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Maitreya's Teachings: The Laws of Life

Maitreya's Teachings: The Laws of Life

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by Benjamin Creme (Compiler)

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A unique and diverse collection of insights from Maitreya, the World Teacher for the coming age, offering straightforward, non-doctrinal answers to some of our most profound questions about the meaning and purpose of life, including who we really are, how to find joy in everyday existence, and what we can all do to create lasting peace. Also addresses global problems


A unique and diverse collection of insights from Maitreya, the World Teacher for the coming age, offering straightforward, non-doctrinal answers to some of our most profound questions about the meaning and purpose of life, including who we really are, how to find joy in everyday existence, and what we can all do to create lasting peace. Also addresses global problems -- political, social, and environmental -- and forecasts future events, demonstrating how the Laws of Cause and Effect work out on a world scale. The most contemporary phase of teachings given by the head of the group of enlightened Teachers known as the Masters of Wisdom.

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The new energy affects everyone - Everyone is being affected by the new energy pouring into the world. Those who believed in political, religious and philosophical systems have become disillusioned because they have failed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness. You can only solve the problems of the world with a sense of realism that is not clouded by ideology or market forces.

The Middle East - Although the people are being made aware by the new energy, it is being blocked by political attitudes that cling to the past. This blockage is being flushed out in a wave of destruction. Political and religious leaders are confounded by events. But out of this confusion will come an awareness that will strike the people and create in them an aura of expectancy. People will begin looking for direction, guidance and understanding.

Awareness and children - Awareness will be respected in the home and in the school as a sacred, God?given gift. Awareness is the mother of creation. Awareness can never be divided, nor imposed. Textbooks cannot describe it, because there is no beginning nor end to it. Awareness can only be experienced. To inspire a very young child to look for God is undivine, because in this way you create isms. Awareness is a seed in all creation and in every individual. If you allow the child to have his natural growth, you will allow his awareness to grow; the child will enjoy normal life and will not be dogmatic. In awareness you do not possess children, yet they come closer to you. Even now, children as young as nine or 10 are raising funds to feed the hungry. Imagine what they will be like when they are tomorrow's citizens. Children can do it. Politicians cannot do it.

Life after death - Life in the universe is absolute; in creation it is always relative. That is why people should not cry at death; it is not something horrible or ghastly. Their friends and loved ones have simply returned to their homeland. The books and writings received by writers through channelled sources are a sign that this message about life on the other side of death is beginning to get through to humanity. The human race is now being inspired to experience a feeling of awareness. People will not be able to explain it. They just know that they feel different about life.

Third World debt - The debt will be written off. There is no possibility of doing anything else. There is no way in which this debt can be recovered. It is not through an increased burden on taxpayers in creditor nations that the solution will be found to this dilemma. Instead, money which has hitherto been spent on defence will be found to meet this situation. Defence will no longer be the first priority as tensions begin to decrease around the world.

Depression - Everyone goes through processes of depression. Do not be afraid of them. Sit quietly and experience what you are going through. The Self will be able to identify that It is not depressed. It will be able to observe a state of consciousness, a state of mind which is undergoing change.

You and I are One - Whoever, whatever, wherever you are, tread the divine water of cleanliness which is detachment. I have not come to teach you anything new. Be honest to yourself, sincere to yourself, and be detached. This method is so simple, so sweet, it is free from religions, ideologies, politics. It makes one experience who one is. Fulfil your role, yet be free.

Be what you are - "Be what you are. Do not follow one another. If you practise honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment, you will know your Self, you will know Me, you will know the Lord." To follow another means to copy, imitate or identify with another, forgetting your real Self. As an example, consider pop stars. Many fans try to dress and behave like them. This does not lead to happiness or fulfilment. "The same thing can happen to disciples." The task of the Master is to awaken the Self within. When you, in turn, know your Self, you can awaken others. To awaken another does not mean to cast your shadow over him. When the Self awakens, development follows naturally; the person fulfils his own destiny and enjoys the blessings of the Lord.

You are unique and equal - "I have not come to puzzle or startle people. When people experience Me, they will not run after Me. For the first time people will know the purpose of life." You will not feel you are leading a futile life, but one in which the Master is within you, guiding you. This sense of inwardness will give you another perspective in life. You will feel you are enjoying life. Fulfilment will take place within. Everything is within you. When this happens you will not react in anger. With a sense of detachment you will experience the power of God. God is behind everything.

