Making Speech Free

Making Speech Free

by Utah Phillips

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Trade Root Music


  1. Railroading On the Great Divide
  2. "Armed With Only Our Sense of Degradation"
  3. No More Reds In the Union
  4. "She Favored Bank Robbers"
  5. Pretty Boy Floyd
  6. "Anybody Who Doesn't Need a Cop To Tell Him What To Do"
  7. "the Rich Will Not Permit You To Vote Away Their Wealth"
  8. I Got To Know Why
  9. "All We Want is To Create Voluntary Combinations"
  10. I Will Not Obey
  11. Soup
  12. "the Origin of the Hiring Hall and Free Speech Rights"
  13. Preacher and the Slave
  14. "Keep Your Hands In Your Pockets"
  15. Bread and Roses
  16. "the Most Dangerous Woman In America"
  17. The Charge On Mother Jones
  18. "a Strike is a Massive Act of Free Speech"
  19. There's Power In the Union
  20. This Land is Not Our Land
  21. "You Cannot Even Passively Participate"

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