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Managing Diversity, People Skills for a Multicultural Workplace, Updated Package / Edition 1

Managing Diversity, People Skills for a Multicultural Workplace, Updated Package / Edition 1

by Norma Carr-Ruffino Ph.D.

ISBN-10: 0536489548

ISBN-13: 9780536489548

Pub. Date: 09/20/2007

Publisher: Pearson Learning Solutions

Managing Diversity is the most complete and comprehensive textbook for gaining knowledge of people from every major ethnic and lifestyle group in the U.S. workplace. It is the only one that covers all this as well as the basic diversity concepts, such as culture, cultural differences, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, and managing the diversity function


Managing Diversity is the most complete and comprehensive textbook for gaining knowledge of people from every major ethnic and lifestyle group in the U.S. workplace. It is the only one that covers all this as well as the basic diversity concepts, such as culture, cultural differences, stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, and managing the diversity function within an organization. The basic philosophy encompasses “unity in diversity,” “inclusiveness and valuing diversity,” “what’s it like to be you?” and “evaluate substance over style.” Students get a package that includes textbook, Business Students Guide, and Library Learning Link. Faculty also get a comprehensive Instructors Manual and PowerPoint slides.

From the Preface:

How This Book Can Change Your Life

This book can do more for you than just provide information about changes in the multicultural workplace. It provides tools for you to change your life–if you to choose to raise your awareness, change limiting beliefs, and adopt new success strategies. Transformation, or lasting change, can only take place at the level of belief, so this book is designed to help you open up your worldview–and therefore transform it. Such transformation will open up richer relationships with people who hold quite different worldviews.

Is This Book For You?
This book is for you if you see yourself as a workplace leader–now or in the future–whether you take a leadership role as the new member of a work team, the head of an organization, or somewhere in between. This book is for you if you’re ready to develop the people power and people skills you need for managing diversity. In this book you’ll get the information you need to make informed choices–as well as the processes for broadening your viewpoints and integrating new success skills into your daily interactions.

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Table of Contents

How This Book Can Change Your Life

1 Succeeding in a Diverse Workplace 1

How the Workplace is Changing 3

Ten Payoffs for Managing Diversity Well 12

Meeting New Challenges: Global, National, Corporate, and Personal 20

Career Success: How to Build Diverse People Skills 20

2 Understanding Cultures: Your Own and Others 27

Understanding the Basics of Culture 28

How Do Cultures Differ? Eleven Major Differences 35

Bi-Ethnic and Multi-Ethnic Persons 52

American Corporate Cultures 54

3 Understanding the Dominant Culture: Euro-Americans 75

Stereotypes and Realities 78

Who Are the Euro-Americans? 79

The Euro-American Culture: How Is It Different? 80

What’s the Traditional Euro-American Worldview? 81

Euro-American Values: How Do They Differ? 84

The Euro-American Way of Relating: How Does It Differ? 87

Guidelines for Completing Case Studies 92

4 Stereotyping & Prejudice: How and Why They Occur 101

Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination–What’s the Difference? 102

