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Mahk Jchi

Mahk Jchi

4.5 2
by Ulali

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Mahk Jchi 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Whether or not you are new to Native American Music, this one will delight you. You may be familiar with the title song
Guest More than 1 year ago
I became interested in Ulali when I heard their songs, ''Forgive Our Fathers Suite (aka Wahjeeleh-Yihm)'' and ''All My Relations'' from the movie ''Smoke Signals'' and another song ''Grammah Easter's Lullaby'' from an CD entitled ''Tribal Voices: Music from Native Americans''.

These three women had the most powerful voices I had ever heard. I went on a quest to learn more about them and discovered they had a CD called ''Mahk Jchi''.

After much searching, I finally obtained it and I was beyond amazed.

Their first track, Mother, uses vocabs to showcase the trios a cappella talents which is paired with a steady beating drum.

The second track, Rattle Songs, is actually a burst of seven short songs (all under 2 minutes). In this medley you will find ''Grammah Easter's Lullaby''.

Moving on to the third track, Necklace of Broken Hearts, starts off with rhythmic vocabs and rattles and leads into a very beautiful song.

Friend in Need and Museum Cases are the next two tracks on this CD. These songs touched me in a place so deep down I didn't know it existed.

The title song, Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song), is another stunning example of how these three women's voices blend perfectly together. This song is actually in a North American Indian language (as opposed to vocabs), Although I'm not sure which one.

Maybe is a beautiful ballad. Once again it is a cappella but you might not realize it since you will be carried away by the voices.

The eighth track, Power of the Harden-Bratt is the next track. This sounds like your 'stereotypical' American Indian War Dance song. Although once again, they add something so much more to it.

My favorite track on this CD is, Going Home. This song hit so many nerves within me; to talk about it is difficult. You will have to listen to it for yourselves. It is reminiscence of an old African Spiritual. I will quote a line from the song so you'll get the idea: ''Stolen people on stolen land.''

Of course the last track is an equally powerful song. All My Relations also appears on the ''Smoke Signals'' soundtrack. This is more of prose put to music. This is another track that just brought a lump to my throat.

This album that was released in 1994 by Corn, Bean & Squash Music can be very hard to find. But you can order it from Ulali.com, if all else fails.

There is something for everyone on this album. I never get tired of hearing it and these talented women, Pura Fé, Soni and Jennifer will carry you away to a place you have never been.

I want to also recommend picking up the ''Smoke Signals'' soundtrack for their song, ''Forgive Our Fathers Suite (aka Wahjeeleh-Yihm)''. I am not sure if they will release this song on a future album, but it is so awesome, I urge you not to wait.