A Man of His Word

A Man of His Word

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by Kathleen Fuller

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Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

In just a few short months, Moriah Miller's perfect life unravels. Newly wed and newly pregnant, Moriah is abandoned by her husband, Levi. He's left her, his family, and their faith without a backward glance. The community, stunned, rushes to the young woman's aid.

But there is someone


Moriah's heart will only be safe with a man of his word.

In just a few short months, Moriah Miller's perfect life unravels. Newly wed and newly pregnant, Moriah is abandoned by her husband, Levi. He's left her, his family, and their faith without a backward glance. The community, stunned, rushes to the young woman's aid.

But there is someone who feels more than just sympathy for Moriah. Gabriel Miller—Levi's twin—longs for an intimate commitment that might someday bind them to one another. Convinced of the impossibility of his dream, Gabriel settles for a mere friendship with the woman he loves.

Moriah bravely goes on with her life, adjusting to her new role in their tight knit Amish community and preparing for the birth of her child. She is unaware that her brief marriage—once idealized as the happiest time in her life—may have been merely a shadow of the king of love God has creater for her. A love that can mend the soul, renew her heart, and give her a future filled with hope...if only she'll let it.

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When her husband, Levi, leaves the Old Order, Moriah Byler is alone and pregnant. Levi's twin, Gabriel, has harbored deep, secret feelings for Moriah, but she may find it hard to risk new heartache. VERDICT This series launch by the coauthor of An Amish Christmas (see review below) will appeal to readers of contemporary Amish love stories. The characters are well drawn, and the plot involves a sweet but winning romance.

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Hearts of Middlefield Series
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Kathleen Fuller is the author of several bestselling novels, including A Man of His Wordand Treasuring Emma, as well as a middle-grade Amish series, the Mysteries of Middlefield. Visit her online at www.kathleenfuller.com, Twitter: @TheKatJam, and Facebook: Kathleen Fuller.

