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by David Searls

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It feeds on your fear!

It watches. Listens. Learns. It feeds on your deepest fears, your basest instincts and darkest suspicions.

As its grip tightens on neighbors, friends and lovers, it's up to Tim Brentwood and Griffin Solloway-two clueless slackers who can barely take care of themselves-to confront the nameless terror. As its shadow spreads over the Cleveland


It feeds on your fear!

It watches. Listens. Learns. It feeds on your deepest fears, your basest instincts and darkest suspicions.

As its grip tightens on neighbors, friends and lovers, it's up to Tim Brentwood and Griffin Solloway-two clueless slackers who can barely take care of themselves-to confront the nameless terror. As its shadow spreads over the Cleveland neighborhood, Tim wonders whether he can even trust his new friend. Or is there a darker side to Griffin?

The two can only be sure of one thing as their nemesis draws ever closer. Whatever it is, it's malevolent.

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Malevolent 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
tbower86 More than 1 year ago
Malevolent by David Searls is a horror novel that is told from the perspective of numerous people that live in Old Brooklyn. The story begins with Germaine Marberry as she is walking home from Utica Lane Church of Redemption. Germaine is repulsed by the new video store that moved in across the street because it is open late hours and rents adult videos. Based on his business, Germaine is repulsed by the owner—whose name the reader later learns is Griffin. Suddenly, Germaine is attacked by an unnamed man who pins her to the ground and rapes her. Germaine, however, hints that it was Griffin who committed the vile act.   In the next chapter, the reader meets Tim Brentwood. Tim is racing home on his bike when he sees the crime scene. Tim’s girlfriend Patty does not approve of the money he spends or the late hours he keeps as a DJ in bars. Tim stops anyway and meets Griffin, who swears he heard her screams from the video store, but when he came out he saw no man at the scene. The case of Germaine’s attack becomes even more bizarre as the cops let slip that there was no sign of assault.   As if the phantom rapist wasn’t weird enough, the next chapter is narrated by an unnamed male who is talking to his dead wife—the wife that he murdered years ago. She tells him mysteriously that Vincent wants him to do a specific act to atone for his actions. Vincent is the preacher at Utica Lane Church.   In the preceding chapters, every character in the novel experiences an explainable encounter. Vincent swears he sees a strange man coming out of his house and then taunting him at the grocery store, the cop assigned to Germaine’s case goes up against hostile felines, and Tim DJ’s a wedding and a voice in his speakers tells him to murder a child. And things just get weirder and weirder from that point on—all centering around the church, its preacher, and parishioners.   For a majority of the novel, the reader is left wondering how all of these events and people fit together—it’s all one big, horrific puzzle. Not only is this novel terrifying, it is also challenging—it’s a mystery of epic proportions. The reader will not know the answer to what connects all of these seemingly random events until the very last chapter. The reader will wonder up until the very end whether or not Tim, Melinda, and Griffin can beat an unknown, malevolent force or if it will devour the entire town whole...
Bonnie0 More than 1 year ago
This story is interesting and has a good plot when you get into the book. I had a hard time getting into the book. There are a lot of characters, and the point of view changes between the characters frequently. This made it very difficult to comprehend what was happening. I was about half way through the book before I had any idea what was going on. The ever changing perspective allowed the author to provide great insight into the characters and the setting. There are several interesting characters in this book. A young woman from the neighborhood, who has been raped, is a character that I would call a crazy cat lady. Germaine, her mother, and her sister all live in a house together and due to some of the circumstances o the story they are all fasting which causes them all to act strange; even the cats are fasting. Griffin Solloway, a video rental store owner, and Tim Brentwood, a private party DJ get drawn into the drama. These two characters are not ambitious, but they are determined to uncover the truth about Germaine, and the Church of Redemption she attends with her family. This church seems to be a quite small neighborhood church, but those who enter the church awaken a dark force. Based on the second half of this book I would definitely recommend this book.
KenishaP More than 1 year ago
Malevolent focuses on the varied citizens of a fairly small town in Cleveland, Ohio. Strange things have been happening all over town, from rises in violent crime and sexual deviancy to outright spooky things like hallucinations. The common link in many of the events seems to be a church that many of the townsfolk live near or attend. Using a church as a focal point for the evil infecting the town was a good choice, as it clashes with the common perception of churches as a sanctuary or holy place. As the sleepy Cleveland town falls further into evil, you experience a crawling sick feeling, wondering what will befall the citizens next. The story is chock full of questions and mysteries, and the ending ties it all up well. The writing is fairly simple/standard, and it's easy to pick up and get into. The writing is pretty effective for the genre, for instance the tension is kept high when necessary and really adds to the tone of the book. I'm not a huge fan of horror, but this was pretty well done in my opinion. Well written and suspenseful enough to keep me on edge, I would def. recommend this book.
sewolf0310 More than 1 year ago
