Mama Wants A Llama

Mama Wants A Llama

by Christine Conroy

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Mama has a special gift request this year for her birthday. Papa needs help getting Mama the perfect gift and there's only one person who knows what it is.  See more details below


Mama has a special gift request this year for her birthday. Papa needs help getting Mama the perfect gift and there's only one person who knows what it is.

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Mama Wants a Llama

By Christine Conroy


Copyright © 2012 Christine Conroy
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-1605-7

Chapter One

My mama's birthday was drawing near, and I knew for what she was wishing this year. Mama told me one day as I sat on her knee that a llama would make her as happy as can be. She said she had dreamed of this gift for a while, and just thinking of llamas would make her smile.

As her birthday came closer Papa asked if I knew, if I had an idea, could I give him a clue? I told him I knew for what Mama had wished to have this year as a special birthday gift. I said, "Mama wants a llama, she told me so. Mama wants a llama, to the farm we must go!"

Papa asked, "Mama wants a llama? Well, what am I to do? Are you sure it was a llama that she told you? She does not want jewelry, not shoes nor a sweater? Not pottery, not flowers nor a hat with big feathers?"

I told him, "Mama wants a llama, Mama told me herself. She says there's a farmer down the road who can help. Mama visits the llamas while I am at school, and she even learned how to spin yarn from their wool. Mama thinks they are funny; they always make her giggle with their big brown eyes and fluffy tails that wiggle." "I know the farm," Papa said, "Let's go right away. Perhaps we will find Mama a llama today."

When we got to the farm and I saw all the llamas, I said, "How are we going to pick just one llama for my mama?" The farmer came out and knew who we were. He said, "I know your mama; you look just like her."

"My mama wants a llama," I told the nice man. The farmer said, "Your mama wants a llama? You will need a plan. You see, llamas need lots of room to run around. They cannot be kept in a city or a town."

Papa said, "Well, we have a large field and a barn at our house. It is empty except for some cats and a mouse. They chase it and chase it but it never gets caught. The cats may be lazy or the mouse may be smart."

The farmer said, "Sounds like a fine place for a llama to call home. You see, llamas live in herds; they cannot be alone. Now, they can guard flocks of goats, alpaca and sheep, but you will have a sad llama if it is only one that you keep." "Oh," said my papa, "There is just one thing to do we must not buy one llama; we must buy her two!"


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