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A Man of His Word (Hearts of Middlefield Series #1) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
MAHake More than 1 year ago
Kathleen Fuller's new release, A Man of His Word, weaves together the stories of two siblings and their struggles to find the right life partner. The novel opens on Moriah Byler's wedding day. Her thrill at marrying Levi Miller soon turns to disappointment, followed by betrayal and loss. Pregnant with their first child, Moriah must deal with her husband's forsaking of their Amish way of life and her own feelings of inadequacy. Compounding her problems is Levi's twin, Gabe, who has secretly loved her since childhood. How can she deal with this constant reminder of Levi and his rejection? Can she trust him with her heart? Moriah's younger brother Tobias doesn't know his own heart. Rachel Detweiler infuriates him, but somehow attracts him too. They seem to antagonize each other and battle misunderstandings and dashed hopes. His bold confrontation with her fiancé changes their lives forever. The touching tale draws the reader into the lives of these realistic characters. Kathleen truly made me care about them. The story is not a fast-paced thriller, but a gentler drama that includes its share of conflict, making you wonder how things will ever be resolved. I enjoyed the narrative.
angeljoy More than 1 year ago
Moriah married the man of her dreams. Levi Miller, unfortunately, had other dreams. Dreams that didn't include Moriah. Or the Amish life he had grown up in. Members of a closeknit Amish community, Moriah was looking forward to her life with Levi. Her wedding is picture perfect and soon after she finds, to her delight, that her dreams are fulfilled when she discovers she is pregnant. But Levi leaves Moriah and the Amish before she can tell him of the good news. Gabe Miller, Levi's twin, has loved Moriah since they were children. His heart breaks as he sees Moriah pregnant and abandonded. But what can he do? The Amish Ordnung does not permit divorce. Even if Levi never returns, Moriah can never be his. Must he be content to love her from afar? Hurt and betrayed, Moriah struggles to trust a God who also seems to have abandoned her. For some reason, I'm drawn to books with Amish settings. Maybe I'm drawn to the portrayal of a simpler life. The Amish seem to live such quiet, orderly lives. I love Kathleen Fuller's characters. She presents a very human side of the Amish showing deep emotional struggles. She also places real life scenarios into the story. Unrequited love, betrayal, hurt and bitterness are not glossed over in A Man of His Word. The parallel story line of Tobias and Rachel provided a bit of lightness to all the heavier drama the main character, Moriah, was facing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story! My late great-grandmother had this book on her kindle, and l really enjoyed this read, and knowing her, she loved this one too :) †
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
VicG More than 1 year ago
Kathleen Fuller has a new book, "A Man Of His Word" published by Thomas Nelson and it is a gentle love story set against the backdrop of the Amish society of Middlefield, Ohio. In simple terms it is the story of a Moriah who marries Levi and thinks that her life is complete when she finds that she is going to bring their first baby to the marriage. Her husband, Levi, is unhappy with being chained down so he not only leaves her he leaves the whole Amish order. His twin brother, Gabriel, is outraged and goes to have a showdown with him only to find that Levi is having an extramarital affair and won't be coming back. Gabriel is heartbroken, not only for the loss of his brother but because he is secretly in love with Moriah and has been since 6th grade. Simultaneously, there is the additional love story of Moriah's brother Tobias and Rachel as they find they love each other and work to discover how to tell each other that. This book is all about family relationships, brothers with brothers and sisters with brothers as well as being in love and telling the person you are in love with that information and what happens when you don't. While it is a gentle book there is tragedy in the story and how the individual bears up under it and how friends and family and faith in God help to ease the pain. All the characters are likable and Ms. Fuller has a way of bringing you into the story and making the little town very real. I didn't think I would enjoy it but Ms. Fuller proved me wrong, "A Man Of His Word" is a wonderful book to pass the time with and help to increase one's faith in God. I give "A Man Of His Word" five stars and look forward to the next book by Kathleen Fuller
ChristysBookBlog More than 1 year ago
A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller is the first book in the Middlefield Series. Moriah Miller has spent much of her life waiting to marry her beau, Levi Miller. But soon after their wedding, the life she imagined for the two of them unravels. He abandons her and their unborn child, leaving her in a state of limbo within their Amish community that doesn't allow divorce. Gabriel, Levi's twin, has long been in love with Moriah but hid his feelings, but now he may be the only one to make things right. Fuller captures the day to day life of an Amish woman, along with her faith and love for family. Readers will see some plot twists coming easily, but the story is compelling and moving as Gabriel tries to do right by Levi and Moriah, as well as Moriah's ache over the loss of a dream and the fear of starting anew. Several other couples are introduced throughout the book who will certainly be featured in future volumes in the series. Gabriel and Moriah's romance is fraught with emotion and pain; I look forward to the story involving Moriah's brother and his new wife which promises to be more light-hearted.
