Mad Eagle

Mad Eagle

by Robert Lawrence Holt

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Set in San Diego, this is an unusually successful synthesis of eco-techno-thriller and team-caper adventure. ``Mad Eagle'' is the self-assigned code name of a group of gonzo environmentalists who want clean air, not politicians' promises. As they set out to shake some sense into the flabby Air Control District committee (who are also the members of the County Board of Supervisors), former CIA agent ``Zapper Lou'' Fricke keeps the smog-fighting team just one a step ahead of the FBI. His colleague, Eduardo Snow Eagle, is a Native American professor of biology, as good at organizing demonstrations as at analyzing eco-catastrophes. Candy the Mechanic, ex-nun and electronics wizard; Deuce, a surfer tired of polluted waves; gutsy attorney Kate Matsumara, and other assorted mad-as-hell citizens rescue dolphins, shoot ball-bearings at polluting diesels and finally shut off the power in the County Administration Center as part of their campaign to convert public vehicles to natural gas or electric power. Holt's (Good Friday) fast-paced sixth novel throbs with righteous indignation, but his touch is light, his characters colorful. There's surely a movie here, and San Diego would be the perfect spot to film it. (Oct.)

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