Magic Porridge Pot

Magic Porridge Pot

by Rosie Dickins, Carl Gordon, Mike Gordon

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Children's Literature - Suzanna E. Henshon
The Magic Porridge Pot is based on a traditional tale from Europe that was written down over 200 years ago by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm under the title, "Sweet Porridge." In this delightful retelling, Rosie Dickens takes young readers on a journey through a fairy tale landscape in which Hungry Hannah, an old woman, a greedy boy, and a magic pot come together. Hannah never has enough to eat but shares whatever she has with friends. One day she discovers a honey bee nest in the forest and offers some of it to an old woman walking by with an empty pot. The woman offers Hannah porridge and the two sit down to a delicious meal. By using a magical word, porridge appears in the pot, and they use the honey to flavor it. The old woman gives Hannah the pot and promises, "Remember the magic words and you will never be hungry again." With the magical words, Hannah always has plenty to eat—porridge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One day a greedy boy smells the porridge and decides to steal the pot. When he takes the pot and says the magical words, porridge spills over the sides. The boy cries "Stop!" but the porridge keeps coming. Will the magical pot ever stop making porridge? Will Hannah be hungry again? Will the greedy boy recover from the flood of porridge that threatens to overtake the entire town? Hannah finally saves the day, but the greedy boy has to eat quite a bit of porridge before he can return home. Children will enjoy this humorous retelling of a famous story along with the enchanting pictures by Mike and Carl Gordon. The Magical Porridge Pot is a wonderful adventure for young readers who love fairy tales. Reviewer: Suzanna E. Henshon, Ph.D.

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EDC Publishing
Publication date:
Usborne First Reading: Level 3 Ser.
Product dimensions:
5.40(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.40(d)
230L (what's this?)
Age Range:
6 - 8 Years

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