Macroeconomics in the Global Economy / Edition 1

Macroeconomics in the Global Economy / Edition 1

by Jeffrey D. Sachs, B. Larrain, Felipe Larrain

ISBN-10: 0131022520

ISBN-13: 9780131022522

Pub. Date: 08/13/1993

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Prentice Hall
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New Edition
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8.02(w) x 9.99(h) x 1.68(d)

Table of Contents

Pt. IIntroduction
Ch. 1Introduction1
Ch. 2Basic Concepts in Macroeconomics19
Ch. 3Output Determination: Introducing Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand44
Pt. IIIntertemporal Economics
Ch. 4Consumption and Saving78
Ch. 5Investment115
Ch. 6Saving, Investment and the Current Account149
Ch. 7The Government Sector188
Pt. IIIMonetary Economics
Ch. 8Money Demand219
Ch. 9The Money Supply Process253
Ch. 10Money, Exchange Rates and Prices287
Ch. 11Inflation: Fiscal and Monetary Aspects327
Pt. IVOutput Determination, Stabilization Policy and Growth
Ch. 12Macroeconomic Policies and Output Determination in a Closed Economy356
Ch. 13Macroeconomic Policies in the Open Economy: The Case of Fixed Exchange Rates386
Ch. 14Macroeconomic Policies in the Open Economy: The Case of Flexible Exchange Rates414
Ch. 15Inflation and Unemployment444
Ch. 16Institutional Determinants of Wages and Unemployment476
Ch. 17Explaining Business Cycles514
Ch. 18Long-Term Growth547
Pt. VSpecial in Macroeconomics
Ch. 19The Theory and Practice of Economic Policy588
Ch. 20Financial Markets620
Ch. 21Tradable and Nontradable Goods657
Ch. 22The Developing Country Debt Crisis690
Ch. 23Stopping High Inflations726

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