Individuality is sacred - Individuality is the soul. People will come to realize this. Individuality is sacred. The child respects his own individuality. People will experience, for the first time, even in marriage, the sacredness of their individual entities. Marriage will become less disturbed. Individuality - the soul - will be respected in temple, church and mosque. Nations will enact laws that will preserve individuality, and will promote conditions to enshrine this sacredness. Rules and regulations will not be imposed as they are now. The individual will be important. He will act not out of compulsion, but out of a sense of duty and responsibility towards others, as if he were acting for his own Self.

Sufficiency - Money multiplied by money contributes to the stress of modern life. Money is not the priority; sufficiency is the priority. When sufficiency becomes the priority, it orders society in a different way, creating stability. In this regard, sharing is both a moral value and a method of implementation. This will create a more peaceful atmosphere, in which people will not struggle to make millions. They will fulfil their duties, care for their families, and children will be able to evolve. "You have been given mind, spirit and body to express My Being and Becoming in thought, speech and action. Therefore, be honest in mind (which is the natural food of mind), be sincere in your spirit (the natural food of spirit) and feed your physical body with the right food. Anyone who deprives you of these three things will fall into destruction."

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Maitreya's Teachings: The Laws of Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
WimS More than 1 year ago
A first glimpse of Maitreya's teachings. This book reveals fragments of the teachings of Maitreya. The source of the information is special. In the period 1988 - 1993 a member of the Asian community in London, England, called Maitreya's associate, attended meetings where Maitreya was present teaching a group of swamis. The associate passed his information on to two independent journalists, who presented it to the editor of Share International Magazine for publication. In this book these teachings are brought together edited by Benjamin Creme. It is simple and deep at the same time. Central is the art of Self-realisation that can be practiced by the three practices honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment. Furthermore, through comments on the political, economic en social happenings of that time, Maitreya shows the working of the great Law of Cause and Effect. Reading this book gives you a first glimpse of Maitreya's teachings for humanity for the coming centuries.
peacegirl1 More than 1 year ago
A fantastic book covering a variety of topics...creation, detachment, bio-genetic engineering,gurus,experiencing the Self, awareness and conditioning, mysteries of life, self and mind, karma, consciousness, wisdom, the art of healing, market forces, collective destructive thoughts, understanding energy, earthquakes, catastrophes the reasons for, commercialization, crime, addiction, drugs, thoughts as energy,politics, religions, historical perspectives,the new energies, the mysteries of life, dissolving old patterns, changes sweeping through the world, the laws of evolution, extraplanetary help to name a few. brilliant overview of many subjects.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought that I was well-read on the subject of spirituality. Certainly, knowledge and awareness is ever-expanding and for anyone who is open to spiritual growth this book provides a wealth of thought-provoking information. It is a gift for anyone who is willing to receive it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Creme's titles quench my thirst for truer understanding of spiritual texts. Absent from his writings are the emotional overtones or any inclination to sell you on any idea. He leaves the reader free to decide what makes sense for themselves. For so many it is not possible that their very own thinking process are worth consideration as sources of inspiration, but Creme rarely advises the reader to come to any conclusion. From reading his books, I have come to value my own being so much more through reading Creme's points about the nature of the soul and the teamwork that is possible between the Masters and ourselves, evolution and answering my soul's call in my own way, I am inpsired, yet free all the time. Once you meditate, belief systems shatter and you are free to live.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a book of liberation, verily. It calls upon its readers to see themselves as divine beings wrapped in habits, ideologies and various '¿isms.' The way out, it proposes, is through practicing honesty, sincerity, and detachment. These three qualities will lead one to a state of objectivity, which is necessary to effect positive change in the world. / Far from preaching its ideas, the book explains how they apply to contemporary political discourse. Its two central chapters demonstrate the workings of the law of cause and effect in world events during the period of 1988-1993: the poll tax revolt and the subsequent fall of Margaret Thatcher in the UK Gorbachev¿s hasty reforms and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Middle East crisis. Particularly incisive is its commentary on the Gulf War, while its description of hitherto unknown incidents regarding President G. H. Bush, Saddam Hussein, the Sheikh of Kuwait, and General Colin Powell, throw additional light on these tragic events. / I would readily title the book ¿spiritual politics.¿ Establishing a correct relation with one¿s own self and committing one¿s talents and resources to the betterment of the world are the instruments of personal development and social transformation. Its author has emphasized, for many years now, the need for spiritualizing politics. The network of correspondences between universal laws and political action offered in the book will hopefully inspire readers to seek spiritual advancement in active citizenship.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I experienced one of those incredible moments where something I'd read many times and thought I fully understood, suddenly took on a new and higher meaning. Those age old questions of 'where we come from' and 'where we're going' are answered in this revealing book.This is a MUST READ for those spiritually searching people. It explains how today's corrupt Political and Economical focus, through simple and spiritual means, can be changed to benefit all Humanity.