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Make Winning a Habit: Five Keys to Making More Sales and Beating Your Competition / Edition 1

Make Winning a Habit: Five Keys to Making More Sales and Beating Your Competition / Edition 1

by Rick Page

ISBN-10: 0071592938

ISBN-13: 9780071592932

Pub. Date: 07/08/2008

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

Breakthrough Techniques for Making Consistent Sales Growth a Habit

In Make Winning a Habit, Rick Page identifies five universal areas of sales effectiveness—Technique, Technology, Talent, Teamwork and Trust. The result is over 20 best practices from the top sales organizations in the world. Page then explains how to take these practices and turn them


Breakthrough Techniques for Making Consistent Sales Growth a Habit

In Make Winning a Habit, Rick Page identifies five universal areas of sales effectiveness—Technique, Technology, Talent, Teamwork and Trust. The result is over 20 best practices from the top sales organizations in the world. Page then explains how to take these practices and turn them into winning results.

Discover how to:

  • Rate your organization and see how your sales efforts really stack up against the competition
  • Close the gap between what you know to do and how your organization is actually performing
  • Leverage yourself as a management team through more effective coaching and strategy sessions
  • Integrate your sales methodology into a forecasting system to provide greater accuracy, better coaching, and fewer unpleasant surprises
  • Identify and hire “A” players using a 10-point process
  • Manage strategic accounts to maximize revenue and elevate relationships
  • Correct the six most common areas of poor individual sales performance

With Make Winning A Habit, you'll discover the obstacles between you and consistent sales performance—and find the tools to not only make success a habit but keep your business growing.

