Major Problems in American Religious History / Edition 2

Major Problems in American Religious History / Edition 2

by Patrick Allitt

This text presents a carefully selected group of readings organized to allow students to evaluate primary sources, test the interpretations of distinguished historians, and draw their own conclusions. Each chapter includes introductions, source notes, and suggested readings.

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This text presents a carefully selected group of readings organized to allow students to evaluate primary sources, test the interpretations of distinguished historians, and draw their own conclusions. Each chapter includes introductions, source notes, and suggested readings.

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Major Problems in American History Series
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1. Approaches to American Religious History ESSAYS 1. Philip Schaff, Religious Vitality and Church-State Separation 2. H. Richard Niebuhr, America's Geographical Diversity Encourages Numerous Religious Denominations 3. Roger Finke and Rodney Stark, Church Membership Has Increased Throughout American History, Especially in the Most Demanding Groups 4. R. Laurence Moore, Religious Outsiders and "Civil Religion" 2. European-Indian Encounters DOCUMENTS 1. Bernal Diaz del Castillo Describes Cortes' Replacement of Human Sacrifice with the Cult of the Virgin Mary, c. 1519 2. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca, a Spanish Castaway, Becomes an Indian healer, 1542 3. Joseph Jouvency, a Jesuit Priest, Discusses Death and Hell with Canadian Indians, 1610 4. Roger Williams Explains Rhode Island Indians' Language and Religion, 1643 5. Mary Jemison Describes the Five Feasts by Which the Seneca Marked the Changing Seasons, c.1750 6. Tecaughretanego Explains Why the Great Spirit Sometimes Permits Men to Go Hungry Before Feeding Them, 1758 7. John Heckwelder Describes the Delaware Indians' View of Bear Spirits, c.1750 8. John Muir Witnesses the Conversion of Thlinkit Indians to Christianity, c.1876 ESSAYS 1. Catherine Albanese, American Indians' Nature Religion 2. James P. Ronda, Indians' Views of Christian Missionaries 3. Religious Life in the British Colonies: 1620-1700 DOCUMENTS 1. John Winthrop Outlines His Plan for a Godly Settlement, 1630 2. William Bradford Sees God's Mercy and Judgment in New England's Changing Fortunes, 1654 3. Why Harvard College Was Founded, 1643 4. Maryland's Act of Religious Toleration, 1649 5. Anne Bradstreet Commemorates Two Childrens' Deaths in Poems of 1669 6. William Penn Gives Scriptural Justifications for His Pennsylvania Frame of Government, 1681 7. Morgan Godwin Describes the Troubles of the Anglican Church in Virginia, 1684 8. Cotton Mather Advises John Richards on Detecting Witches, 1692 ESSAYS 1. Perry Miller, The Puritans' Errand into the Wilderness 2. Edward L. Bond, Anglicans in Virginia 4. Awakening and Revolution: 1730-1790 DOCUMENTS 1. Jonathan Edwards Describes the Great Awakening in Northmapton, Massachusetts, 1738 2. Nathan Cole, Connecticut Farmer, Hears the Preaching of George Whitefield and Is Born Again (1741), 1765 3. Phillis Wheatley's Elegy at George Whitefield's Death, 1770 4. Benjamin Franklin Explains His Religious Views in a Letter, 1756 5. John Witherspoon Preaches the Revolutionary War as God's Test to Sinners, 1776 6. Jonathan Boucher's Loyalist Sermon Denounces the Revolution, 1775 7. Anthony Benezet, Quaker, Denounces War, 1776 8. Isaac Jackson, Quaker, Protests Persecution, 1777 9. Thomas Jefferson Establishes Religious Freedom in Virginia, 1786 ESSAYS 1. Patricia U. Bonomi, The Great Awakening 2. Stephen Marini, How the Revolution Stimulated New Religious Movements 5. Religion in the Early Republic: 1790-1850 DOCUMENTS 1. Lucy Wight Meets Shaker Leader Mother Ann Lee, (c. 1780), 1826 2. Orestes Brownson Recalls His Quest for the Right Religion as a Young Man (c. 1820), 1857 3. Charles Grandison Finney Stirs Up Religious Emotions at Revival Meetings, 1835 4. Joseph Smith Explains How an Angel Guided Him to