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Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae

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by Sandy Wolters

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In this steamy contemporary romance with a ghostly paranormal twist, the depths of love as well as sorrow are explored as you experience the horror of Maggie Mae’s husband’s death, the joy and laughter of friendships, and, most of all, the wonder when love transcends death.


In this steamy contemporary romance with a ghostly paranormal twist, the depths of love as well as sorrow are explored as you experience the horror of Maggie Mae’s husband’s death, the joy and laughter of friendships, and, most of all, the wonder when love transcends death.

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I’ve been an avid reader for years. To my husband’s dismay, I have bookshelves full of books, rooms full of books, boxes full of books. My cars have books in them. I just can’t seem to get rid of them after I read them. You just never know when you will want to read it again, right?About two years ago, my husband gave me the dream gift, a Kindle. It was love at first sight and my first foray into the world of ebooks. To say the least, I am a technologically challenged person but when a reader, such as I, is told that you can have the book you want to read in seconds, I’m going to do whatever it takes to learn how to use it as quickly as possible.While I still have books everywhere, I no longer take ten or twelve books with me when I go on vacation. The only thing I need is my Kindle. It never leaves my purse.My genre of choice is romance with a paranormal twist. My authors of choice are Diana Palmer, Iris Johansen, Catherine Coulter, Jill Gregory and of course, the queen, Nora Roberts. I am also very partial to Michael Connelly, who is not a romance author but damn that man can write!In my life prior to becoming an author, I was Legal Assistant/Office Manager for a wonderful local estate planning attorney (no criminals that I know of). Prior to that, I also worked my way up the ladder in a large corporation, from payroll clerk to supervising nine employees in operational accounting.When my children, Shandelle and Pilar, were small, I took a few years off to be a full-time mom and help my husband with his accounting work for his auto repair shop.After, Michael, my husband, sold his business, he changed professions and started working for a national construction company.Michael and I raised two beautiful, strong women so that’s who I write about. The women in my books are strong individuals that have moments of weakness and frailty to work through.

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Maggie Mae 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book made me laugh, cry, gave me goosebumps, and sent shivers down my spine. A great read !!!
Bookworm305 More than 1 year ago
Never Judge a Book By It's Cover! This book was provided by the author for an honest review. After the violent death of her husband, Maggie Mae Carson, has decided to live the life of a virtual recluse. Her world crumbled the day he died and she is only living a half-life in the home that they built together. Her friends try (often) to set her up with someone new but she shuns forming any attachments because her husband was the love of her life. But a powerful force intervenes to drive Maggie out of her self-imposed seclusion. Maggie's life changes the day her twin brother Marc decides to remove a troublesome tree from near her house. Unfortunately, things do not go as Marc plans when the tree lands in the middle of the house...the only remaining tangible thing from her husband. As he should be, Marc is scared of his sister's reaction. Little Maggie Mae has a supreme temper and he knows that THIS will absolutely set her off. In a preemptive strike, he calls his friend and police chief, Michael Rogers, to "protect" him from his sister. Not quite knowing what to expect, Michael goes to Maggie's house with other emergency personnel in tow. When he arrives, Marc is beyond scared which Michael finds a little funny...especially when he finally spies Maggie's tiny frame. But, as the expression goes, "big things come in small packages". Maggie is beyond a force to be reckoned with. She has a temper and isn't afraid to use it. Michael is immediately attracted to the tiny woman trying to kill her twin and Maggie is similarly attracted to the gorgeous man with the soothing voice. Charged energy vibrates between. Amazingly, through Maggie's loss she finds something that she never expected to find My immediate reaction after reading this book was, "Wow, that cover sure didn't do this story justice", hence my initial reaction. Maggie Mae was an excellent story. It has a bit of all the things I like in a story -- a sweet romance, humor, paranormal elements, and a unique angle. I read it in one setting because I was drawn into the story very early on. Sadly, *smacks my own hand*, I expected to be bored with the story because of the cover but was pleasantly surprised to find a witty and captivating story. Maggie was so loving and caring for her friends and family. Even after loss after loss, she was still able to comfort her brother, be kind to small children, and care for a lame wolf. Maggie's how-to-rid-a-man antics were absolutely hilarious. Michael was protective and loving to Maggie from the first. He sensed an immediate connection between them and made himself a pillar in her life. The love between them happened fast and burned hot. The story was not overly steamy but you could definitely feel the passion between Michael and Maggie. The stalker angle was also very interesting. Rafferty was as crazy as a loon but I was happy to see that Maggie fought him with all the anger that was in her. I was hoping to see a bit more closure with that situation but glad that Maggie was still able to stay in his daughter Amanda's life and that his mother finally saw the truth about her son. The paranormal aspect to the story was unique and well placed. The insertion of the "guardian angel" just fit within the story. Maggie Mae was romantic and sweet and I would definitely recommend it a friend and read it again. Read it. Love it.
Lynn53 More than 1 year ago
Rating: 4 ½ stars July 4, 2010 Maggie Mae Dixon is seen on the beach ready to marry the man she loves. James David Carson is the man who filled the empty spot in her life. But it’s all a dream. Her husband died five years ago. She’s come to visit with Amanda and says hello to her dad, Rafferty. Rafferty was Jimmy’s best friend and business partner. He also has a secret. He wants to tell Maggie but the time has never been right. Sandy gives us a glimpse of what Raff and Maggie had in the past. She will have you laughing when she tells you the story of Maggie on the slopes and how Raff is there to save the day. We see Michael Rogers telling his officer, Michelle Dooley, about an incident at the local middle school. It will have you going eww. Sandy’s writing makes the scene very believable and laughable at the same time. Michael then gets an interesting call on his cell phone. We find that it’s Maggie’s brother, Marc, on the other end and he’s in a panic. You would think the world was coming to an end or World War III was just around the corner. Meanwhile, Maggie is recalling an incident between her and Raff’s mother. Can we say woman from hell? Michael then gets to meet Maggie and she surprises him. As you read the scene, she will surprise you as well. There seems to be a connection that neither of them can explain. We see her start as a caterpillar and then turn into a butterfly. Maggie then has to go to her friend Carley’s house. Carley has been trying to set her up for a while now. Maggie gets very creative in getting rid of her blind dates. It’s just one more scene where Sandy has you laughing. Maggie’s first sexual experience, since her husband passed away, is very hot. And at the end of the scene it’s one more time that Sandy has you laughing. Then she turns around and turns up the heat. But always in the back of your mind you wonder what became of Raff. And then Michael and Raff meet – can we say roosters? I had never heard of Sandy before. Then I was asked to do a review of this book. I was very happy that I was asked. She has a way of spinning a story that has you falling in love with the main characters. Her female character is a woman who takes no prisoners and laughing at her at the same time. If you haven’t read “Maggie Mae” before you need to read it or at the very least have it on your TBR list.