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Managing Now / Edition 1

Managing Now / Edition 1

by Gary Dessler, Jean Phillips

ISBN-10: 0618741631

ISBN-13: 9780618741632

Pub. Date: 08/03/2007

Publisher: Cengage Learning

New for 2008, Managing Now! addresses how Internet and intranet based technologies are transforming how managers run companies. The text program highlights new skills future managers will need for planning, organizing, and managing inter-unit relations. Chapter objectives are introduced through the authors' unique behavioral learning model, Learn It, Practice It,


New for 2008, Managing Now! addresses how Internet and intranet based technologies are transforming how managers run companies. The text program highlights new skills future managers will need for planning, organizing, and managing inter-unit relations. Chapter objectives are introduced through the authors' unique behavioral learning model, Learn It, Practice It, and Apply It. Each objective is carried through these directives, providing a multi-step approach to learning that engages students and reinforces real-world application. Managing Now Includes a fully integrated technology program designed specifically for the text. Managing Now LIVE is an Internet based simulation that reinforces and reviews key topics from each chapter. Organized according to the three learning objectives outlined in the text, the simulation prompts students to consider chapter concepts through topic reviews, quizzes, case-based questions, and scenario-based videos. Simulation Icons in the text direct students to related Managing Now LIVE content available online.

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Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter includes a Chapter Summary, Discussion Questions, and Experiential Exercises. I. The Environment of Managing Now 1. Managing and the Evolution of Management Opening Vignette: J. Crew What Managers Do Window on Managing Now: Andrea Jung Turns Avon Around The Managerial Skills The Evolution of Modern Management Managing Now Practice IT: J. Crew Window on Managing Now: Virtual Integration at Dell Computer What's to Come Case Study: No Rules, Just Right 2. Ethical and Social Issues Opening Vignette: Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 Ethics in an Age of Information Technology What Influences Ethical Behavior at Work? Encouraging Ethical Behavior at Work Improving Your Ethics-Building Skills Window on Managing Now: Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Regulations Practice IT: DTE Energy's Web-Based Ethics Training System Social Responsibility Now Managing Diversity Case Study: Allstate's Disappearing Agents 3. Managing in a Global Environment Opening Vignette: Tramco, Inc. Globalization How and Why Do Companies Conduct Business Abroad? Window on Managing Now: Shanghai GM The Manager's International Environment Planning, Organizing and Controlling in a Global Environment Window on Managing Now: Global Clustering Practice IT: Tramco Inc. Leading and Motivating in a Multicultural Environment Window on Managing Now: Dräger Safety Improving Your Cultural Intelligence Skills Case Study: U.S. Bookseller Finds a Strong Partner in German Media Giant 4. Managing Entrepreneurship and Innovation Opening Vignette: Proctor & Gamble Introduction: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Entrepreneurship Today What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur Getting Started in Business Window on Managing Now: Choosing a Web-Based Business Managing Innovation and New-Product Development Window on Managing Now: Using Computerized Business-Planning Software Innovation Now Practice IT: Collaborative Innovation at P&G Case Study: Getting By with a Little Help from His Mother's Friends II. Information and Decision Making Now 5. Information and Knowledge Management Opening Vignette: Caterpillar Inc. Data, Information, and Knowledge Information Systems for Managing Organizations Window on Managing Now: Computers Add Value at Bissett Nursery Enterprise Systems and Knowledge Management Telecommunications and Computerized Networks Window on Managing Now: Ryder System's Knowledge Management Center Practice IT: Caterpillar Managing Now: Managerial Applications of Information Technology Case Study: Information Technology Wins the Day for KnitMedia 6. Decision Making Now Opening Vignette: Fortis Bank The Basics of Decision Making How to Make Decisions Managing Now: Technology-Supported Decision Making Window on Managing Now: Analytics Tools Window on Managing Now: Baylor University How to Make Even Better Decisions Practice IT: Fortis Bank Avoiding Psychological Traps Chapter 6 Appendix: Quantitative Decision-Making Aids Case Study: Which Routes to Fly? III. Planning and Controlling Now 7. Planning and Strategic Management Opening Vignette: Oxford University Press The Nature and Purpose of Planning Forecasting Window on Managing Now: Demand Forecasting at Wal-Mart Practice IT: Demand Forecasting and Planning at Oxford University Press Improving Your Forecasting Skills: Don't Get Blind-Sided Types of Plans Strategic Planning Window on Managing Now: Pella's New Competitive