Found the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons), 1842 5. Ralph Waldo Emerson Describes the "Over-Soul," 1841 6. Anonymous Ex-Slave Sees the Ghost of Her Dead Master c.1850 7. Henry Bibb, a Slave, Uses Conjuring to Prevent Harm and Attract Women, 1849 8. Samuel Ringgold Ward Escapes from Slavery and Becomes a Minister (1820), 1855 ESSAYS 1. Nathan O. Hatch, Christianity and Democratic Politics 2. Albert J. Raboteau, The Slaves' Own Religion 6. Antebellum Immigration and Social Tensions: 1830-1860 DOCUMENTS 1. Alexis de Tocqueville Sees Catholicism and Democracy as Compatible, 1835 2. Maria Monk Shocks Protestant Readers with Allegations of Sex and Violence in a Nunnuery, 1836 3. John Francis Maguire Recounts the Suffering of Irish Catholic Immigrants (1846), 1887 4. Benajmin Roth Warns His Emigrant Son Solomon About Moral and Religious Dangers in America, 1854 5. Harriet Beecher Stowe Advocates Enlightened Observance of the Sabbath, 1853 6. Angelina Grimke Uses the Bible to Justify Abolishing Slavery, 1838 7. Frederick Douglass Compares Southern Slaveowners' Religion with That of Jesus, 1845 8. Thornton Stringfellow Argues That the Bible Is Pro-slavery, 1860 ESSAYS 1. Jay P. Dolan, Catholic Charity and Protestant Suspicions 2. Eugene D. Genovese and Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Slaveholders and the Bible 7. War, Defeat, and Apocalyptic Religion: 1860-1890 DOCUMENTS 1. Robert Ryland Reminds His Son That the Confederate Cause Is Godly, 1861 2. Lemuel Moss Describes the Christian Commission's Work with the Union Army in 1863 (1868) 3. Thomas Wentworth Higginson Witnesses the Religious Life of Black Soldiers, 1864 4. George Barton Remembers a Pious Irish-American Nun Nursing the Wounded at Shiloh, 1863 5. Union Sermons Mourn Abraham Lincoln, 1865 6. Daughter of a Freed Slave Describes Her Conversion Experience, c. 1870 7. Charles Taze Russell Argues That the "End-Times" Are Imminent, 1889 8. E. A. Dyer, Sr., Remembers Wovoka, a Paiute Indian, Who Originated the Ghost Dance Religion, 1889 ESSAYS 1. James Moorehead, Civil War as Battle of Armageddon 2. Charles Reagan Wilson, Confederates' Defeat as Chastisement from God 8.The New Immigration and Urban Reform: 1880-1925 DOCUMENTS 1. Rosa, an Immigrant, Contrasts Her Italian Catholicism with the American Version, c. 1890 2. Mary Lathbury Pays Tribute to Frances Willard, Temperance Activist, 1886 3. Mary Baker Eddy, the Founder of Christian Science, Denies the Reality of Suffering, Sin, and Death, 1887 4. Swami Vivekananda Describes His Life as a Hindu Celebrity in America, 1893 5. Booth Tucker Describes the Salvation Army's Social and Gospel Work in Slums and Saloons, 1900 6. Abraham Cahan Shows How American Business Life and Religious Pluralism Shattered a Russian Jewish Immigrant's Traditional Faith, 1916 7. Anzia Yezierska Confronts an Orthodox Jewish Father over Changing Patterns of Religion and Women's Work, 1925 ESSAYS 1. Robert Orsi, An Italian-American Street Festival to Honor the Virgin Mary 2. Lillian Taiz, The Salvation Army Adapts Popular Culture in Spreading Its Gospel 9. Intellectual Controversies: 1860-1925 DOCUMENTS 1. Charles Hodge Denounces Darwin's Theory of Evolution as Atheistic, 1874 2. Lyman Abbott Argues That Christianity and Evolutionary Theory Are Compatible, 1892 3. Harold Frederic's Fictional Methodist Preacher Discovers His Ignorance of Biblical History, 1896 4. Washington Gladden Explains Higher Criticism, 1894 5. William Jennings Bryan Defends Biblical Infallibility, 1924 6. Elizabeth Cady Stanton Finds Feminist Messages in Genesis, 1895 7. George Herron Depicts Jesus as a Revolutionary Socialist, 1899 8. Russell Conwell Squares Christianity with Worldly Success, 1915 ESSAYS 1. George Marsden, Presbyterians Ideas About Truth 2. Patrick Allitt, Popular Versions of Jesus 10. Assimilation and Adaptation: 1920-1960 DOCUMENTS 1. Clara Grillo Recalls Protestant-Catholic Tensions in Cleveland, c. 1920 2. Jacob Sonderling, Immigrant Rabbi, Observes American Jewish life, c. 1930 3. Sinclair Lewis Satirizes the Narrowness of Midwestern Baptists, 