasons for More RAM 593

Shopping for a RAM Upgrade 595

Finding out the current memory in your Mac 595

Determining the exact model of your computer 596

The Tao of Hard Drive Territory 597

Internal versus External Storage 598

External drives 598

Internal drives 599

Determining How Much Space You Need 600

Shopping for a Hard Drive 601

Installing Your New Stuff 601

The easy way 602

The hard way 602

Chapter 3 Port-o-Rama: Using USB and FireWire 605

Appreciating the Advantage of a FireWire Connection 605

Understanding USB and the Tale of Two Point Oh 607

Hey, You Need a Hub! 608

Uh, It's Just Sitting There 608

Common FireWire and USB headaches 608

Check those drivers 610

Chapter 4 I'm Okay, You're a Printer 611

Meet the Printer Browser 611

Adding a Funky Printer 614

Managing Your Printing Jobs 615

Sharing a Printer across That There Network 617

Chapter 5 Applications That You've (Probably) Gotta Have 619

The Trundling Microsoft Mammoth 620

Your Mac OS X Toolbox: TechTool Pro 622

Image Editing for the Masses 623

The Morass of Digital Video 624

Yes, It's Really Called "Toast" 625

If You Positively Have to Run Windows 626

All Hail FileMaker Pro 628

Utilities That Rock 628

Stufflt 629

QuicKeys X3 629

BBEdit 630

REALbasic 631

At Least One Game 632

Mac OS X Chess 632

World of WarCraft 633

Book VIII Advanced Mac OS X 635

Chapter 1 And UNIX Lurks Beneath 637

Why Use the Keyboard? 637

UNIX keyboarding is fast 638

The UNIX keyboard is a powerful beast 638

Go where no mouse has gone before 639

Automate to elevate 640

Remote control 640

Uncovering the Terminal 641

What's a prompt? 641

A few commands to get started 642

Using the skills you already have 643

UNIX Commands 101 644

Anatomy of a UNIX command 644

Command-line gotchas 645

Help is on the way! 646

Autocompletion 646

Working with Files 647

Paths 647

Copying, moving, renaming, and deleting files 649

Opening documents and launching applications 651

Useful Commands 651

Calendar 651

Processes 652

UNIX Cadillac Commands 654

Finding files 654

Using pipes 654

UNIX Programs That Come in Handy 655

Text editors 655

Creating a new document 655

Networking with the Terminal 656

Chapter 2 AppleScript Just Plain Rocks 659

What's So Great about AppleScript? 659

Automate common tasks in the Finder 659

Automate tasks in other applications 660

Running a Script 661

Identifying scripts in the field 661

The AppleScript Editor application 662

Executing a script 663

Writing Your Own Simple Scripts 664

Create a script without touching a key 664

Building your own scripts 665

One Step Beyond: AppleScript Programming 666

Grab the Dictionary 666

Anatomy of a simple script 668

I Summon Automator - the Silicon Programmer! 670

Help Is at Your Fingertips 672

Built-in AppleScript Help 672

AppleScript on the Web 672

Chapter 3 Talking and Writing to Your Macintosh 675

Using Ink with a Tablet 676

Computer, Can You Hear Me? 677

The Speech Recognition tab 677

The Feedback window 681

The Speech Command window 681

Your Mac Talks Back! 682

The Text to Speech panel 683

The Date & Time pane 685

Configuring VoiceOver within the Universal Access pane 685

Speaking text through applications 687

Speaking text through services 688

Chapter 4 Hosting a Web Site with Mac OS X 689

Building a Site with MobileMe 689

Registering as a MobileMe user 690

Creating a Web page manually on MobileMe 690

Using Mac OS X Web Sharing 691

I love Apache: Confessions of a UNIX Webmaster 691

Configuring and running Apache 691

Index 703

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