Man of La Mancha [2001 Studio Cast]

Man of La Mancha [2001 Studio Cast]

by David Charles Abell

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Jay Records

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Disc 1

  1. Overture  -  BBC Concert Orchestra
  2. Prison Scene  - Jane Stoggles
  3. Man of La Mancha  - Avery Saltzman
  4. The Enchanter  - Avery Saltzman
  5. Fight of the Windmill  - Avery Saltzman
  6. Scene. Didn't I tell you?....  - Craig Bartley
  7. It's All the Same  - Kim Criswell
  8. Scene. Payment before delivery?....  - Nick Pound
  9. Dulcinea  - Nick Pound
  10. Scene. Governor! Governor!....  - George Dvorsky
  11. I'm Only Thinking of Him  - Hilton Marlton
  12. Scene. And now there appears on the scene....  - Hilton Marlton
  13. We're Only Thinking of Him  - Hilton Marlton
  14. Scene. Let us return now to the inn....  - Avery Saltzman
  15. Scene. The Missive  - Avery Saltzman
  16. I Really Like Him  - Avery Saltzman
  17. Scene. Ay, there, old hack....  - Kim Criswell
  18. What Does He Want of Me?  - Kim Criswell
  19. Little Bird, Little Bird  -  Muletiers
  20. Scene. I spit in the milk of your little bird....  - Hilton Marlton
  21. Barber Song  - Alistair Robins
  22. Golden Helmet of Mambrino  - Alistair Robins

Disc 2

  1. Scene. Your friends have departed....  - Nick Pound
  2. To Each His Dulcinea  - Hilton Marlton
  3. Scene. Now I must consider how sages of the future....  - Ron Raines
  4. The Impossible Dream  - Ron Raines
  5. Scene. Once...Just once...would you look at me as I really am?...  - Ron Raines
  6. The Combat  - Ron Raines
  7. Scene. Victory! Victory! Victory!....  - Nick Pound
  8. The Dubbing  - Nick Pound
  9. Knight of the Woeful Countenance  - Nick Pound
  10. The Abduction  - Sharon Eckman
  11. Scene. Ah, Sancho, how I do envy my enemies...  - Avery Saltzman
  12. Scene. That sound?...  -  Prisoners
  13. Scene. My friend, I have lived almost fifty years....  - Ron Raines
  14. Moorish Dance  - Christopher Fennessey
  15. Scene. Don't open the gates....  - Nick Pound
  16. Aldonza  - Ron Raines
  17. Knight of the Mirrors  - Hal Fowler
  18. Scene. Cervantes! Cervantes! Prepare to be summoned....  - Peter Snipp
  19. A Little Gossip  - Avery Saltzman
  20. Scene. That's enough now....  - Hilton Marlton
  21. Scene. Come closer, girl....  - Hal Fowler
  22. Finale  - Hilton Marlton
  23. Scene. Under authority of the holy office....  - Peter Snipp
  24. The Impossible Dream Finale  -  Company
  25. Bows  -  BBC Concert Orchestra
  26. Exit Music  -  BBC Concert Orchestra
  27. Little Bird, Little Bird

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Charles Abell   Primary Artist,Conductor,Musical Direction
BBC Concert Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Kim Criswell   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Anita Pashley   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Patrick Ardagh-Walter   Vocals,Actor
George Dvorsky   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Graham Stone   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Ron Raines   Actor,Track Performer
Avery Saltzman   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Eliza Lumley   Vocals,Actor,Track Performer
Hal Fowler   Vocals,Actor
David Combes   Vocals,Actor
Della Jones   Vocals,Actor
Craig Bartley   Actor
Rosemary Forbes-Butler   Vocals,Actor
Teresa Revill   Vocals,Actor
Jane Stoggles   Vocals,Actor
Sharon Eckman   Vocals
Christopher Fennessey   Vocals
Hilton Marlton   Vocals,Actor
Robert O'Leary   Vocals,Actor
Rod Raines   Vocals
Mark Stobbart   Actor
Peter Snipp   Actor
Nigel Howells   Vocals,Actor
Amanda Dean   Vocals
Man of La Mancha cast ensemble   cast
Alistair Robins   Vocals
Cliff Brayshaw   Actor
Nick Pound   Vocals,Actor
Paul Parfitt   Vocals,Actor

Technical Credits

Joe Walsh   Composer
Mike Martin   Producer,Cover Photo,Production Photography
Ray Colcord   Composer
Joe Darion   Lyricist
Cole Porter   Composer
Mike Cox   Engineer,Engineering
Paul Curran   Director
John Yap   Producer,Executive Producer
Annie Rushton   Graphic Design
Traditional   Composer
John A. Yap   Executive Producer
Dale Wasserman   Liner Notes,Book
Ekaterina Mikhailovskaia   Cover Illustration

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