ChandraLynn More than 1 year ago
Kathleen Fuller managed to enter the realm of Amish fiction with a totally new and different sort of love story. Filled with faith, hope, trials, and redemption, readers will not be reading just another Amish novel. Moriah Miller and Gabriel Miller are two characters that will remain in your mind and heart for days after you read the last page. I thoroughly enjoyed their world, their love story, their faith. When dreams end and life gets difficult, remaining faithful and not becoming bitter at life and God can be a challenge for everyone. Kathleen wrote a story about two families, and a community dealing with such difficulties. Readers will be drawn in and long to climb into a buggy and ride into the heart of Middlefield, Ohio. I have read Kathleen's regency romances and loved them. I also loved this one.
Becky32982 More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised with the book A Man of His Word, by Kathleen Fuller. This book is about an Amish woman named Moriah who is marrying her childhood crush Levi. Levi has an identical twin named Gabriel. Gabriel has always been secretly in love with Moriah but refused to stand in the way of his brother's and Moriah's love for one another. When Levi abandons Moriah, Gabriel feels the burden left by his brother and tries to step in to care for Moriah. Gabriel stops at nothing to prove to Moriah his devotion and love for her. Moriah is terrified to give her heart again after feeling so betrayed by her husband. I really enjoyed reading this book. I am a total sucker for love stories so this was right up my alley. When I began reading this book, I thought the first chapter or two were slow reading and I didn't get drawn into the plot right away. Once I read through more of the book, I was hooked. I stayed up all night to finish the story. I really enjoyed the love story between Moraih and Gabriel. I could feel the love and angst that Gabriel felt for Moriah. The feelings the author envokes in the reader is very powerful. Kathleen fuller is a very talented storyteller. I actually found the story between Tobias and Rachel to be my favorite part of the book. Tobias is Moriah's sister and Rachel is a member of their Amish community. I loved their teasing nature with one another and the obvious unspoken passion. I almost wish the entire book had been devoted to their story. While I am not a very religious person, I found the religious aspect to the story very heartwarming and I felt it really added to the love between the characters. The devotion and faith they had in god and his ability to see them through their challenges really helped to make me get to know the characters and feel their emotions with them. I would defiantly recommend A Man of His Word to readers who enjoy a good romance. It is a story about love, family, faith, and never giving up hope.
BluestockingBB More than 1 year ago
This book is part of the Amish romance trend in Christian Fiction. I've often wondered whether the Amish romance is becoming popular because the Western romance has been done and done to death. This seems to be part of a series called Hearts of Middlefield. Moriah Byler is about to married to the man of her dreams- Levi Miller. Where Moriah is a very proper Amish lady, Levi has a bit of a wild streak in him. He's a very different man from his twin Gabriel, who is as upright as they come. Moriah, Levi, and Gabriel grew up together. Both men love Moriah. Oh yes, an Amish love triangle... The crisis in the story comes when Moriah finds out she's pregnant and then finds out that her husband no longer wants to be her husband nor wants to be Amish. Levi had been working away from home and ended up in an adulterous affair with his employer's daughter. Compounding this is the fact that the Amish don't believe in divorce, so despite the adultery Moriah cannot remarry. Of course, Gabriel very much wants to provide for Moriah. The book was just ok. It was a quick read. It seemed a little bit Trite. This is the same story line as a Christian Western except the characters are Amish... I'm not a fan of the romance genre, but for those of you looking for a good clean love story, this one is for you.
Liz_Tolsma More than 1 year ago
Moriah has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Levi, for four months. She is carrying his baby. Everything should be wonderful in her life - but it's not. Levi is gone for long hours and distant when he is home. The news about the baby should make everything right. But on the night she's going to tell him, he leaves a note informing Moriah that he's walking away from the Amish faith. And from her. The close-knit Ohio community rallies around her, including Levi's twin brother Gabe. Even knowing there can never be a future for the two of them, he vows to take care of Moriah and her child. Maybe God has different plans in mind. I thought this was a wonderful read and enjoyed it very much. Most Amish fiction is set in Pennsylvania, so it was nice to see one set in another area and to note the differences between the two. The struggles the characters encounter are common to every human. The characters are real and easy to cheer for. Yes, there is the unresolved problem with the young man who had been addicted to drugs, but that makes me want to read the sequel and see what is going to happen. Super job, Kathleen. Keep it up!
ErikaDawn0130 More than 1 year ago