How Can We Pinpoint Our Prejudices? 106

What Is a Prejudice-Prone Personality? 109

How and Why Do We Become Prejudiced? 112

How Do People Express Prejudice? 121

5 Workplace Discrimination: Its Effects and Remedies 129

How Does Prejudice Affect People? 130

How Does Discrimination Affect Employees? 132

The Melting Pot Approach to Managing Diversity 138

The Legal Approach to Managing Diversity: Equal Opportunity

and Affirmative Action 141

An Inclusive Multicultural Approach to Managing Diversity 153

Leadership Challenge: Moving Beyond Stereotyping to Profitable Collaboration 154

Leadership Opportunity: How Can I Promote Collaboration? 158

Leadership Opportunity: How Can I Implement Collaborative Strategies? 159

6 Men and Women: Parallel Cultures 169

Stereotypes and Realities 172

How Have Gender Roles Evolved and Changed? 175

Men and Women: Growing Up in Two Different Worlds 182

Male-Female Communication Styles: How They Differ 185

Male-Female Management Styles: How They Differ 187

Cultural Barriers to Women’s Career Success 190

Men’s Responses to New Roles and Expectations 196

Men’s Responses to Changes in the Workplace 200

Sexual Harassment: Understand It and Prevent It 208

Assertiveness: Improving Male-Female Interactions 208

Leadership Challenges: Breaking Through Gender Barriers 211

Leadership Opportunities: Promoting Gender Equity in the Corporate Culture 213

7 Working with African Americans 225

Stereotypes and Realities 227

Connections to the Past 230

Current Profile 236

The African American Community: Key Values 245

The African American Community: Typical Customs 250

Integrating African Values: The New Urban Village 252

Issues Important to the African American Community 253

Leadership Challenge: Breaking Through the Barriers to Success 253

Leadership Opportunities: Building on African American Strengths 260

8 Working with American Indians 269

Myths and Stereotypes vs Realities 271

Connections to the Past 276

Current Profile: Who Are the American Indians? 279

Common Threads: American Indian Worldviews 282

Common Threads: American Indian Values 285

Common Threads: Ceremonies, Rituals and Customs 289

Americans Indian Issues 292

Leadership Challenges and Opportunities 300

9 Working with Asian Americans 309

Stereotypes and Realities 311

Connections to the Past 314

Current Profile: Who Are the Asian Americans? 316

Asian American Cultures: Common Threads and Core Values 320

Key Issues Important to Asian Americans 327

Chinese American Workers 333

Filipino American Workers 335

Southeast Asian American Workers 338

Japanese American Workers 343

Korean American Workers 345

Asian Indian Americans 347

Pacific Islanders 349

Leadership Challenges: Overcoming Barriers to Career Success 350

Leadership Opportunities: Building upon Asian American Strengths 352

10 Working with Arab Americans 363

Stereotypes and Realities 363

Connections to the Past: History 367

Current Profile: Who Are the Arab Americans 368

Common Threads of Arab Cultures 372

Arab American Issues 376

Leadership Challenges and Opportunities 378

11 Working with Latino Americans 387

Stereotypes and Realities 389

Current Profile: Who Are the Latino Americans? 391

Latino Cultures: Common Worldview Values 394

Latino American Ways: Personal Relationships 399

Latino American Issues 403

Mexican Americans 408

Puerto Rican Americans 416

Cuban Americans 418

Central Americans 419

Other Latino Americans 420

Leadership Challenges: Meeting Cultural Needs of Latino Americans 420

Leadership Opportunities: Building on Latino American Strengths 422

12 Working with Gay Persons 433

Stereotypes and Realities 435

Past Connections 438

Current Profile 440

The Nature and Impact of Antigay Prejudice 440

What’s It Like to Grow Up Gay? 443

What’s the Gay Community All About? 444

Issue #1: Resolving the Nature-Nurture Debate: Born Gay or Choose to Be Gay? 445

Issue #2: Managing a Gay Identity in the Workplace 451

What Legal Rights Do Gay Persons Have? 453

Leadership Challenge: Overcoming Specific Workplace Barriers 458

Leadership Opportunities: Building on Gay Persons’ Strengths 462

13 Working with Persons With Disabilities 473

Myths and Realities 476

What’s in a Name 477

Why Are Persons with Disabilities Excluded? 477

Evolution: From Victim to Activist 480

Who Are the Disabled? Current Profile 482

What’s It Like to Be a Person with a Disability? 485

What’s the Independent Living Movement? 490

The ADA: What You Need to Know 494

Leadership Challenges: Overcoming Barriers to Career Success 497

Leadership Opportunities: Building on the Strengths of Persons with Disabilities 499

Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Persons with Disabilities 504

14 Working with Older & Younger Persons 513

Stereotyped Myths and Realities 516

Past and Present Profile 521

Ageism: How It Works and How to Move Beyond It 522

The ADEA: What You Should Know 524

Retirement: Whether, When, and How? 526

Leadership Challenge: Preventing Older Employees’ Skills Obsolescence 528

Bridging Generation Gaps 530

Leadership Opportunities: Building on the Strengths of All Generations 538

15 Working with Persons of All Sizes & Shapes 551

Stereotypes and Realities 553

How Does Fat Prejudice Affect People 556

The Beauty Myth and Its Impact 559

Who are the Overweight and Obese? 561

Why Do People Become Obese? 562

What Rights Do Activists Want? 563

What Rights Do Employers Want to Retain? 565

What Laws Protect Obese Workers? 565

Leadership Challenge: Meeting Workplace Needs 567

Leadership Opportunities: Building on Strengths 567

16 Working with Persons from Diverse Religions 575

Myths and Realities 576

Religions of the World 578

Religions in the United States 579

Judaism: the Oldest Abrahamic Religion 582

Christianity: The Largest Abrahamic Religion 587

Islam: Abrahamic Religion of a Growing U.S. Minority 594

Confucianism: A Focus on Ethics and Public Life 602

Taoism: Tapping Vital Life Energy 605

Hinduism: Paths and Steps to God 608

Buddhism: Beyond Ego and Suffering 612

Leadership Challenges & Opportunities: Managing Religious

Freedom in the Workplace 618

17 Managing Diversity: Inclusive Corporate Cultures 631

Leadership Challenges: Meeting All Employees’ Needs 632

Leadership Opportunity #1: Create an Inclusive Culture 635

Leadership Opportunity #2: Adopt an Inclusive Multicultural Approach 638

Leadership Opportunity #3: Build on Equal Opportunity Principles 640

Leadership Opportunity #4: Modify Corporate Systems and Practices 644

Leadership Opportunity #5: Include All Employees in Bottom-Line Efforts 651

Leadership Opportunity #6: Build Consensus for Change 655

Leadership Opportunity #7: Overcome Resistance to Diversity Initiatives 658

Appendix 673

Index 677

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