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Magic Bridge

Magic Bridge

5.0 4
by Thomasina J. Burke
It all starts when you cross the Magic Bridge. How far would you travel to keep a promise to some you love? The tiny hamlet of Crown King, Arizona, is the setting for this story about love, travel, and completing an epic journey. Bridgette and Matt crash into each other--literally--in the wilderness of the Bradshaw Mountains and begin a love story, with each other,


It all starts when you cross the Magic Bridge. How far would you travel to keep a promise to some you love? The tiny hamlet of Crown King, Arizona, is the setting for this story about love, travel, and completing an epic journey. Bridgette and Matt crash into each other--literally--in the wilderness of the Bradshaw Mountains and begin a love story, with each other, Arizona, and world travel. Their adventure circles the globe; castles in Germany, the gentle beauty of Ireland, Nepal's Himalayas, the seas of Honduras, Italy's shimmering Cinque Terre, and finally back to Arizona where it all began. Bridgette finds the strength to honor a commitment to her husband and return to the places they loved the best.

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Thomasina Burke
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Meet the Author

Thomasina Burke is a native Phoenician who loves just about everything in Arizona. She and her husband Bill reside in Phoenix, but every weekend they head up the dirt road to their cabin in Crown King, Arizona. A Registered Nurse and Volunteer Firefighter, she can also be found hiking any of the Phoenix mountains, Irish dancing, or planning a new travel adventure. "Magic Bridge" is her first novel.

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Magic Bridge 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
MRCROCCO More than 1 year ago
A trip around the world! Browsing for a good novel, I was fortunate to locate this treasure, Magic Bridge. The pitch for the book described the setting in Arizona, and having lived in Phoenix, I was excited to take the trip. It was nostalgic visiting Phoenix and other memorable places in the great state of Arizona. There’s more to the story than beautiful landscape, however. We share the lives of Bridgette and Matt, who meet in Crown King, Arizona. Not only do they fall in love and marry, but they travel the world, and as lucky readers, we get to hike right alongside the couple. As with any relationship, there are ups and downs, and Bridgette and Matt live through adversities most relationships hope to escape. Promises are made and Bridgette is put to the test in keeping her word. What balances the heartbreak of the story is being able to travel the world with two characters that relish life, and are intelligent, interesting, and very real. The true meaning of friendship is a major theme in Magic Bridge, and Bridgette and Matt’s friends are the cream of the crop. Booklovers, who appreciate history, and stories about genuine relationships, will be captivated taking a trip around the world with Bridgette and Matt.
BooksRMagicVR More than 1 year ago
*** This book was provided by the author for review purposes. *** Bridgette had a horrible childhood with both her father and her first-ever boyfriend abusing her so badly. She gives up on men and even scared of taking any relationships to a physical level. She moves to Crown King, Arizona, to her grand mother's house and lives there, even after her grand mother's death. She works as a nurse and Volunteer firefighter in that small and beautiful town. One day, when she was hiking the mountains of Crown King, Matt literally crashes into her with his bike. Matt gets head injury and Bridgette takes him to hospital and nurses him. Matt is so interested in Bridgette, but all Bridgette wants, is to keep away from men. But, she know Matt is just not like any other guy. Matt is sweet, funny and she trusts that he would never hurt her. They both fall for each other and I am saying they are one of the world's most beautiful couple ever. I am not saying this because of the romantic moments, but because of the support they give each other during their worst times. Bridgette and Matt travel around the world for Matt's cycling races. The couple fall in love again and again, and each time they fall very hard. When all is well, the infamous cancer disease strikes Matt and the couple fights it so hard and even conquers it at some point. After nearly ten years of further drama of life, the cancer strikes again (God, life is unfair!). This time though, they all know there is no hope. But, they still put up a good fight. All her life, the one person Bridgette trusts and depends on, is Matt. The pain was unbearable for both of them (and to us). Will she let Matt go? Also, the couple has agreed that if one of them dies before another, the living one should take the ashes of the other to all the loveliest places they traveled together. Does Bridgette now has the strength to take these trips alone, without her Matt? Will she ever heal? Beautiful and painful! I felt the need to hug someone, after completing the book. I don't even know what is HEA anymore. Is it living happily with your loved ones? Or is it living for your loved ones, even if it hurts you to the core? I am not sure anymore. This is the author's debut novel, but she brings out what she wants to say, in a amazing way. There are a lot of descriptions of places that the couple explored. But, it doesn't feel like a travel guide. How can it be, when they have given every page of the book with some life in it. Being in India and hearing about the country I love so much, is a feeling I will always treasure. Of course, I have never been to the parts she mentioned in the book, but I am still glad. The writing is simple and good. I rate books only based on two things - 1. Feelings that the book can give me. 2. My level of bonding with the characters. But, there is one more thing, that any person will agree for a book to be placed under a best book category -- After some days of completing this book, I should still keep thinking about this book, in some subconscious part of my brain. There is a deep connection that was felt with the characters. Even when I completed this book two days before, I am still feeling such an adoration and love for Matt. I feel like I had to give Bridgette a huge hug. Such an incredible character-building deserves more than 5 stars. This book is the best of all, that I have read this year (that is saying something, considering I read 100-150 books a year). I'd highly recommend to readers of all ages greater than 16.
coziecorner More than 1 year ago
A wonderfully beautiful tale of love, romance, and commitment, The Magic Bridge takes you on an adventure that will leave you thinking about you want your loved ones to honor you when your time comes. I must read for everyone!
sara1955 More than 1 year ago
Magic Bridge by Thomasina Burke Thomasina Burke, in her debut novel, has brought reading to a level that touches your heart and soul. Her characters, Bridgette and Matt, are friends, then lovers, then soul mates. They have a typical life in facing challenges and surmounting them, but that is not where and how the story ends. Magic Bridge takes us to the heart of their lives. Bridgette, a nurse and volunteer rescuer in Crown King AZ, is a damaged soul that isn’t open to love. Matt is a construction worker and bicyclist who is caring and giving. Their meeting is unique, their courtship is fun, and their end is not an end. It is not a spoiler to let future readers know that Matt will not finish the story; Ms. Burke points that out in her prologue. What she does not do in the prologue is explain to her reader that she is going to touch your heart and soul in ways it may not have been touched before. Development of the characters, including the cast of secondary characters, allows Bridgette and Matt to have a fullness that is not often found in novels. Travelling the globe, Bridgette and Matt find new dimensions to their relationship and fall in love over and over again. The description of their visits is fully developed, allowing the reader to see the landscape and feel the breezes. This home-body is almost ready to hop on a plane to experience these travels with Bridgette and Matt. On the editing side, this is one of the best-edited self-published novels I’ve read. Ms. Burke did not skimp in her endeavor. On the emotional side, I was touched. I am not a “crier” yet I cried as Bridgette dealt with her sense of loss and mourning. I was given this book by the author, upon request. She is a friend of a friend. Frankly, I was prepared to think it was an “okay” book. It’s not. I was blown out of the water. I sincerely hope Ms. Burke is working on a new book now. Magic Bridge left me wanting more. Not more of Bridgette and Matt, she gave it all in Magic Bridge, but she left me wanting more of her powerful writing. Overall, if you don’t read this book, you’re going to miss an experience. Fair warning to future readers: read this book with tissues close by. Although there is sadness in the book, it is more than that. It is a power of love and devotion that is often missed in today’s fast-paced dog-eat-dog world. If possible I would give this novel 10 out of 5 stars. Thank you Thomasina Burke, for allowing me to read and experience emotions and feelings that I thought I could never feel. I am praying that this book has given you the impetus to write another.