1927 4. Walter Lippmann Traces the Fading of Religious Confidence, 1929 5. Mordecai Kaplan Defends Jews' Life in Two Civilizations, 1948 6. Will Herberg Analyzes Religion and Assimilation, 1955 7. Donald Thorman Assesses New Roles for Catholic Laity, 1962 ESSAYS 1. Edward R. Kantowicz, Catholic Assimilation 2. Jenna Weissman Joselit, Jewish Food and Jewish Identity 3. David Hollinger, Jewish Intellectuals and Secularization 11. War and Religion: 1914-1985 DOCUMENTS 1. John Haynes Holmes Appeals for Christian Pacifism in World War I, 1916 2. Edward Leigh Pell Justifies Christian Warfare, 1917 3. Reinhold Niebuhr Explains the Christian Case for Fighting Nazism (c. 1939), 1966 4. Dorothy Day Compares World War II to the Class War, 1942 5. Christian Century Editors Urge Christian Unity in an Era of Total War, 1945 6. John Courtney Murray, S.J., Argues That the Cold War Is a Spiritual Confrontation, 1960 7. James E. Wood Surveys Church Protests Against Nuclear Weapons, 1983 ESSAYS 1. Ray H. Abrams, Preachers and the Great War Euphoria 2. Richard W. Fox, Reinhold Niebuhr in World War II 3. Mark Silk, The Idea of a Judeo-Christian Tradition 12. Religion and Protest Movements: 1955-1990 DOCUMENTS 1. Martin Luther King, Jr., preaches on the Power of Love, 1963 2. James Baldwin Becomes a Boy Preacher in Harlem (c. 1936), 1963 3. National Conference of Black Churchmen Demands Equal Power, 1966 4. Christianity Today Criticizes Black Americans' Intimidation of White Churches, 1969 5. Richard Hein Describes His Work as a Military chaplain in Vietnam, 1968 6. Commonweal Supports Symbolic Attacks on the Vietnam Draft Board, 1968 7. Renny Golden Describes Religious Women's Work in the Sanctuary Movement, 1986 8. Tina Bell joins an Anti-Abortion Demonstration, 1988 ESSAYS 1. David J. Garrow, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Leadership 2. John T. McGreevy, Urban Catholics and the Civil Rights Movement 13. Religion and Counterculture: 1970-1995 DOCUMENTS 1. Jacob Needleman Discovers the Appeal of Eastern Religions, 1970 2. Hal Lindsay Foresees the Millennial "Rapture," 1970 3. J. Stillson Judah Explains Why Hippies Join the Hare Krishnas, 1974 4. David Chidester Traces the People's Temple to Its Mass Suicide in Guyana (1978), 1988 5. Starhawk Advocates Witchcraft, 1979 6. Carol Christ is Initiated into Goddess Worship, 1987 7. Mary Ann Flaherty Sympathizes with Planet Earth Under the Threat of War, 1994 ESSAYS 1. Ted Mann, Social Psychology of the Rajneeshi Cult 2. J. Gordon Melton, Rise and Fall of the New Age Movement 14. New Immigrants and Religious Multiculturalism: 1970-2000 DOCUMENTS 1. Jesse Nash and Elizabeth Trinh Nguyen Observe Vietnamese Immigrants Courting at Church in New Orleans, 1995 2. Charles Munzy Attends Vietnamese Funerals in Oklahoma City, 1989 3. Richard Rodriguez Recalls His Hispanic-Catholic Childhood, 1981 4. Kambiz GhaneaBassiri Explains Muslims' Mixed Feelings About American Culture, 1997 5. Richard Wormser Describes Pressures on Muslim Teenagers in American High Schools, 1994 6. Prema Kurien Explains Hindus' Adjustments to American life, 1998 ESSAYS 1. Eldin Villafane, Latino Religion in the United States 2. John Voll, Muslim Adaptation in America 3. Rick Fields, Contrasting Immigrant Buddhists and "White Buddhists" 15. Religion, Politics, and the Constitution: 1960-2000 DOCUMENTS 1. Billy Graham Urges a Troubled Nation to Turn Back to God, 1965 2. C. Stanley Lowell Defends His Fear of Catholics in 1960 3. Joseph M. Hopkins Deplores the Supreme Court's Decision Against School Prayers, 1963 4. Evangelicals for Social Action Offer Guidance on Voting Biblically, 1980 5. Langdon Gilkey Opposes Creation Science, 1985 6. Christianity Today Describes Political Coalition-Building to Restore Religion in Schools, 1984 7. Wilfred M. McClay Warns Against the Political Contamination of Religion, 1988 8. Michael W. McConnell Fears for American Religious Freedom, 1990 ESSAYS 1. James Reichley, The Supreme Court and the First Amendment 2. Nancy Ammerman, Fundamentalism and Politics

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