Advantage Strategy Execution and Digital Dashboards Case Study: The JetBlue Airways Strategy 8. Controlling Opening Vignette: Controlling the Cappuccino Makers at Starbucks The Fundamentals of Effective Control Window on Managing Now: Using Technology to Stay in Control at UPS Traditional Controls Managing Now: IT-Enabled Control Systems Window on Managing Now: Millipore Corp. Integrates Its Global Operations with ERP How Do People React to Control? Commitment-Based Control Systems Practice IT: Controlling the Cappuccino Makers at Starbucks Case Study: Controlling Ritz-Carlton 9. Managing Operations and Supply Chains Opening Vignette: Will Whirlpool Deliver? The Basics of Operation Management Operations and Inventory Planning and Control Controlling for Quality and Productivity World-Class Operations Management Methods Supply Chain Management Practice IT: Whirlpool Delivers Window on Managing Now: Zara Case Study: The Production Process at Wheeled Coach IV. Organizing Now 10. Organizing Opening Vignette: Staying in Touch at Millipore Departmentalization: Creating Departments Achieving Coordination Window on Managing Now: LG Electronics Authority and the Chain of Command Window on Managing Now: An IT-Based Independent Integrator at Thales Improving Your Delegating Skills Organizing to Manage Change Modern Organizations Improving Your Boundary-Managing Skills Window on Managing Now: Brady Corp. Practice IT: Millipore Case Study: Organizing Greenley Communications 11. Designing and Changing Organizations Opening Vignette: Yellow Transportation Types of Organizational Change Window on Managing Now: Baker & McKenzie Managing Now: Reorganizing, Reengineering, and Business Process Management Window on Managing Now: Reengineering the Loan Process Dealing with Resistance to Change Practice IT: Bill Zollars A Process for Leading Organizational Change Organizational Development and Conflict Management Case Study: Immelt Splits GE Capital 12. Human Resource Management Opening Vignette: Sutter Health Human Resource Management's Strategic Role Window on Managing Now: Signicast Writing Job Descriptions and Recruiting Employees Window on Managing Now: Cisco Systems Inc. Practice IT: Sutter Health Window on Managing Now: City Garage Interviewing and Selecting Employees Orienting and Training Employees Improving Your Training Skills: On-the-Job Training Appraising and Maintaining Employees Window on Managing Now: GM and NCR Understanding HR's Legal Framework Case Study: The Out-of-Control Interview V. Leading Now 13. Leading Opening Vignette: Innovation Leadership at Whirlpool What Is Leadership? Window on Managing Now: How Can Technology Help New Leaders? What Characteristics Do Leaders Have? Window on Managing Now: How Does Technology Increase the Importance of Leaders' Communication Skills? What Do Leaders Do? What Influences a Leader's Effectiveness? Improving Your Leadership Skills: Least Preferred Coworker Scale Practice IT: Empowerment Through Technology at Whirlpool Window on Managing Now: E-Leadership Case Study: Steve Bennett of Intuit 14. Motivating Employees Opening Vignette: Mercury Interactive Corporation What Is Motivation and Where Does It Come From? Content Approaches to Motivation Improving Your Motivation Skills: A Job Enrichment Evaluation Form Process Approaches to Motivation Window on Managing Now: Motivating with Digital Dashboards Learning and Reinforcement Approaches to Motivation: How Consequences Shape Behavior Rewarding Performance Window on Managing Now: Using Internet Tools to Motivate and Reward Employees Practice IT: Online Incentives at Mercury Interactive Corporation Window on Managing Now: Using Technology to Retain Knowledge Workers Case Study: Motivation at General Motors 15. Improving Communication Opening Vignette: Communication at Lucent The Communication Process Organizational Communication Window on Managing Now: Using Portals to Improve Performance Practice IT: Technology-Enabled Communication at Lucent Communication Media Window on Managing Now: Building an Intranet Interpersonal Communication Skills Improve Your Communication Skills Window on Managing Now: E-Mail Tips Case Study: Electronic Monitoring 16. Building Teamwork, Community and Culture Opening Vignette: Customer-Service Representatives at Medco Basics of Teamwork Building Teamwork Improving Your Teamwork Skills: Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Window on Managing Now: Virtual Team Technology at Steelcase Building Community Practice IT: Using Technology to Build Community at Medco Window on Managing Now: How Technology Enables Communities of Practice Building Culture Window on Managing Now: Technology-Assisted Culture at Xerox Case Study: Improving Teamwork at Novartis 17. Managing Trust and Collaboration Opening Vignette: Saturn Corp. Building Trust and Collaboration Examples of Collaborative Efforts Collaboration Technology How to Improve Collaboration Window on Managing Now: Solectron Corp. Building Trust Practice IT: Saturn's Technology Aids Its Customers and Dealers Window on Managing Now: Customer Relationship Management Collaboration at Audi Case Study: AT&T

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