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Making it on my own

Making it on my own

5.0 2
by Marlene

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Life for Shay Johnson was a party. She was doing her thing- young, black, gifted, working part-time, going to college and making do in a small apartment in Buffalo, NY. She was on top of her game, and there was nothing you could tell her, she was it! Shay had everything under control until she met Chico, a suave, handsome Spanish gentleman that swept her off her feet


Life for Shay Johnson was a party. She was doing her thing- young, black, gifted, working part-time, going to college and making do in a small apartment in Buffalo, NY. She was on top of her game, and there was nothing you could tell her, she was it! Shay had everything under control until she met Chico, a suave, handsome Spanish gentleman that swept her off her feet and took her heart. It wasn't too long before Shay was completely under his spell.

Everything was going great until Chico's past comes to disrupt their paradise. As quick as Shay rose to love, she fell hard and fast leaving her at her lowest. Finding herself in the street with no way to feed her son and a baby on a way, Shay now has some hard decisions to make.

Good friends are hard to come by, and Huey is her prince charming in disguise ready to take her away from life's harsh reality. What happens when Shay finds love in an unexpected place? Will she continue to deny herself a chance to love again because of the drama she went through with Chico, or will she open up to a chance at starting over? The struggle of a young girl finding her way to womanhood, and the sacrifices you take to get there are all on the pages of Making It On My Own...because at the end of the day you can only truly depend on yourself.

Editorial Reviews

Deltareviewer Real Page Turners
MAKING IT ON MY OWN is a story of rebirth and a spiritual-like renewal that makes you ready to take charge of the world. Shay is the girlfriend that you have that makes you slap her for being so naïve. MAKING IT ON MY OWN has an evolving storyline that forces you to ask what possibly can happen next?
~Reviewed By Deltareviewer of Real Page Turners
OOSA Book club
You will be able to recognize the emotions of yourself or someone you know in Marlene's strong and intense portrait of a young woman and single mother struggling with the burdens and anxieties of everyday life. Marlene’s creative writing style connects the story line to real-life issues drawing readers in. I enjoyed Shay's "in your face tell it like it is" narrative.
~OOSA Book Club
Marlene leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to the daily struggles of a young woman and her quest to survive. The lessons of survival were forceful in this fast paced, action-packed drama. I was drawn into the emotional world of Shay and her problems. This book is an excellent read…
~The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

