Madame Bovary [Audio Book]

Madame Bovary [Audio Book]

by Imogen Stubbs

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Disc 1

  1. A New Boy at School
  2. A Broken Leg at a Farm at Les Bertaux
  3. A Return to the Farm: The Daughter of Père Rouault
  4. M. and Mme Bovary Arrive at Tostes
  5. The Childhood of Emma Bovary
  6. An Unemotional Marriage
  7. A Party at the Home of the Marquis d'Andervilliers
  8. Emma Learns to Waltz
  9. The Mediocrity of Daily Life
  10. Yonville l'Abbaye
  11. Emma Got Out First...

Disc 2

  1. The First Months at Yonville
  2. M. Leon Crosses the Square
  3. Léon and M. Lheureux Approach Emma - Each in Their Way
  4. Emma Bovary Undergoes a Change
  5. Emma's Flighty Ways
  6. The Arrival of M. Rodolphe Boulanger of la Huchette
  7. The Agricultural Show
  8. Six Weeks Later
  9. Out Riding
  10. Emma Takes the Initiative
  11. A Letter from Père Rouault
  12. Homais Suggests an Operation
  13. An Amputation

Disc 3

  1. Emma's Passion Renewed
  2. Never Had Madame Bovary Looked So Beautiful as Now
  3. A Letter Among the Apricots
  4. Bills, Bills
  5. The Visit to the the Bride of Lammermoor at Rouen
  6. Léon in Pursuit
  7. A Ride in a Cab
  8. A Death in the Family
  9. M. Lheureux Visits
  10. Emma Returns to Music - In Rouen
  11. Deceits and Financial Involvement

Disc 4

  1. Deceits Continued
  2. Charles Searches
  3. The Bills Continue to Come
  4. Financial Desperation
  5. A Final Plea
  6. A Visit to the Chemist's Shop
  7. The Priest Arrives
  8. Let Nature Have Her Way
  9. Life Without Emma Bovary

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