Macedonia, 4th

Macedonia, 4th

by Thammy Evans

An updated guide to this top new tourist destination.See more details below


An updated guide to this top new tourist destination.

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'This book…is the best that has appeared on the market in the last several years and it brings Macedonia on the tourist map of desired destinations.' Ambassador of Macedonia to Sweden

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Bradt Publications UK
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Bradt Travel Guide Series
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Fourth Edition
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5.30(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

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'The French rightly call a 'mixed salad' une salade macedoine. In fact anything mixed up is macedoine. A quick look at Macedonia's history will show you why (if you got this far without reading the first chapter then just take a look at the chronology on page 3 for a gallop through Macedonian history). Macedonia has been anything but a homogenous nation. Aside from various settlers in the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, Macedonia has been invaded, starting with the Romans, by over a dozen tribes, races and empires. And those are the ones that didn't stay. Then there are those who made a home in Macedonia and added spice to the salad.' 'Lake Ohrid is the jewel in the Macedonian crown. Both the lake and Ohrid town are under the protection of UNESCO as a site of rare environmental, scientific and cultural significance. And not without due reason: the lake itself is one of the oldest in the world, belonging in the ranks of Lake Baikal in Russia and Lake Titicaca in Peru/Bolivia. The town has historic roots going back to Neolithic times and claims the longest continuous settlement of humans in the world dating back 7,000 years. Many of these historical remains are still being excavated and some can be seen in the museum or in the form of churches, castles and other architecture. Allegedly, there are 365 churches, monasteries and holy sites around the lake, one for every day of the year. Aside from these attractions, Macedonians love Ohrid because it is their seaside: the crystal clear waters beckon in the long hot days of summer. Then there is the Ohrid Festival, attracting world renowned artists to perform in the Roman amphitheatre, medieval fortress and many other lakeside venues.'

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