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Making it on my own 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
luv2readTW More than 1 year ago
This was my first time reading from this author and honestly I wasnt sure what to expect but I really did enjoy this story. It was very well written and I think a lot of females can relate to this story. This story had a lot of great elements, I laughed, I was sad and there were parts I was happy and mad. This story takes us on the journey of a young lady named Shay who is basically all alone in the world. She heads upstate to get an education so that she can have a better life when she has an encounter with the guy she thinks to be the man of her dreams. They have their ups and downs as any typical realtionship, but what he does has Shay alone and fiending for herself (I dont want to give too much away). Shay is definitly a character so many young girls can relate to, trying to go out there and make it and a man comes along and brings them down. Shay has just so much will power to succeed and to not fail that she just keeps going so that she can make the best of what her life has become. This author does a really good job showing Shay as a character its like you felt like you knew her and could understand her ups and her downs and was proud when she was and sad when she was. I think so many people can relate to this book and see a postive outcome coming from it and I think a lot of young mothers out there who may have gotten lost need to pick this book up and see thats its possible to go on. I know when I read this book I though of someone who I know could relate very well to Shay. Enoyed this book and cant wait to read more from this author!! **Nook Readers**
dreamsofjamaica More than 1 year ago
Marlene really take us on a journey through life. Love and trust can truly throw your life off track. The people we choose to trust can really make great or bad. I was impressed with Shay's strength and her resolve to make it at all cost. Wonderful story and love the ending.
token787 More than 1 year ago
Making It On My Own, was a true to life book about a young woman named Shay that had everything going for her, college student, job, own apartment, until one day she meets a nice young man named Chico. These two together had the world in their hands and it was too good to be true, and when it's too good to be true something always come up. This too good to be true man just dropped out of Shay's life and never looked back. Devastated, scared, alone, and left w/her baby son, Shay's world come crumbling down before Chico can clear the door good. The reader will go with Shay through this emotional struggle and take a lesson learned in life, and it will have you thinking life is full of curve balls and it's only room for the strong to survive. Making It On My Own was so real and true, it did not discriminate to tell it like it is. The characters were so real and vivid, and the story line was on point and flowed so smoothly. I caught myself constantly shaking my head and taking deep breaths, but all along wish I could jump in the book and save the day. This author is up and coming and I welcome her into my new up and coming author's list. Kudos to you Marlene this was a job well deserved and done!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Making It On My Own tells the story of Shay, a young college woman who is struggling to make it through school while working part time and keeping up her own place. Always focused on her studies, Shay makes it through three years at Buffalo State College. Unfortunately, Shay¿s life would take a nasty detour after meeting the smooth talking Chico Ramos. From the start Chico¿s intentions are less than honorable. Early on Shay finds out that Chico is in fact married, a fact Chico forgot to mention. Upon learning this Shay drops Chico, and continues on with her plans. Eventually Chico manages to work himself back into Shay¿s life. The second round with Chico results in Shay becoming pregnant twice and being abandoned by Chico. At that point Shay is forced to quit school, move to New York City, and eventually move into a homeless shelter. Making It On My Own details an all too common story among love struck women today. The book serves as a cautionary tale about trusting ones¿ first instincts, and sticking to ones¿ plan. Making It On My Own is a well crafted work whose main character has a delightfully strong voice. The author also paints vivid pictures of the environments in which Shay finds herself. In addition to being inspiring, the book is also very funny. Most importantly Making It On My Own serves as an inspiring example of a young woman reclaiming her life after a series of unfortunate events.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shay Johnson is used to living a modest life. Only five years old when both her parents are killed by a drunk driver, she moves in with her grandmother, who takes care of her until dying when Shay is seventeen. Soon thereafter, Shay enrolls in college, securing an off-campus apartment of her own during her sophomore year. Things appear to be going well for her - and then she meets Chico, smooth-talking aspiring entrepreneur who quickly sweeps her off her feet, promising her a life of bliss beyond her wildest dreams. Shay soon discovers, though, that Prince Charming is often still just a frog in disguise. She eventually finds herself mother to Chico¿s child while pregnant with another - but not before she learns the truth about Chico¿s past, a truth he¿s been hiding from her from Day One: he¿s still married, and he has a daughter from a previous relationship. Their own relationship eventually implodes under the weight of his lies and continued deception, and Shay soon finds herself the sole bread-winner for her children after Chico unexpectedly leaves without a trace. What follows is a heart-breaking tale of loss and adversity, as Shay endures the wholly agonizing experience of homelessness. Driven by her desire to provide for her children, she suffers hunger, humiliation, depression, and even threats to her own life, all the while maneuvering throughout the legal aid system, shifting from shelter to shelter, simply trying to secure a better life. Were it not for the steady companionship of the doting Huey, she may never make it back on her own two feet. Making It On My Own tugs at the heart in so many ways that it¿s impossible to give it ample praise. The most admirable quality of Marlene¿s storytelling is the masterful way that she gives a human face to the vague world of homelessness. As Shay meets and learns the stories of other women in predicaments similar to hers, the reader vicariously learns to rid him/herself of any preconceived notions of homeless people, specifically the concept that they¿re lazy, shiftless, or choose to be so afflicted in life. Whether driven into indigence by health problems, unemployment, or even deceptive husbands, Marlene¿s narrative quickly reminds the reader that his/her own personal situation can also change without warning, and that being thankful for the security of our own lives should be the top priority of our every waking moment. Moreover, Making It On My Own also serves as a reminder to be most appreciative for the true friendships that we¿re blessed to have over the course of our lives. Were it not for the disloyalty shown to her by her own friends, Shay would never have had to endure the difficulties that she faced likewise, were it not for the true friendship of Huey, she may never have recovered. Friendship can be either a blessing or a curse, and Marlene skillfully displays that, if we¿re blessed enough to avoid the latter, we should honor the former with due respect. Making It On My Own is a wonderful read, hard to put down and impossible to forget. Marlene is a welcome voice to the chorus of the literary world, and her talent begs an encore.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Marlene's novel 'Making It On My Own' was a tale of a young woman (Shay) trying to figure what's best for her. She goes through a number of trials and tribulations as she finds out what true love is all about. She goes from a hight point in her life to an extremely low point. The strength that she gives her character Shay is amazing. It's also a reminder of how just how strong a number of single mothers are and some of things that they go through. I have no children but it is very encouraging to read. Thanks Marlene!