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Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm / Edition 7

Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm / Edition 7

by Kenneth C. Laudon, Jane P. Laudon, Jane Price Laudon, Jane P. Laudon

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ISBN-10: 0130330663

ISBN-13: 9780130330666

Pub. Date: 07/01/1901

Publisher: Pearson

It's not business as usual anymore . . .

Why? Because digital firms are emerging. Businesses can no longer survive today without becoming digital. That's why you need the Laudons' Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, seventh edition, an indispensable text for anyone who wants to succeed in the e-business world.


It's not business as usual anymore . . .

Why? Because digital firms are emerging. Businesses can no longer survive today without becoming digital. That's why you need the Laudons' Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm, seventh edition, an indispensable text for anyone who wants to succeed in the e-business world.

What is the Digital Firm?

It's a firm where any piece of information required for business decisions is available at any time and anywhere in the organization. It's a firm where all the significant business relationships are digitally enabled. The Laudons will show you how to organize, manage, communicate, and lead as more firms go digital in the coming years.


The Laudons' Management Information Systems is the world's top-selling MIS text. Here you'll find opportunities to build the skills and acquire the knowledge you'll need to use information systems successfully in your business career.


If you want to know how to take maximum advantage of the latest technology and business trends, the Laudons are the place to start. Along with MIS foundation concepts, you'll find the most up-to-the-minute coverage of leading-edge topics, such as: digital firms, e-commerce, e-business, the wireless Web, enterprise systems, customer relationship management, supply chain management, application service providers, on-line storage services, optical networks, broadband access, peer-to-peer computing, business-to-business exchanges, scalability, and high-availability computing.

The Laudon Management-Organisation-TechnologyFramework

You'll need a framework to help you understand and analyze business problems and information systems as you move into the business world. The Laudons' Management-Organization-Technology framework is a well respected methodology in the field of Management Information Systems. You'll see it emphasized in cases, in-text explanations, and projects throughout the text.

The Laudons' Management Information Systems, seventh edition, is a text that not only offers you the most current and well-respected insights into the MIS field but a companion you'll want to use over and over again in your current courses and future career.

