Managerial Communication: A Finger on the Pulse / Edition 3

Managerial Communication: A Finger on the Pulse / Edition 3

by Paul R. Timm

ISBN-10: 0131161962

ISBN-13: 2900131161961

Pub. Date: 01/10/1995

Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference

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Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date:
Edition description:
3rd ed

Table of Contents

Preface to Third Edition
Ch. 1Managerial Communication: Creating Understanding in an Organized World3
Ch. 2Personal Language Use and Communication Styles: The Way We Word31
Ch. 3The Media and Tools of the Manager-Communicator: The Convenience-vs.-Confusion Tradeoff56
Ch. 4Intrapersonal Communication: The Voices Within77
Ch. 5Ongoing Communication Process and Flow97
Ch. 6Organizational Communication Climate: Fair to Partly Confused124
Ch. 7Low-Structure, One-to-One Communication: I'm Glad We Had This Little Chat149
Ch. 8Higher Structure, One-to-One Communication: Interviews164
Ch. 9Meetings and Conferences: Interactional Communication: We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This199
Ch. 10Listening: More Than Getting Your Ears On229
Ch. 11Preparing the Presentation: Briefings and Oral Presentations247
Ch. 12Delivering the Presentation: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation273
Ch. 13Keys to Functional Writing: Letters and Memos That Get Results293
Ch. 14Formats for Business Letters and Memos: Different Situations - Different Approaches311
Ch. 15Planning and Producing Effective Business Reports337
Ch. 16Business and Managerial Communication Research: Getting the Answers You Need375

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