Making A Difference
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Making A Difference

by Peter Hernon, Nancy Rossiter

ISBN-10: 1591582911

ISBN-13: 9781591582915

Pub. Date: 09/05/2000

Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated

Leadership is separate from, but integral to, management; and library directors today and for the foreseeable future can be expected to play an institutional role as they lead the library to contribute towards the mission of their college and university. Similarly, new courses in library leadership now accompany more traditional ones on managing organizations and


Leadership is separate from, but integral to, management; and library directors today and for the foreseeable future can be expected to play an institutional role as they lead the library to contribute towards the mission of their college and university. Similarly, new courses in library leadership now accompany more traditional ones on managing organizations and information resources. However, much of the literature on LIS leadership represents a distilled application of principles and practices borrowed from other disciplines, with few reports of research from the library field. Conceived as a companion to The Next Library Leadership (Libraries Unlimited, 2003), Making a Difference includes not only a discussion of effective attributes, but of issues central to the development of leadership qualities, strategies, and dispositions. Essential reading for anyone interested in advancing the quality of leadership within LIS, particularly academic librarians in or aspiring to positions of managerial leadership.

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Table of Contents

Illustrations     xi
Preface     xiii
Acknowledgments     xv
Academic Librarians Today   Peter Hernon     1
Workforce     2
Succession Management     3
Leadership Defined     3
Academic Library Leaders     4
Conclusion     8
Notes     9
The Need for Effective Leadership Is Not Lessening   Peter Hernon     11
Some Key Challenges Facing Higher Education     12
Academic Libraries     13
Information Policy     15
Nurturing Future Leaders     16
Conclusion     18
Notes     18
The Research Literature on Leadership   Nancy Rossiter     21
Leadership Characterizations     21
The Body of Research     29
Conclusion     31
Notes     31
Global Leadership   Nancy Rossiter     35
Shortage of Effective Global Leaders     36
Leadership Styles     36
The Universal Perspective     38
The Culture-Specific Perspective     39
Global Leadership Effectiveness and Emotional Intelligence     42
Cultural Intelligence     43
Model of Effective Global Leadership     44
Conclusion     45
Notes     45
Modeling Leadership Theories   Joan R. Giesecke     49
Traditional Views of Leadership     51
Twentieth-Century Theorists     52
Bringing the Models Together     56
Leadership and Gender     58
Conclusion     59
Notes     59
The LIS Leadership Literature   Peter Hernon     61
Research Literature     62
Nonresearch Literature     64
Conclusion     66
Notes     66
Leaders in Institutions of Higher Education: From Deans to Presidents   Peter Hernon     69
College and University Presidents     70
Chancellors     72
Provosts     72
Deans     72
Leadership Attributes Appearing in Job Advertisements     75
Conclusion     76
Notes     76
Library Directors' Views on Leadership     79
Camila A. Alire, Dean Emeritus of University Libraries, University of New Mexico     80
Rush G. Miller, Director, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh     83
Steven Bell, Director of the Library, Philadelphia University     86
Larry L. Hardesty, Interim University Librarian, Winona State University     90
Terrence Mech, Director of the Library, King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA     92
Thomas G. Kirk, Jr., Library Director and Coordinator of Information Services, Earlham College     96
Mignon Adams, Director of Library and Information Services, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia     100
Sarah M. Pritchard, University Librarian, Northwestern University     104
Conclusion     107
Notes     108
Leadership Effectiveness   Nancy Rossiter     111
Measures of Leadership Effectiveness     111
Leadership Theories     112
Leadership Behaviors     116
Leadership Traits     118
Other Leadership Behaviors     119
Emotional Intelligence     120
Model of Leadership Effectiveness     122
Conclusion     122
Notes     122
Team Effectiveness and Members as Leaders   Elaine Martin     125
Library Effectiveness     126
Hackman's Framework     126
Focus of Chapter     128
Context      130
Study Procedures     132
Findings     133
Conclusion     140
Notes     141
Gen-Xers and Millennials Join the Library Express   Arthur P. Young     143
Reflections     164
Conclusion     165
Notes     166
Diversity and Leadership   Camila A. Alire     169
What Is Transformational Leadership?     170
Libraries and Transformational Leadership     171
Diversity and Transformational Leadership     172
The Simmons Leadership Model for the Information Professions     174
Conclusion     178
Notes     179
Ineffective (Bad!) Leadership   Donald E. Riggs     181
Differences between Leadership and Management     181
Essentials of Effective (Good) Leadership     182
Lack of Literature Citings     184
Why Are We Reluctant to Address/Discuss Bad Leadership?     184
Leadership Groups     184
Dysfunctional Patterns     185
Picking a New Library Leader     185
Situational Leadership     186
Followers     186
What Can Bad Leaders Do to Become Better Leaders?     187
Conclusion     187
Notes     188
Assessing Leadership Skills   Nancy Rossiter     189
Development of Leadership Skills     189
Skills-Based Assessment Model     190
Competency-Based Assessment Models     193
Maturity-Based Assessment Models     194
Situational Leadership II Assessment Model     196
Library Leadership Development Assessment     197
Implications     198
Conclusion     198
Notes     199
360-Assessment   Peter Hernon   Nancy Rossiter     201
Standardized Instruments and Software     202
Frequency of Examining Managers     203
Developing a 360-Assessment for Library Leadership     203
The Instrument     208
Implementation Procedures     214
The Feedback Report     215
Resonant Leadership     215
Conclusion     216
Notes     216
Preparing the Next Generation of Directors and Leaders   Nancy Rossiter     219
Who Will Lead Libraries?     219
Hiring New Library Leaders     220
Self-Assessment      221
Internship Programs     221
Leadership Training Programs     223
Mentoring     223
Development     224
Challenge     224
Support     225
What to Nurture?     225
Conclusion     225
Notes     226
Managerial Leadership as an Area of Doctoral Study   Peter Hernon   Candy Schwartz   Caryn Anderson     229
Managerial Leadership     230
The Program     231
The Faculty     233
Student Body     233
Curriculum     234
Outcomes and Their Assessment     235
Conclusion     249
Notes     250
Leadership in Academic Libraries Is No Fad   Peter Hernon     251
Work Setting     252
Managerial Leadership     253
Some Misperceptions     257
Present and Future Challenges for Managerial Leadership     257
Service Leadership     259
Succession Management     260
Baldrige National Quality Program     261
Personality Traits     262
Conclusion     263
Notes      264
Bibliography     267
Index     285

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