What evil lurks in the deepest, darkest shadows of your mind? What kind of evil can bring out your biggest fears? An evil that you cannot see. Would you think you were going crazy if you were accused of raping a woman but can’t remember a thing? Even though you see a video of yourself doing the crime? But when the police view the video, there is nothing about a rape on it. Griffin Solloway thinks he is losing his mind. Luckily, a caring person, Tim Brentwood, with some prodding from the police detective Melinda Dillon, befriends Griffin. Poor Germaine Marberry, the victim of the rape, and her family are starving themselves to clear the area of those who sin, according to the minister, Vincent. Laney, the ghost spirit, constantly prods her not dead husband he must kill again. But who is her husband? The more Tim and Griffin talk and hang out, the more strange things become. Everyone’s biggest fears seem to be coming to light, but only in their eyes. No one else sees what they see. The more Griffin tries to prove his innocence, or others try to prove his guilt, the more evil and strange things become. Luckily Tim and detective Melinda work together to get to the bottom of the crime, and eventually the cause of all the evil. Great mix of characters and great writing to keep you turning pages to see what happens next. You feel for each of the characters as they struggle with their fears. While I enjoyed the book, and would recommend it to others who like suspense and mystery, the transfer to a Kindle version was poor. It is very bothersome to have page numbers, author name, book title and website randomly appear during your text. It made for a slower read.
Sue_in_CT More than 1 year ago
Malevolent by David Sears is a psychological thriller that takes place in Cleveland, Ohio. This multi-character tale starts off with the main character of Tim Brentwood's chance encounter with a local area business owner, Griffin Solloway, at the scene of a rape. Griffin is later accused of the rape and this just starts the cascading events that take place in Cleveland. Something is feeding on the fears and spreading suspicion among the residents but is it real? The author takes us into the deepest, darkest places of fear including rape, murder, and other evils that effect the residents of Cleveland. In this fast paced story of supernatural and evil Tim and Griffin realize that something unnatural is happening to people in town. No one is spared, not even the minister of the Utica Lane Church of Redemption. In fact, they discover that the only thing in common of those who are experiencing these 'evil happenings' are those that have been to this church. They set out to solve the mystery of this evil demon's grasp on Cleveland once and for all. The quick pace of the story starts at the beginning and continues throughout the story. Even though there are multi-characters (after all we are dealing with a city) and the story switches among them, it does so in the way that is not confusing. Each of these characters are developed nicely with Tim Brentwood and even Griffin Solloway being the lead characters and most developed. The story surprisingly even comes off being believable in that the characters are realistic as well as the town, rape and murders do happen. The jury is still out on ghosts and demons but even today many claim to have seen them so that can be believable in the sense that they claim they are real. The story doesn't drag on and has a steady pace with the events being varied and plentiful throughout. It kept me glued to the book to see what will happen next. Because of the sexual subjects and cursing I would recommend Malevolent to adults who enjoy thrillers/horror stories.
Seattle-Slew More than 1 year ago
Malevolent is a fast-paced and intriguing story about a handful of different people living in Cleveland, OH. (having been to Cleveland on many occasions I could actually place the locations in the story and it just served to create more depth and reality to the story, like this could really happen and I know where it is the author is describing.) The story starts off with a woman getting raped. (there's nothing graphic or detailed.) However the police start to wonder if it really happened because there's no proof and people showed up on the scene and never saw the presumed rapist. Ms Marberry, the victim, swears that it happened though, and she also knows who did it. The accused is a man named Griffin who just opened a video rental store near the church she attends. Tim is living with his girlfriend and earning money from any gig he can get - playing music in bars or at weddings, anywhere he can. Tim gets pulled in when he meets Griffin at the "scene of the crime". When Griffin uses Tim as his alibi and calls him his friend, Detective Dillon comes to talk to him. When he explains that he only just met Griffin - and after the alleged rape had occurred - the detective requests that he does become friends with Griffin to get close to him and hopefully see if he slips up in his story. Tim agrees, but his girlfriend gets pulled in when she doesn't believe his story why he's out so late. Strange things continue happening. People seeing/hearing things that no one else does - their biggest fears coming to haunt them. And every strange thing that happens and the people that it affects are all drawn back to the little church that Ms Marberry attends. Are they all crazy? Are people as evil and depraved as they seem? Is the pastor really up to no good or could it just be the church harboring some malicious evil? The story is very interesting and keeps you reading up to the climatic ending. It's always going between the various characters and delving into their lives and problems and the fears that are very real in many peoples lives. It provided a satisfactory ending for all of the characters involved. The story is definitely not for children from the numerous cursing and other topics that it delves into - but it is a very enjoyable read for adults. It's a supernatural thriller that will keep you reading and just maybe checking the dark corners for your own fears. *I did receive a free copy of the book in order to provide an honest review