Magritte's Blues

Magritte's Blues

by Jo Lemaire

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Musique En Wallonie


  1. Moi, j'fais pas ça comm' ça  -  Tivoli Band
  2. Elle a mis son smoking  -  Tivoli Band
  3. Sérénade d'amour  -  Tivoli Band
  4. Why Shouldn't I Love You?  -  Tivoli Band
  5. Do Let Me Try  -  Tivoli Band
  6. Un rien ... (Nothing...)  -  Tivoli Band
  7. Elle danse le charleston  -  Tivoli Band
  8. Slow For Two  -  Tivoli Band
  9. Chimères  -  Tivoli Band
  10. Johnny, My Love  -  Tivoli Band
  11. Mes rêves  -  Tivoli Band
  12. Valse d'amour  -  Tivoli Band
  13. Standing On The Porch  -  Tivoli Band
  14. Un petit nid  -  Tivoli Band
  15. Reproches à Ninon  -  Tivoli Band
  16. Aveu  -  Tivoli Band
  17. Marie Tombone Chapeau Buse  -  Tivoli Band
  18. Idyl  -  Tivoli Band
  19. I'm A Bold Bad Man (J'arrive du Pérou)  -  Tivoli Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jo Lemaire   Primary Artist,Chant
Jan Maebe   Oboe
Geert Callaert   Piano
Sabine Warnier   Flute
Antonio Leonel   Tenor (Vocal)
Marie-Luce Diaz   Soprano
Stéphane Martini   Banjo
Luc Paucot   Trombone

Technical Credits

David Bee   Composer
Ludo   Composer
Peter Packay   Composer
Jean Paques   Composer
Paul Colinet   Composer
René Demaret   Composer
Roland Van der Hoeven   Liner Notes
Eric Mathot   Liner Notes,Direction
Laurent Graulus   Montage
Charlys   Composer
Léon Jongen   Composer
Emile Deltour   Composer
William Fountain   Composer
Henri Allorge   Composer
Léon Frings   Composer
Paul Magritte   Composer
Gill Sallares   translation
Fred Dolys   Composer
Willy Stones   Composer
Sylvain Hamy   Composer
Théo Langlois   Composer
Fernand Servais   Composer
Manu Wauttiez   Montage
Bill Buddie   Composer

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