Macrojustice: The Political Economy of Fairness

Macrojustice: The Political Economy of Fairness

by Serge-Christophe Kolm

This 2005 text explores the concept of 'macrojustice' for determining a fair distribution of resources in society.See more details below


This 2005 text explores the concept of 'macrojustice' for determining a fair distribution of resources in society.

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Part I. Bases: Consensus, Freedoms and Capacities: 1. Macrojustice: an overview of its place, method, structure and result; 2. Social freedom; 3. The liberal theory; 4. Free and equal in rights; 5. Resources; 6. Capacities; Part II. Overall Distributive Justice: ELIE (Equal Labour Income Equalization): 7. Equal labour income equalization: general presentation; 8. Models of labour and productivity; 9. Equal duration income equalization; 10. Information; 11. Income justice; 12. General equal labour income equalization: the model; 13. Involuntary unemployment; Part III. Comparisons with Policies and Philosophies: 14. Comparisons: general issues; 15. Comparison with distributive schemes; 16. Comparison with philosophies; Part IV. The Degree of Community, Equality, Reciprocity, and Solidarity: 17. The degree of redistribution, solidarity, community, and reciprocity; 18. Impartiality, consensus, and information; 19. Disinterested judgments and the moral surplus; 20. Communication and dialogue; 21. Impartialization and consensus; Part V. Comparison with Economics' Social Ethics: 22. Related economic values; 23. The structure and substance of distributive principles; 24. Happiness and freedom; 25. Freedoms, responsibility, desert, merit, equality of opportunity, capacities, capabilities, basic needs; 26. The theory of equivalence; 27. Conclusion.

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