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Making Over Mike

Making Over Mike

4.7 4
by Lisa Plumley

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Amanda Connor is a life coach-not a magician! Granted, as a televised publicity stunt for her new business, the savvy entrepreneur has promised to transform some poor slob into a perfectly balanced example of modern manhood. But Mike Cavaco gives "raw material" new meaning. With her future at stake, what can Amanda do but roll up her sleeves, get down to work...and


Amanda Connor is a life coach-not a magician! Granted, as a televised publicity stunt for her new business, the savvy entrepreneur has promised to transform some poor slob into a perfectly balanced example of modern manhood. But Mike Cavaco gives "raw material" new meaning. With her future at stake, what can Amanda do but roll up her sleeves, get down to work...and pray for a miracle?
In a city crawling with hot restaurants and hotter women, culinary whiz and contented bachelor Mike has been in his glory-until now. Simultaneously jobless and dateless, he's forced to trade his sweatpants, poker games, and pay-per-view sports to spend 24/7 with a hyper-enthusiastic mentor who happens to be easy on the eyes-but impossible in every other way. Unwilling Mike never suspects that he's about to become the man of Amanda's dreams-or that she might just turn out to be the woman of his...

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Oh, the things men do for love. Chef Mike Cavaco thought he was a happy bachelor, until he met life coach Amanda Connor. She's looking for the perfect man to “make over” in a televised publicity stunt and, once he gets a look at the lovely lady, he's ready to promise almost anything to get her to spend time with him. If the only way he can be with her is to let her take over his life 24 hours a day — give up sweatpants, pay-per-view, and poker games, while she energetically transforms him into an impeccably dressed modern man — he's willing to give it a try. But the funniest thing in this very funny novel is that, the more Amanda remodels Mike into the perfect, yoga-posturing, freshly shaven, sensitive man-for-the-new-millennium, the more she misses the impossibly scruffy, irresistibly charming original. They say you can't change the one you love; but somehow, by the end of the book, Mike's changed Amanda into someone who can appreciate his unpolished perfection.

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At the entrance to Macy's, Amanda paused and whirled to face Mike. "That confession of mine? It's this: I absolutely love to shop."

"That's a confession?" He scoffed. "I'm pretty sure loving to shop is some kind of girly birthright."

"There's nothing I'd rather do than spend an afternoon shopping. Nothing."

With an opening like that, Mike just couldn't let it go. He captured Amanda's hand when she would have sashayed away and tugged her back beside him.

"Nothing?" he asked.

He leaned nearer so the Channel Six crew wouldn't hear and positioned his mouth against the soft skin of Amanda's earlobe-not kissing, just barely touching-and felt her fingers tighten on his at the contract. Heard her sharp intake of breath as he began speaking again. "Not even an afternoon of making love? Losing yourself in the heat, and the closeness, and the skin-on-skin touch of bodies rubbing together, lips-"

"Nope," Amanda squeaked. "Not even that."

"I have a pretty good idea how to change your mind about that 'favorite activity' thing. If you'll let me."

"Not a chance," Amanda snapped, sandals clicking on the polished floor. "This is all business between us.

"What a shame." With a wink to let her know their game wasn't finished yet, Mike smiled and followed Amanda toward the men's department. "And me with such a knack for pleasure . . . ."

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Making Over Mike 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Making over Mike is a fantastic book. I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to reading more of Plumley's books.
Guest More than 1 year ago

The owner of a struggling start-up company, Aspirations, Inc, Amanda Connor is desperate. Unless she can come up with the winner of her Life Coach Lotto promotion, she can kiss her dreams and aspirations goodbye. Her chance for success rests solely on a local news station¿s offer to track one of her clients through a whole-life makeover and, if successful, translate that into a weekly TV spot for Amanda.

Taxi-driver (aka unemployed chef) Mike Cavaco is just trying to make ends meet while he searches for the right employment opportunity after having discovered that ¿good intentions¿ mean nothing. However, his ¿good intentions¿ again turn his life upside down when he finds 16 tickets for the Life Coach Lotto stuffed in the back seat of his cab. Being an honest guy, Mike feels it¿s his responsibility to turn them in so the rightful owner can claim them.

Amanda¿s first reaction to the ripped-jeans-stained-T shirt-scruffy-shaggy apparent winner of the contest, ¿Oh, no. Not the taxi guy,¿ quickly dissolves into determination and resolve when she realizes what a coup this would mean for her business and her future. And determination is what Amanda needs lots of to get Mike to agree, as `makeover¿ is not a word found in Mike Cavaco¿s personal vocabulary. But something about Amanda sticks with him and refuses to leave and Mike finds himself reluctantly agreeing.

Mike¿s your typical macho guy and faced with pink fluffy spa robes, manicures, waxing, he certainly could have become nasty about all of it. But the author refrains from devolving him into that category, using humor instead, and for this she put me firmly in love with this guy. As the makeover progresses, and he learns more about Amanda, Mike finds himself becoming more and more attached to his Life Coach. And despite her rule to never get involved with a client, Amanda finds herself falling deeper and deeper for the scruffy cab driver.

At times the story is hysterically funny [the scene in a restaurant/pool hall where Amanda and Mike wager a game of pool with Mike¿s motorcycle/pool shark friends is priceless], poignant [the transformation of the Mike¿s friends, the dreams Mike and Amanda have and the motivation that drives them], and heart wrenching [as Mike and Amanda come to grips with what they¿ve come to mean to each other]. Their struggle to resolve the crisis in their lives that this makeover has created leads to some difficult choices for both and to a final scene that had my eyes a bit misty even as I smiled.

MAKING OVER MIKE made me thankful for authors such as Ms. Plumley¿who proves it is possible to craft a story filled with strong, believable, sympathetic characters without resorting to the crude and uncouth. These are the kind of characters with whom I¿d love to associate in real life. If you¿re a fan of Patti Berg or Millie Criswell, you will love Lisa Plumley¿s MAKING OVER MIKE.

harstan More than 1 year ago
In Phoenix, Amanda Connor knows how important her ¿Life Coach Lotto¿ promotion is for her business aspirations, to make a success of her company Aspiration, Inc. She persuades Channel Six to follow the makeover of the winner for one month.

To Amanda¿s chagrin, the winner turns out to be quite a loser as Taxi driver Mike Cavaco enters the TV studio with the triumphant tickets. All Mike wants to do is return what he found left behind in his cab and escape into his world of self pity that has engulfed him ever since he lost his regular job. However, before he can react he is drawn into accepting the victory. Amanda may think she can make Mike over, but he wants to say no only it keeps coming out yes because he finds himself attracted to his life make over counselor.

MAKING OVER MIKE is an amusing contemporary romantic romp that never takes itself seriously. The story line is fun and humorous in a madcap way, as neither of the lead characters wants what is happening, but between the TV station and love, they have no choice. Anyone who enjoys reading a funny frolicking romp will want to peruse Lisa Plumley¿s cheerful tale.

Harriet Klausner