Making Connections

Making Connections

by Carol Gilligan

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Note to the Harvard Edition



Teaching Shakespeare's Sister: Notes from the Underground of Female Adolescence
Carol Gilligan

Listening to Voices We Have Not Heard

Emma Willard Girls' Ideas about Self, Relationships, and Morality
Nona P. Lyons

Conceptions of Separation and Connection in Female Adolescents
Lori Stern

When Is a Moral Problem Not a Moral Problem?

Morality, Identity, and Female Adolescence
Lyn Mikel Brown

Save the World, Save Myself

Responses to Problematic Attachment
Judith P. Salzman

Unfairness and Not Listening

Converging Themes in Emma Willard Girls' Development
Elizabeth Bernstein and Carol Gilligan

The Body Politic

Normal Female Adolescent Development and the Development of Eating Disorders
Catherine Steiner-Adair

Competencies and Visions

Emma Willard Girls Talk about Being Leaders
Nona P. Lyons, Jane Forbes Saltonstall, and Trudy J. Hammer

Racial Identity Formation and Transformation
Janie Victoria Ward

The View from Step Number 16

Girls from Emma Willard School Talk about Themselves and Their Futures
Janet Mendelsohn

Daughters' Views of Their Relationships with Their Mothers
Sharon Rich

Girls' Sexual Choices: Looking for What Is Right

The Intersection of Sexual and Moral Development
Kathleen Holland Bollerud, Susan Boynton Christopherson, and Emily Schultz Frank


Conversations with Emma Willard Teachers about Their Participation in the Dodge Study


Soundings into Development
Carol Gilligan, Annie Rogers, and Lyn Mikel Brown

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