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Table of Contents

Part 1Organizations, Management, and the Networked Enterprise1
Chapter 1Managing the Digital Firm2
1.1Why Information Systems?4
1.2Contemporary Approaches to Information Systems14
1.3Toward the Digital Firm: The New Role of Information Systems in Organizations16
1.4Learning to Use Information Systems: New Opportunities with Technology25
Management Wrap-Up31
Key Terms32
Review Questions32
Group Project33
Tools for Interactive Learning33
Case Study: Can GE Remake Itself as a Digital Firm?33
Chapter 2Information Systems in the Enterprise36
2.1Key System Applications in the Organization38
2.2Systems from a Functional Perspective46
2.3Integrating Functions and Business Processes: Enterprise Systems and Industrial Networks50
Management Wrap-Up61
Key Terms62
Review Questions63
Group Project63
Tools for Interactive Learning63
Case Study: Ownes-Corning's Enterprise System Struggle64
Chapter 3Information Systems, Organizations, Management, and Strategy66
3.1Organizations and Information Systems68
3.2The Changing Role of Information Systems in Organizations74
3.3Managers, Decision Making, and Information Systems79
3.4Information Systems and Business Strategy85
Management Wrap-Up97
Key Terms98
Review Questions98
Group Project99
Tools for Interactive Learning99
Case Study: Rand McNally Maps Out a Trip to a Digital Future99
Chapter 4The Digital Firm: Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business102
4.1Electronic Commerce, Electronic Business, and the Emerging Digital Firm104
4.2Electronic Commerce110
4.3Electronic Business and the Digital Firm122
4.4Management Challenges and Opportunities129
Management Wrap-Up132
Key Terms134
Review Questions134
Group Project134
Tools for Interactive Learning135
Case Study: Boo.com: Poster Child for Dot.com Failure?135
Part I ProjectAnalyzing Business Processes for an Enterprise System138
Part 2Information Technology Infrastructure139
Chapter 5Managing Hardware Assets140
5.1Computer Hardware and Information Technology Infrastructure142
5.2Storage, Input, and Output Technology148
5.3Categories of Computers and Computer Systems156
5.4Managing Hardware Assets160
Management Wrap-Up164
Key Terms166
Review Questions166
Group Project167
Tools for Interactive Learning167
Case Study: Managing Technology Assets Pays Off for American Home Products167
Chapter 6Managing Software Assets170
6.1What Is Software?172
6.2System Software173
6.3Application Software180
6.4Contemporary Tools for Software Development189
6.5Managing Software Assets194
Management Wrap-Up198
Key Terms200
Review Questions200
Group Project200
Tools for Interactive Learning201
Case Study: Sunburst Hotels International Turns to an Application Service Provider201
Chapter 7Managing Data Resources204
7.1Organizing Data in a Traditional File Environment206
7.2The Database Approach to Data Management209
7.3Creating a Database Environment217
7.4Database Trends220
Management Wrap-Up228
Key Terms229
Review Questions230
Group Project230
Tools for Interactive Learning230
Case Study: Ford and Firestone's Tire Recalls: The Costliest Information Gap in History231
Chapter 8Telecommunications and Networks234
8.1The Telecommunications Revolution236
8.2Components and Functions of a Telecommunications System237
8.3Communications Networks245
8.4Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business Technologies251
Management Wrap-Up256
Key Terms258
Review Questions258
Group Project258
Tools for Interactive Learning258
Case Study: Monitoring Employees on Networks: Unethical or Good Business?259
Chapter 9The Internet and the New Information Technology Infrastructure262
9.1The New Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure for the Digital Firm264
9.2The Internet: Information Technology Infrastructure for the Digital Firm267
9.3The World Wide Web273
9.4Support Technology for Electronic Commerce and Electronic Business284
9.5Management Issues and Decisions288
Management Wrap-Up292
Key Terms293
Review Questions293
Group Project294
Tools for Interactive Learning294
Case Study: General Motors Drives down the Information Highway294
Part II ProjectCreating a New Internet Business298
Part 3Building Information Systems in the Digital Firm301
Chapter 10Redesigning the Organization with Information Systems302
10.1Systems as Planned Organizational Change305
10.2Business Process Reengineering and Total Quality Management (TQM)311
10.3Overview of Systems Development316
10.4Alternative System-building Approaches320
Management Wrap-Up331
Key Terms332
Review Questions333
Group Project333
Tools for Interactive Learning333
Case Study: Under Construction: A New System for Toromont Industries334
Chapter 11Understanding the Business Value of Systems and Managing Change336
11.1Understanding the Business Value of Information Systems338
11.2The Importance of Change Management in Information System Success and Failure348
11.3Managing Implementation355
Management Wrap-Up361
Key Terms362
Review Questions362
Group Project363
Tools for Interactive Learning363
Case Study: Hershey's Enterprise System Creates Halloween Tricks363
Part III ProjectRedesigning Business Processes for Healthlite Yogurt Company366
Part 4Management and Organizational Support Systems for the Digital Firm369
Chapter 12Managing Knowledge: Knowledge Work and Artificial Intelligence370
12.1Knowledge Management in the Organization372
12.2Information and Knowledge Work Systems375
12.3Artificial Intelligence383
12.4Other Intelligent Techniques391
Management Wrap-Up398
Key Terms399
Review Questions399
Group Project400
Tools for Interactive Learning400
Case Study: Hill & Knowlton Looks for a New Knoledge Management System400
Chapter 13Enhancing Management Decision Making402
13.1Decision-Support Systems (DSS)404
13.2Group Decision-support Systems (GDSS)414
13.3Executive Support in the Enterprise420
Management Wrap-Up425
Key Terms426
Review Questions426
Group Project427
Tools for Interactive Learning427
Case Study: Merck-Medco Finds the Right Prescription to Combat Dot.com Fever427
Part IV ProjectDesigning an Enterprise Information Portal430
Part 5Managing Information Systems in the Digital Firm431
Chapter 14Information Systems Security and Control432
14.1System Vulnerability and Abuse434
14.2Creating a Control Environment441
14.3Ensuring System Quality451
Management Wrap-Up460
Key Terms461
Review Questions461
Group Project462
Tools for Interactive Learning462
Case Study: Did the FAA Fly Off Course?462
Chapter 15Ethical and Social Impact of Information Systems466
15.1Understanding Ethical and Social Issues Related to Systems468
15.2Ethics in an Information Society471
15.3The Moral Dimensions of Information Systems474
Management Wrap-Up494
Key Terms495
Review Questions495
Group Project495
Tools for Interactive Learning495
Case Study: Web Site Privacy: How Much Should We Worry?496
Chapter 16Managing International Information Systems498
16.1The Growth of International Information Systems500
16.2Organizing International Information Systems505
16.3Managing Global Systems507
16.4Technology Issues and Opportunities for Global Value Chains511
Management Wrap-Up518
Key Terms519
Review Questions519
Group Project519
Tools for Interactive Learning520
Case Study: Chase.com's Quest for a Global Web Presence520
Part V ProjectAssessing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a Web Site522
International Case Studies525
Case Study 1Ginormous Life Insurance Company
Case Study 2From Analysis to Evaluation--The Example of Cuparla
Case Study 3Citibank Asia Pacific: Managing Information Technology Consolidation, Change and New Challenges
Case Study 4Enerline Restorations, Inc.: Stay with an ASP?
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