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Making It in America: Proven Paths

Making It in America: Proven Paths

by Jerry J. Jasinowski, Lee Iacocca (Foreword by), Robert Hamrin (With)

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Whipsawed by inflation and unable to sell products consumers didn't want, U.S. manufacturing was largely written off during the 1970s. By the '90s, it had enjoyed an economic renaissance, becoming ``the fundamental reason why America's economic sun is shining.'' Jasinowski (president, National Association of Manufacturers) and Hamrin (America's New Economy: The Basic Guide) here explain manufacturing's successful metamorphosis. Drawing on 50 cases, from the high-tech (Intel) to the mundane (Lincoln Electric), the authors maintain that manufacturing companies have been succeeding because of their commitment to worker empowerment, customer satisfaction, finding new markets, environmentalism and the pursuit of new organizational structures. Their analysis augments our understanding of manufacturing's pivotal role in the U.S. economy. (Mar.)
Library Journal
Responding to the pessimistic comments made in the mid-1980s about the competitiveness and survival of American manufacturing, the authors (the president of the National Association of Manufacturers and an economic consultant, respectively) relate remarkable stories about 50 manufacturing companies in which management applied new ideas for involving people: empowering employees, redirecting their energies toward intensifying total quality, and generating excitement and harmony in the workplace. By using new ideas, these companies achieved the commitment and dedication required to accelerate the pace of change. Drawing from interviews with workers, managers, and CEOs, the book takes as its premise that success of the manufacturing company (or any other organization) depends on the enterprise's ability to liberate the creativity and power of its workers, satisfy customers beyond their expectations, uncover new markets, and concentrate on continuous improvement of all organizational functions. Not linked to supporting the theories of any particular discipline, this book provides practical approaches and sensible practices that have proved workable in the situations presented. It should serve as an inspirational source of practical ideas for businesses. Recommended for public libraries.-Ali D. Abdulla, East Carolina Univ., Greenville, N.C.
David Rouse
Presented here are 50 "success stories" designed to demonstrate that U.S. manufacturing is not dead but, in fact, has helped fuel an economic resurgence. Like proud cheerleaders, the authors show off the productivity increases, remarkable turnarounds, new products, managerial innovations, and improved sales figures exemplified by their "shining examples." Jasinowski has been president of the National Association of Manufacturers for the last five years, and independent economic consultant Hamrin has written several books, most recently "America's New Economy" (1988). The companies they have selected are grouped into three categories, which they suggest represent the focal points that pinpoint the way to success: employee creativity and empowerment, customer service, and continuous improvement. For each company they identify a challenge faced, the response made, and the results achieved.

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