Macroeconomics (Web-enabled Edition) / Edition 8

Macroeconomics (Web-enabled Edition) / Edition 8

by Robert J. Gordon

ISBN-10: 0321052293

ISBN-13: 9780321052292

Pub. Date: 12/07/1999

Publisher: Pearson Education

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Pearson Education
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

To the Instructor
To the Student
Pt. 1Introduction and Measurement1
Ch. 1What Is Macroeconomics?3
Ch. 2The Measurement of Income, Prices, and Unemployment28
Pt. 2Income, Interest Rates, Policy, and the Global Economy63
Ch. 3The Simple Keynesian Theory of Income Determination65
Ch. 4The IS-LM Model93
Ch. 5Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, and the Government Budget123
Ch. 6International Trade, Exchange Rates, and Macroeconomic Policy154
Pt. 3Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Inflation191
Ch. 7Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and the Self-Correcting Economy193
Ch. 8Inflation: Its Causes and Cures226
Pt. 4Macroeconomics in the Long Run: Growth and the Public Debt269
Ch. 9The Theory of Economic Growth271
Ch. 10Explanations of Slow Growth in Productivity and Real Wages302
Ch. 11The Government Budget and the Public Debt333
Pt. 5Stabilization Policy in an Open Economy359
Ch. 12The Goals of Stabilization Policy: Low Inflation and Low Unemployment361
Ch. 13Money and the Financial Markets402
Ch. 14The Conduct of Stabilization Policy436
Pt. 6Sources of Instability in the Private Economy473
Ch. 15Instability in the Private Economy: Consumption Behavior475
Ch. 16Instability in the Private Economy: Investment503
Pt. 7Debates at the Macroeconomic Frontier531
Ch. 17New Classical Macro Confronts New Keynesian Macro533
Ch. 18Conclusion: Where We Stand566
App. ATime Series Data for the U.S. Economy: 1875-1997A1
App. BInternational Annual Time Series Data for Selected Countries: 1960-97A7
App. CData Sources and MethodsA13

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