I had never read anything by this author, but I have read quite a few books by Beverly Lewis (who also writes about the Amish quite freqently). I was expecting it to be similar. I actually enjoyed this book more than those books I have read by Lewis. The book is about a young Amish woman who gets married and then unexpectedly her husband leaves her out of the blue; for another woman; while she is pregnant. Needless to say, it shakes her to her very core and she questions everything she has ever believed in. After so much tragedy, she has the opportunity to be with a man who truly loves her (which also happens to be the twin brother of her estranged husband). She has to decide if she is going to let bitterness and fear keep her from what could very well be true love. It was such an encouraging story. I'm sure all of us can relate to being betrayed or hurt by someone we love, and the temptation to wall off our hearts and try to protect ourselves. I really enjoyed it. I would definitely read more from this author. It had a lot of depth and emotion as well as an excellent message.
JoHuddleston More than 1 year ago
Set in Middlefield, an Amish community in Ohio, this book is the story of love and betrayal and the hope of a new love. Moriah and Gabe and his twin brother, Levi, have enjoyed a close friendship since their youth but Gabe hesitates to tell her of his love and his brother wins her hand. After they marry, Gabe distances himself from her life and tries to dampen his feelings for her; after all she is married to his brother. The evening Moriah plans to tell her husband she is pregnant with his child, he doesn't come home, sending a note that he chooses to denounce his Amish faith and family and he won't be coming back to her. Moriah struggles with a negative self image and thoughts that God has also abandoned her or this wouldn't be happening. Moriah's family and community rally around her, offering support. Gabe offers her his support, but she refuses him. Fuller's characters are well developed and the setting is vivid. Readers will have no problem imaging they are in the Amish community because Fuller submerges readers into Amish country with their uncomplicated lifestyle and strong faith. A Man of His Word kept my interest the entire book. I'll look forward to the sequel. A good read.
AmandaCabot More than 1 year ago
Are you a fan of Amish stories? If so, don't miss A Man of His Word. Are you someone who's never read an Amish story but wondered why they were so popular? Then don't miss A Man of His Word. With its captivating details of an Old Amish community, you'll soon see why this is such a popular genre. Are romances your cup of tea? Then don't miss A Man of His Word. Kathleen Fuller gives you not one but two love stories in this delightful tale. Don't miss it.
Chrissybelle More than 1 year ago
Moriah Byler just married the man she loves and is expecting their first child. But things don't seem right between them. Her husband, Levi, has taken a job working for outlanders (non-Amish) and seems to spend more and more time away from home. Her world comes crashing down around her when Levi decides that he wants to leave her and the Amish faith. Moriah's story of heartbreak and love is not the only one weaving its way through the pages of A Man of His Word. Her brother, Tobias, has a budding romance of his own that is fraught with challenges. A Man of His Word is well written and enjoyable to read. It is a light read with well developed plot and characters. I found myself easily sympathizing with the characters and hoping for a happy ending for all. The addition of a sub-plot and insights into Amish life added depth to the book. I definitely plan to seek out more books by Kathleen Fuller in the future. I received a copy of A Man of His Word from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review blogger program (http://brb.thomasnelson.com/). I received no further compensation for my review. The opinion expressed above is purely my own.
wendyflor More than 1 year ago
This is probably the easiest read I had in a long time. "A Man of His Word" is a love story, that's why. But here's what makes it different from the romance novels I read in the past: It's an Amish fiction, a love story with Amish characters in an Amish community. Here goes: This is a story of Moriah Byler, a pure-hearted member of the Amish community who fell in love with her childhood friend, Levi Miller. Levi has a twin brother, Gabriel, who was secretly in love with Moriah. Pregnant and abandoned by the man she married, she found it difficult to accept the love that Gabriel eventually offered to her. She struggled with her emotions and her faith. A subplot involves the love story of Moriah's younger brother who took the courage to face his own heart, enlightened from the lessons he learned from Moriah's love story. This was a welcome read for me. The novel is very light and very predictable. In an hour or two of afternoon reading, one can finish the book. The fact that the characters and setting are Amish, one could only delight in the pure-heartedness of the characters. But of course, there's a rotten apple, or else there won't be any excitement in the novel. But at least, in this particular case, the "rotten apple" shows that the Amish community could also struggle against things outside their order. Sometimes, some of them give in to the temptation. That is human. But what provided a little bit of excitement in the story and that's what made me continue reading it is the love story provided by Moriah's brother and the free-spirited Rachel. I may not really pick up this book in a bookstore but I am glad I requested for it from Thomas Nelson. It gave me a glimpse of the Amish lifestyle. Reading really does give us a little knowledge of every bit of the world out there.
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
