Managing in the Legal Environment / Edition 3

Managing in the Legal Environment / Edition 3

by Al H. Ringleb, Frances L. Edwards, Roger E. Meiners

ISBN-10: 0314063218

ISBN-13: 9780314063212

Pub. Date: 11/28/1995

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Table of Contents

Table of Cases
Pt. IBusiness and the Legal Environment1
Ch. 1Business and the Legal Environment3
Ch. 2Ethics, the Law, and the Managerial Process25
Ch. 3Business and the Judicial Process51
Ch. 4Business and the Resolution of Disputes87
Ch. 5Business and the Constitution115
Ch. 6Government Agencies and the Administrative Process141
Pt. IIBusiness and the Common Law169
Ch. 7Business and the Law of Torts171
Ch. 8Products Liability and Intellectual Property199
Ch. 9Business and the Law of Contracts227
Ch. 10Sales and the UCC259
Ch. 11Business Organizations and the Law of Agency295
Pt. IIIBusiness and the Regulatory Environment329
Ch. 12Labor Relations Law331
Ch. 13Employment Discrimination367
Ch. 14Environmental Regulation397
Ch. 15Consumer Protection431
Ch. 16Antitrust Law463
Ch. 17Securities Regulation499
Ch. 18International Legal Environment of Business535
Appendix A Finding the Law574
Appendix B The Constitution of the United States of America578
Appendix C The Antitrust Statutes595
Appendix D National Labor Relations Act600
Appendix E Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964605
Appendix F Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990609
Appendix G Securities Statutes612

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