Man Chest Hair

Man Chest Hair


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  1. Good Lovin' Woman  -  Oscar
  2. Ten Days Gone  -  Urbane Gorilla
  3. Hunt The Stag  -  Stackwaddy
  4. Windy Day  -  Greasy Bear
  5. Is This Really Me?  - J.C. Heavy
  6. Johnny  -  Socrates
  7. Seven Stars  -  Plasma
  8. Come On In  - Slipped Disc
  9. Dragonflight  - Savory Duck
  10. King Dick II  -  Way We Live
  11. Crocadilla  -  Spider Jive
  12. Wildside  -  Sweet Chariot
  13. Bringing It All Back Home  -  Samsun
  14. Sweet Wine  -  So On and So Forth
  15. Nebula  - Grisby Dike
  16. Can't Get Enough of Your Love  -  Young & Renshaw
  17. Hazel Time  -  Plasma
  18. Getaway  - Chris Statham

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Paul Young   Vocals
Tony Carter   Guitar,Background Vocals
Terry "Tex" Comer   Bass,Background Vocals
Derek Foley   Guitar,Vocals
Steve Foley   Keyboards
Graham Harrop   Bass
Dave Lowarch   Guitar
Brian McGladdery   Vocals
Jim Milne   Guitar,Vocals
John O'Hara   Guitar,Background Vocals
Dave Pepper   Drums
Andy Povall   Keyboards
Frank Renshaw   Guitar,Vocals
Arny Sage   Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
Gary Sharpe   Guitar
Roger Tweedale   Drums
Steve Whalley   Guitar
Ian Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Neil Levine   Guitar
Tony Bamforth   Keyboards
Stuart Banham   Bass
John Gibson   Bass
John Knail   Vocals
Paul Wilkinson   Drums
Alan Burgess   Vocals
Mike King   Guitar,Vocals
Chris Lee   Vocals
Mike Bryon Hehir   Guitar
John Harvey   Drums
John Blight   Bass,Vocals
Billy Henshall   Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Mitchell   Drums
Ron Walker   Guitar
Steve Clayton   Drums
Mike Briggs   Bass
Chris Smith   Guitar
Chris Phillips   Guitar
Steve Gibson   Drums
Phillip Keen   Drums
Ron Henshall   Flute,Guitar
Chris Statham   Vocals
Pete Oliver   Drums,Vocals
Jeff Dade   Bass
James-Charles Hazeltine   Guitar
Bill Snape   Vocals
Bernie Burns   Drums
Steve Revel   Drums
Tony Armstrong   Keyboards
Terry Spink   Bass
Stuart Pevitt   Vocals
Mick Stott   Guitar
Michael Batsch   Bass
Martin Soar   Drums
Marshall Archer   Bass
Dave Hayhurst   Vocals
Dave Buckle   Drums
Dave Barrow   Bass,Background Vocals
Lenny Sax   Saxophone
Andy Rayner   Bass,Background Vocals
Mike Fogg   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Amatt   Guitar
Ronnie Grundy   Bass
Gary McDougall   Bass
Victor Irving   Vocals
Nicky Knott   Drums
Kevin Bowden   Keyboards
Julian Holt   Saxophone
Josephine Levine   Vocals
Kenny Anders   Bass
Kevin Parrott   Guitar
John Needham   Drums
John Hajok   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Paul Young   Composer
Brian McGladdery   Composer
Jim Milne   Composer
Frank Renshaw   Composer
Steve Whalley   Composer
Ian Wilson   Composer
Stuart Banham   Composer
John Knail   Composer
Mike King   Composer
Andy Votel   Liner Notes
Chris Lee   Composer
John Harvey   Composer
Peter Reno   Composer
John Blight   Composer
Bruce Mitchell   Composer
Steve Clayton   Composer
Chris Smith   Composer
J.C. Heavy   Composer
Ron Henshall   Composer
Urbane Gorilla   Composer
Grisby Dike   Composer
Chris Statham   Composer
James Charles Hodgson   Composer
Bill Snape   Composer
Mick Stott   Composer
Savory Duck   Composer
Mike Fogg   Composer

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