Making Room

Making Room

by Phoebe Koehler

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A canine narrator measures the changes in his standard of living when his one-man, one-dog household grows to include first a woman, then a cat and, finally, a baby. No Pollyanna, the dog candidly acknowledges turns for the worse: the dog has to yield his spot on the couch to the woman, the cat hides the best toys under the couch and the baby dislodges both cat and dog from the family bed. But he also learns to recognize new benefits (the woman ``plays a great game of chase,'' the cat ``shares his milk (sometimes)'' and the baby ``makes me laugh''). Koehler's message is all the more palatable for its lack of sugarcoating. Her illustrations--tissue and construction paper collages--are both delicate in their treatment of light and pattern and reassuringly substantial in their compositions. Like the theme of her story, her art honors balance and harmony. Ages 2-8. (Mar.)
Julie Corsaro
Bright, textured collages add a warm and joyful resonance to a simple story about a large dog who reluctantly makes room in his master's household for a woman, a cat, and a baby. Although the mutt resents losing his place on the couch and in the bed, he enjoys the lady's leftovers, the feline's milk, and the child's antics--"So," he says, "I guess I'll make room." Created with hand-painted tissue and construction paper, the cozy pictures have patterned backgrounds and representational figures that enhance the brief, rhythmic text. For instance, one double-page spread shows the expectant couple asleep in one another's arms while their pets doze at the foot of the bed. The emotional distance provided by the dog's-eye view makes this a super choice for sharing with young children who may be feeling displaced by a new sibling. And readers of all ages will enjoy the author's inspirational family portrait on the back of the dust jacket, accompanied by the statement "Apgar, the cat, refused to pose."

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Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
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1st ed
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4 - 8 Years

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