A Man of His Word A Hearts of Middlefield Novel Kathleen Fuller 2009 Thomas Nelson Fiction/Christian/Amish Reviewed by Cindy Loven Kathleen Fuller has brought a beautiful story of love, set in Amish country in Middlefield Ohio. Centered around the Byler Family, specifically Moriah Byler, this book brings us a story of love, heartbreak and triumph over difficult circumstances. Moriah Byler is getting married as the book opens, and we share in her wedding day, along with her excitement and love for her new husband Levi. However soon it seems things are not going "happy ever after" for Moriah and Levi. She had a wonderful planned meal for their four month anniversary, prepared it and waited for Levi to come home, only to be awakened by her brother in law Gabe, with a note from Levi. He was leaving the Amish faith. He was leaving her, and the baby, even though she hadn't had a chance to tell him about the baby yet. Moriah's world came crashing down, with a single heartbreaking note. Rejoining her family, Moriah tries hard to not become bitter. She knows that she must pray for Levi. A horrible accident brings Levi back to her, only to snatch him away in death. A young widow now, with a baby on the way. It is more than Moriah can stand, she shuts out her friends, family and God. Follow along to see if Moriah, can come to terms with her new life? Will she block God out forever? Will Gabe be a part of her life? This wonderfully written story will keep your attention, you will not want to put it down. Included at the end of the book is a reading group guide. 288 pages $14.99 US
DSaff More than 1 year ago
Set in Middlefield, OH, "A Man of His Word" transports the reader to Amish life. There is also a smattering of Amish words with definitions to really get a taste of the life. Life here is simple and the people are hard-working. There is some interaction with the outside world, but the beliefs of the people in this community are strong. Here is a world where your word is your bond, where leaving the church and your family means banishment (but forgiveness is also available), and where love blossoms in the purest of forms. Families are strong and the examples set for love and marriage palpable. I was totally drawn into the story from the beginning. Throughout the book there was tension and love between characters creating some funny and poignant moments. Come meet Levi, Gabriel, Tobias, Christian, Aaron, Rachel, and Moriah. These teenagers grew up together, yet, do they really know each other? Their parents watch and pray that their children make the right matches and that their faith remains strong. Aaron slips, but returns to find forgiveness from his family and his commmunity. But, will he forgive himself? I appreciated that all of the characters did turn to God in prayer and in His Word even when things seemed darkest. While there were tough moments, they found Him to be a steady rock. I recommend this book highly to all readers. It will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly, will show that God is ready, willing, and able to help us.
4896 More than 1 year ago
I would recommend this book to anyone in a heartbeat! Moriah Byler married the man of her dreams; little did she know that he would leave her a month latter! But the man's twin brother, Gabriel loves her a lot! I think the book is wonderful and amazing! I don't want to give anything away about the book, but you can pretty much tell what is going to happen by reading the back of the book, but the way they get together is interesting! The book moved fast, but that's no reason to decide not to read it! The book is a heart touching read about life in the Amish world. It was really cute and wonderful! Amish fiction is a popular genre right now, and it's because of people like Kathleen Fuller and her book 'A man of his word'. This is a must read!
jennyhrh More than 1 year ago
I have to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Amish fiction. But A Man of His Word sucked me right in with the story, the characters, and the fascinating peek into Amish life. I loved the palpable tension between Moriah and Gabriel. Kathleen Fuller did a great job with character development--you'll enjoy the supporting cast just as much as the leading duo. This book has a light faith message that does not ever intrude on the story, and yet it still reaches out and beautifully wraps around your heart as you read. For those who love Amish fiction, this book is a must. And for those like me, who are hesitant of the genre--you haven't read Amish lit until you've read Kathleen Fuller. You'll be turning the pages well past midnight like I was. Can't wait to read the sequel.
mustlovetoread More than 1 year ago
You will not want this book, A Man of His Word by Kathleen Fuller, to end. From the moment you find out she is going to be Mrs. Levi Miller, you are hooked. This story is about an Amish girl who is going to marry her dream guy. Of course, like real life, something goes wrong. Following her story throughout the book instills faith and love. By following how she deals with a husband who has abandoned her, left the Amish faith, and turned his back on their baby, you realize God has so much more in store for her. Seeing how she comes to terms with what life has dealt her will give you encouragement in the trials you face. This romantic story challenges your faith, and helps you see God will be there for you. The plot is very well developed, as are the characters. You find yourself rooting for Gabriel and for Moriah to figure out who she really loves. You feel the struggles of Gabriel's father. It is very interesting learning more about the Amish faith. There is even a listing of what the words mean in the front of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romances and especially books about the Amish faith.