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Macroeconomics Plus MyEconLab / Edition 1

Macroeconomics Plus MyEconLab / Edition 1

by Michael A. Leeds, Richard Schiming, Peter von Allmen, Richard C. Schiming, Peter von Allmen

ISBN-10: 0321278941

ISBN-13: 9780321278944

Pub. Date: 12/09/2005

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Pearson Education
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8.40(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Part1: Introduction
1. Economics: The Science of Everyday Life

EXAMPLERegistering for Class on the First Day of the Semester

2. Efficiency and Allocation in the Global Economy

EXAMPLE U.S Spending on Military Build-up and Healthcare
3. The American Economy in a Global Setting

EXAMPLE Ups and Downs of Pittsburgh's Steel Industry
4. Introduction to the Demand and Supply Framework

EXAMPLE Market for Coffee in Burlington, Vermont
5. Elasticity

EXAMPLE Lunchtime Market for Fast Food
6. Market Efficiency and Government Intervention

EXAMPLE Buying a Laptop Computer for College

Part2: Measuring Macroeconomic Health
7. Unemployment and Employment

EXAMPLE Unemployed College Grad in the San Francisco Job Market

8. Inflation and Prices

EXAMPLE Hyperinflation in Germany During the 1920's

9. GDP and the Business Cycle

EXAMPLE Buying American: Toyota Matrix or Ford Focus
Part3: The Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Fiscal Policy

10. Aggregate Demand/Aggregate Supply: The Basic Model

EXAMPLE Comparison of Macroeconomic Outcomes Afterthe Vietnam War and the Gulf Wars

11. From Short-Run to Long-Run Equilibrium: The Model in Action

EXAMPLECross-country Comparison of Economies'Performances

12. The Role of Aggregate Demand in the Short-Run

EXAMPLEHollywood's Fascination with the Great Depression

13. Fiscal Policy

EXAMPLE "Blame Game Over the Health of the Economy During Presidential Elections

14. The Federal Budget and the National Debt

EXAMPLESpiraling U.S. National Debt

Part 4: Money and Monetary Policy

15. Basics of Money and Banking

EXAMPLEPrivate Currency in Ithaca, New York

16. Money Creation and Monetary Policy

EXAMPLEFederal Reserve Actions toStabilize the U.S. Economyin the Wake of 9/11

17. Money in the Macroeconomy

EXAMPLE Federal Reserve Doubles M1 Money Supply

Part 5: Long-Run Economic Health

18. Long-Run Implications of Macroeconomic Policy
EXAMPLE Debate Over Active versus Passive Stabilization Policies in Response to the 2001 Recession

19. Economic Growth

EXAMPLEComparing the U.S. and MexicanEconomies

Part6: International Trade and Finance

20. International Trade

EXAMPLE Anti-globalization Protesters at the WTO Meeting in Seattle

21. International Finance

EXAMPLE The Argentine Financial Crisis

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