Malinki the Medic

Malinki the Medic

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by Peter A. Brandt

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Malinki The Medic: From Child 'Prisoner Of War" to Old Age - The Life of Gerd J. Brandt


Malinki The Medic: From Child 'Prisoner Of War" to Old Age - The Life of Gerd J. Brandt

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Peter A. Brandt
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Meet the Author

It only takes a few minutes of thought before Peter Brandt can devise a scenario that would make a fantastic story, and minutes after that before it begins to fill itself in.

“I have been able to think up stories all my life but it’s only been in the last seven years that I realized I was abusing my creative side by not writing them down.”

Peter retired from the Air Force and began a new career as a Technical Writer. His writing abilities have allowed him to work in Canada, the United States and even in the Middle East.

However, its Peter’s love for stories that has brought him into a new realm of writing. His humorous memoir about his life as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces and the tragic memoir about his father’s life in a Prisoner-of-War camp at the age of 14 allowed him to refine his writing before he began to venture in writing Young Adult fiction.

“I have a very unique way of creating my stories. It begins with a craving, like a smoker who just recently quit cigarettes but still feels an overwhelming craving for a smoke. When that comes, I can’t shake it until I sit down and begin to let my mind wander. Many times I start my quest for a new story by wondering - What If. Soon after I begin to write and can usually get the first draft completed within a few weeks.

Maple Express began as a “what if” question that involved a common held belief of the medical community and I’d share it with you but it would give away the storyline.”

Peter has taken formal lessons in acting,

"I've enjoyed some success as an actor in television and film before my day job as a Lead Technical Writer required me to move out of the country I always write my stories as I see them on the movie screen, which is why writing screenplays are also something I do with ease. I have written a couple of screenplays and shot them as short films with a friend of mine.

I can honestly say I have landed in the perfect job for me. I love to write...doesn’t really matter what I write, creatively or technically, writing is a pleasurable experience. It has allowed me to travel and for that I am grateful.”

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Malinki The Medic 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Many unpredictable and unpreventable tragedirs of loss of everday life family andbasic needs to survive and how Malinck drew inner strength and remined courageous tostay alive A good account of a man who lost all and managed to turn things around A little choppy to read but after awhile it is easier to follow Very worthwhile see if you have these characters to survive insteaf of complaing and whining