Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science

Machine Dreams: Economics Becomes a Cyborg Science

by Philip Mirowski

Machine Dreams recounts how the computer has transformed the content of American economics.See more details below


Machine Dreams recounts how the computer has transformed the content of American economics.

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1Cyborg Agonistes1
Rooms with a View2
Where the Cyborgs Are4
The Natural Sciences and the History of Economics7
Anatomy of a Cyborg11
Attack of the Cyborgs18
The New Automaton Theatre23
2Some Cyborg Genealogies; or, How the Demon Got Its Bots26
The Little Engines That Could've31
Adventures of a Red-Hot Demon43
Demons Who Came in from the Code: Cybernetics54
The Devil That Made Us Do It77
The Advent of Complexity88
3John von Neumann and the Cyborg Incursion into Economics94
Economics at One Remove99
Phase One: Purity105
Phase Two: Impurity116
Phase Three: Worldliness136
4The Military, the Scientists, and the Revised Rules of the Game153
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?153
Ruddled and Bushwhacked: The Cyborg Character of Science Mobilization in World War II161
Operations Research: Blipkrieg177
The Ballad of Hotelling and Schultz190
SRG, RAND, Rad Lab199
5Do Cyborgs Dream of Efficient Markets?232
From Red Vienna to Computopia232
The Goals of Cowles, and Red Afterglows: Getting in Line with the Program241
Every Man His Own Stat Package: Cowles Unrepentant, Unrecursive, and Unrecusant271
On the Impossibility of a Democratic Computer302
6The Empire Strikes Back309
Previews of Cunning Abstractions309
It's a World Eat World Dog: Game Theory at RAND319
The High Cost of Information in Postwar Neoclassical Theory370
Rigor Mortis in the First Casualty of War390
Does the Rational Actor Compute?415
7Core Wars437
Inhuman, All Too Inhuman437
Herbert Simon: Simulacra versus Automata452
Showdown at the OR Corral479
Send in the Clones503
8Machines Who Think versus Machines That Sell517
Where Is the Computer Taking Us?520
Five Alternative Scenarios for the Future of Computational Economics523
The Hayek Hypothesis and Experimental Economics545
Gode and Sunder Go Roboshopping551
Contingency, Irony, and Computation560
App. 8.1Double Auction and Sealed Bid Encoded onto Automata567
App. 8.2Sealed-Bid Auction with Accumulation Rule572

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