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Table of Contents

Introduction     xix
Biggest Problems, Best Practices     1
Managers, Tell Me Where It Hurts     3
How Good Do We Need to Be? How Good Is Good?     6
The Deadly Dozen: The 12 Biggest Pains Sales Managers Feel Today     7
So What Are the Answers?     11
The Evolution of Sales Processes: The Last Four Decades-From Fighting Alligators to Draining the Swamp     12
Pathway to Perpetual Advantage     15
"Without Vision, the People Perish"     20
Buying Time for Change-Setting Management Expectations     21
Setting Priorities     23
Eight Steps to Sales Transformation     29
Assessment-Where Are We Now?     29
Start with People-Managers First     30
Next Is Your Sales Process     30
Positioning-What Do We Say about Us?     31
Creating a Winning Sales Culture-Align the Infrastructure     31
Execution-Level Selling Skills     32
People and Process First-Then Automate     33
New Metrics and Feedback for Perpetual Advantage     33
Defining the Scorecard     35
Introduction to Sales Effectiveness Best Practices: The Five T's of Transformation     36
Talent     36
Technique     37
Teamwork     37
Technology     38
Trust     38
Four Levels of Sales Strategy     39
Industry/Market     40
Account Management     41
Opportunity Management     41
Individual-Level Strategies     41
Sales Effectiveness Scorecard     42
Talent     45
Talent     47
Planning for Failure     47
Hire Ahead to Get Ahead     50
Get a Bench and a Pool     50
Recruit the Best Recruiters     51
Recruiters to Reps-Solve Two Problems at Once     52
Written Profiles-Sight Picture of Success     53
Good Is the Enemy of Great     53
Cost of a Bad Hire     55
Proactive Sourcing     59
Your Sales Process Should Drive Your Talent Profile     61
Hiring Assessments     62
Are Great Salespeople Born or Made?     65
Page's 10 P's Profile of Successful Hiring     67
Personal Accountability     68
Purpose     71
Principles     71
Plan     72
Preparation     72
Passion      73
Performance     73
Personality     74
Practical Intelligence     76
Perseverence     78
Start Performance Management in the Interview     79
Talent Scorecard     80
Technique     83
Technique     85
R.A.D.A.R.: The Six P's of Opportunity Management-Summary     86
T.E.A.M.: The Eight "Ates" of Managing Strategic Accounts     88
Penetrate     88
Demonstrate     88
Evaluate     89
Radiate     90
Collaborate     91
Elevate     92
Dominate     95
Inoculate     95
Refinements and Advancements     96
Coaching: The Key to Organizational Sales Discipline     96
Today's Economy Affects the Way We Sell the Talent Pool     97
The Lost Art of Prospecting     98
Procurement Grows Stronger-Commoditization     99
Value-Based Account Segmentation     102
ROI Alone Is Not Enough     105
Relationships Alone Are Not Enough, Either     109
Defining Your Best Practices Sales Cycle     112
The Sales Cycle Coaching Template-A Vision of Victory      113
Forecasting Is Now Strategic     115
Why Forecasting Doesn't Work Well     115
Forecasting-If and When Plus How     117
The Next Generation of Drill-Down Forecasting     118
Technique Scorecard     120
Teamwork     123
Teamwork     125
Team Selling     127
Soccer or Silos-None of the Above     128
From Loners to Leaders     131
Make the Pie Bigger First-You Can't Split Zero     132
Strategy Sessions-When Do You Want the Bad News? Who Do You Want It From?     134
I'm a Veteran-Why Do I Need a Coach?     137
Sales Managers-Too Busy to Win     137
Coaching Done Badly     139
Manager-Walk Your Talk. Be Prepared     140
Enemies of Teamwork     142
Teamwork Scorecard     144
Technology     147
Technology     149
CRM-Relationships, Where Art Thou?     149
CRM: Cost-Reduction Management     153
Field Sales Forces Served Last     158
Tools for the Individual Salesperson     161
Network Management Tools     162
Technology-Assisted Opportunity Coaching     163
Lead Prequalification Checklist     163
Prospect Qualification Checklist     164
Competitive Assessment     164
Value Linkage Chart     165
Stakeholder Analysis     165
Action Plan     165
Coaching Questions     166
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Sales     166
Stop Flogging the Forecast-Start Coaching to Win     167
Coaching in Eight Simple Questions     168
Pipeline versus Forecast     170
Forecast or "Pastcast"?-Driving in the Rearview Mirrow     170
Competetive Intelligence Technologies     172
Tools for Account Management     175
New Research Tools     177
Benchmarks for Pain Creation     178
Obstacles to Effective Account Management     178
Closing the Gap between Marketing and Sales     181
Hey, Marketing-Salespeople Are Your Customers, Too     181
Sales Knowledge Management     183
Messages Focused by Stakeholder     184
Product Launch or Product Lurch?     185
Speed of Feedback Is Advantage     187
Technology Scorecard     188
Trust     191
Trust     193
It Starts with the Heart     193
Alignment-Opening the Door to Rapport     195
Consultative Selling-The Answer Is a Question     199
From Rapport to Preference-There Are Two Roads     202
The Differences in Differentiators     203
Products to Solutions-Want My Trust? Solve My Problem-Want Big Bucks? Solve Big Problems     205
References-A Treasury of Transferred Trust     208
Keep 'Em Honest     209
The Pronoun Shift     210
Account Management-From Preference to Trust     211
Equal-Rank Meetings     212
Relationships     214
Trust Scorecard     216
Transformation     219
Transformation-Making It Stick     221
How Salespeople Learn: C.A.S.H. Learning Model     222
Curiosity     222
Awareness     223
Skill     224
Habit     224
Making It Stick     225
Formula for Failure-What Won't Work     225
Management Commitment: They're Watching You to See If You Are Still Watching Them     226
It Takes One to Two Years-Do You Have That Long?     229
Real World and Relevant     230
Tailored to Your Unique Sales Process      231
Keep the Tools Simple     231
Successful, Credible Instructors-No "Facilitators" Allowed     232
Obstacles to Adoption     233
On to the Fourth Generation: Perpetual Advantage     234
New Metrics-New Accountability     234
Coaching and Forecast Follow-up Metrics     236
Deal-Tracking Survey     237
Performance Reviews-More Than Just Deal Competence     238
What about Motivation?     241
Win-Loss Reviews-The Silver Bullets of Truth     242
Perpetual Advantage Competetive Cycle Speed-Get Ahead and Stay Ahead     244
Summary: Trail Map to Transformation     246
Transformation Scorecard     248
Review     251
R.A.D.A.R. Six P's of Winning a Complex Sale     251
Link Solutions to Pain     251
Qualify the Prospect     252
Build Competitive Preference     252
Determine the Decision-Making Process     254
Sell to Power     256
Develop and Communicate the Plan     257
Bibliography     258
The Complex Sale, Inc.     259
Index     261

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